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Moundville Archaeological Park

Welcome to Moundville Archaeological Park

An Archaeological Sketch of Moundville

Relative Florida Indian Culture
(Mississippian Culture)

A Study of the Creek Indians
from the Elmore Co., ALGenWeb site A wonderful link list!!!

Thomas S.Woodward's "Reminescences"

American Settlement In Spanish Florida

Native Peoples of North America and the Eighteenth-Century British Empire by Daniel Richter

The Scottish Traders
from the Apalachicola, FL site. About Alexander McGillivray and the Panton, Leslie & Company

William McIntosh
From The Baker County Press, "The Way It Is"

Muscogee (Creek) Nation

Mucogee Creek Nation

The Florida Tribe of Eastern Creek Indians
P.O.Box 3028, Bruce, FL. 32455
Phone 850-835-2078
The phone is answered from about 10 am untill about 2pm.
The tribal records are pretty much limited to persons in north Florida and south Alabama, who qualified for the Indian Claims in the 1970's so they can't conduct extensive searches, but will help all they can.

Creek Indian Towns (1790's) in the area of Albany, GA

Lower Creek Towns of the Creek Confederacy as written by Col. Benjamin Hawkins, Indian Agent c.1799

Visit the Creek Documents Collection Index for material on this very site.

1832 Creek Indian census

1860 Creek Census
Free Inhabitants in the Creek Nation in the county "west of the" State of "Arkansas"

"The Hathcock Family" site has lots of resources including some census and some Guion Miller roll indexes. Emphasis on the Creek Hathcock, Hollinger, Gibson, Sizemore, and McGhee families and also the Choctaw Colbert family.

University of Georgia: Creek Indians

Creek Treaties related to Georgia

200 Years ago on the S. Georgia Frontier -- Jack Kinnard, a Scotch-Creek Mestizo

Anne Gometz's A Creek Biblography

Selected Creek Letters 1825-1829

Joan Case's Perryman Clearing House and Joan's Ancestors & Descendants
information on both sites

Interview with Lucinda Davis on the Creek Freedman site;
Lucinda was the slave of the Creek Indian Tuskaya-hiniha

Steve Burleson's Alabama Creek Indian site

The texts for 17 treaties with the Creeks, starting in 1790, can be read on the Library of Oklahoma web site.
Laws and teaties for Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole can also be read at this site.

Cherokee Trade, Southern Indians, and Spanish-American Tension in the Old Southwest 1792-93

Donald and Cedarsong Panther-Yates' site
Helping descendants of "lost" Southeastern Indian tribes reconnect with their heritage and culture, especially Cherokee, Creek, Yuchi, Seminole and others who intermarried with such families as Sizemore, Adair, Cooper, Redwine and McDonald, disguising their Indian identities to avoid removal in 1830s AL/GA/TN.

Jerry Wright Jordan's webpage Cherokee By Blood

Search a rare old Cherokee genealogy book; there is a surname index called "Old Cherokee families and their Genealogy" + the 1835 Cherokee census. Once at the site, go to BOOKLISTS, then scroll down till you see the books. For the tutorial, it will be about halfway down the page, and then you can invoke it. The 1835 Cherokee census is posted within the tutorial.

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Official Home Page

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians

Chickasaw Nation Home Page

Seminole Tribe of Florida

Seminole Links

The African - Native Genealogy Homepage: Celebrating the Estelusti ~ The Freedmen Oklahoma's Black Indians of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole Nations

A Melungeon HomePage

Department of the Interior on the Web, Bureau of Indian Affairs

Remnant Nations of Indigenous Tribal Peoples
A non-recognized group of Native Americans working together to promote, preserve and further histories and traditions.

Native American Nations

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
Speaking of link lists, there is an entire site of them for Native American research

Pauline Phelps maintains a super link site Native American Indian Links

Indian Captives of Early American Pioneers

Surveying the Mississippi Territory
The First Survey Through Hal's Lake Swamp in 1809 Under the Treaty of Mt. Dexter

Mississippi SW Territory Site

There are now many lists for Indian researchers

Here's ours -- the list for this site!! Please join us for discussion of genealogy and history of the Creeks of the Southeast and those who lived (and fought) amongst them. There is no charge for subscription, of course.

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There are several other mailing lists to choose from and they are all free ro subscribers. There are a couple you must be invited to join, but here are two that are open.

A list for Creeks in Indian Territory -- Oklahoma
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Hernando de Soto's Route through Alabama


Indian Captives of Early Pioneers

You may read more about the Massacre at Fort Mims

View a picture of the Massacre at Fort Mims

Fort Mitchell

Fort Toulouse-Jackson Hosts French and Indian War Encampment

The Scots-Irish Databases
Many Scots-Irish persons intermarried into the tribes. You may find connections.

The American Old West: Woodward's Reminiscences
remarkable letters, written in 1857-8, by General Thomas Woodward, give light to the early days of Alabama.

Rob Taylor's site War of 1812

War of 1812 Soldiers from North Alabama

Fry's Company of Mounted Volunteers
Volunteers for the Creek Indian War, 1836, Jackson County, AL

Steve Burleson's Creek War site: Alabama Creek - Muscogee - Seminole History

Seminole Wars (Florida Wars)

Florida tour -- county by county -- with important sights and battle descriptions in the appropriate counties

Celebrate a cultural tradition every Thanksgiving with the Poarch Creek Indians. Each year tribal members gather on this original Creek land for their annual Homecoming and Intertribal Pow Wow. You're invited to join in the festivities. This is a wonderful event!

Poarch Creek Indians

Contact: Daniel McGhee, Community Relations Director
5811 Jack Springs Road
Atmore, Alabama 36502
(334) 368-9136, FAX (334) 368-4502


The Mobile Genealogical Society



Native American Bookstores and Maps

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