Drawing of Fort Mims


This is a copy of a map of Fort Mims that was found among the papers of General Claiborne. It was very small and I've blown it up a bit. There are callouts to help locate the layout elements. I will add directions in parenthesis to orient you. The callouts are pretty much in clockwise order.

1. Block house (that is the upper left corner of the stockade
2. Pickets cut away by the Indians (to the right of the block house)
3. Guard's Station (next to cutaway pickets)
4. Guard House (house just below station)
5. Western Gate (opening at extreme top)
6. This Gate was shut, but a hole was cut by the Indians (just below the Western Gate)
7. Captain Bailey's Station (this is Dixon Bailey -- in the middle right-- the area jutting out, that hut structure)
8. Steadham's House (the small house to the upper right of Mims' house -- which is right in the middle)
9. Mrs. Dyers' house (the house between Steadham's and Mims' houses)
10. Kitchen (the structure to the upper left of Mims' house, by the tree)
11. Mims' House (the building right in the middle of the stockade)
12. Randon's House (to the lower right of Mims' House, down by the soldiers' tents)
13. Old Gate-Way -- open (directly below Mims' House -- the opening)
14. Ensign Chambliss' Tent (first tent, just to left of Old Gate-Way)
15. Ensign Gibbs' (tent to left of Chambliss's tent)
16. Randon's (next tent to left)
17. Captain Middleton's (next tent to left, next to tree)
18. Captain Jack's Station (The large house on the left, where stockade juts)
19., 20., 21. Port-holes taken by Indians (to left of Captain Jack's Station)
22. Major Beasley's Cabin (the small house below the officers's tents)
23. Captain Jack's Company (the 2 rows of tents below Major Beasley's Cabin)
24. Captain Middleton's Company (the 2 rows of tents on the right, opposite those of Captain Jack's Company)
25. Where Major Beasley fell (where the logs bow, at the bottom of the stockade)
26. Eastern Gate, where the Indians entered ( the opening in the stockade where Beasley fell)

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