The Creek Documents Index

Being a Collection of Letters, Depositions, Claims, and Other Papers

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Last Will of Lachlan McGILLIVRAY of Vale Royal, Georgia, 12th June 1767.
Kindly contributed by Dr. Woodrow Wallace

Some Letters of Alexander McGILLIVRAY
Kindly contributed by Dorothy Folmar

Marriages, Births and Baptisms and of the HOLLINGER family, Mobile
Kindly contributed by Allen Powell

Creek Treaty at New York, Aug. 1790

Will of Adam HOLLINGER, 9 April 1808

Adam HOLLINGER Gives Slaves to Children, Washington Co., April 9, 1808

The Petition of Joseph STIGGINS (1811)

First-hand accounts of The Massacre at FORT MIMS

Company of Captain Thomas H. BOYLES, Captain in the Creek Indian War

List of Military who died at TALLADEGA

Andrew Jackson's account for TALLADEGA to Governor Blount

Account of RED EAGLE's Surrender

Treaty of FORT JACKSON 1814

An act for the relief of Samuel MANAC, 1815

Losses of Friendly Creeks by the Hostiles
Listed are losses for Margaret "Peggy" BAILEYand Dixon BAILEY

George STIGGINS -- Claims of Friendly Creeks paid under Act of March 3, 1817

Indian Claims: Claims of Creek Indian relatives
for losses sustained by them in their Civil War

Depositions for Michael EHLERT before IA by James CORNELLS, Sam DALE, Zachariah McGIRTH

Memorial of the Legislature of Alabama
Petition to State of Alabama from James Earles, Arthur Sizemore, John Weatherford, Arthur Sizemore, Admin. on the estate of Dixon Bailey and James Bailey, Charles Elbert, Zachariah MacGirt, David Moniac, Exec. of the estate of David Tate, Simmoiee, Wm. Oliver, in right of his wife, formerly Polly Jones, Thos. Armstrong, admin. to the estate of J. Fletcher, Lauchlin Durant, George Stiggins, David Hale, William Hollinger, Lynn MacGhee

Three Letters regarding the MURDER CREEK Incident
Correspondence of Edmund P. Gaines

Two letters regarding Thomas H. BOYLES
(notes contain many names)

Letter from John COFFEE pleading for funds

Account of claim regarding land formerly owned by Peggy BAILEY

The Deposition of Samuel MONIAC, of lawful age, a Warrior of the Creek nation

Creek relatives in Monroe County, AL 1816

Marriage Records among The Creeks

Letter from Charles WEATHERFORD regarding his grandfather William WEATHERFORD

Letter to the Secretary of War from the Wetoomkee Creeks -- 1827

Errot to Chancery Court of Mobile
(William Weatherford, Jr. vs Mary Stiggins Weatherford)

Congressional Acts granting rights to Friendly Creeks
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The Will of George TARVIN


Treaty of OKMULGEE

Deed Record -- YARGEE, son of BIG WARRIOR, to Sophia McCOMBS,
Tallapoosa Co., AL, 1835

David MONIAC to Margaret TAIT Deed
Clarke County, Alabama, October 1836

(aka George Washington Cornells)

Will and Administration of the Estate of Arthur SIZEMORE

War of 1812 & Creek War Pension Application for George Malone LANIER

William HOLLINGER, Deed of Gift to daughter Levetia HOUSE (1846)

Will of William HOLLINGER 1848

Letter from Ward COACHMAN (1848)

William HOLLINGER -- Application for Bounty Land 1854

Will of Mary "Polly" BAILEY (Mrs. Arthur) SIZEMORE

Letter from J. D. DREISBACH to Lyman DRAPER (1874)

TARVINS on the Dawes Roll 1898-1901

Application of Mary Matilda COLBERT (Taylor) 1906

Creek Applications Index
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Creek Testamonial: Tom Tate TUNSTALL

Interview with Rchard Lewis BERRYHILL

Interviwe with Lemuel JACKSON, Freedman

The Creek Stories Index
Being an inventory of accounts of Creeks from old books and periodicals to be found on this site.

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