Eastern Creek Claims Docket Index


Lookup offer from Steve Travis

I have just received from the Government the complete Eastern Creek Claims Docket Index also called the EC Rolls Index.

This Index contains 11,000 Names, Roll Numbers & Application Numbers, of Eastern Creek Families who filed Eastern Creek Claims pertaining to Docket Numbers: # 21, # 272 and # 275.

These claims were filed during the 1950s period to the 1980s period. The Index also shows, which individuals were either eligible or ineligible. It gives info on which EC Ancestors these 11,000 Families connect to, and are descended from.

With this info, most descendants of Eastern Creek Ancestors will be able to find and request Copies of their Eastern Creek Family Applications which also include Historical Genealogical Documents used as evidence to trace back to their EC Ancestor on the EC Rolls.

Will be glad to do Family Surname Look Ups "Free of Charge" and advise how to order the Records from the Government.

These Applications are not related to the Guion Miller Applications.

They are a complete new source of Records for Eastern Creek Claims Research with a great wealth of Eastern Creek Genealogical Info pertaining to the Family Trees of 11,000 Eastern Creek Families.

Contatct me Steve Travis for lookups.

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