The Clopton Chronicles

A Project of the Clopton Family Genealogical Society





By Catherine M. Warfield[1]



Glorious Virginia!  Freedom sprang

Light to her feet at thy trumpet’s clang

At the first sound of that clarion blast,

Foes like the chaff from the whirlwind passed –

Passed to their doom; from that hour no more

Triumphs their cause by sea or shore.


Glorious Virginia!  Noble the blood

That hath bathed thy fields in a crimson flood;

On many a wide-spread and sunny plain,

Like leaves of autumn they dead have lain;

The Southron heart is their funeral urn!

The Southron slogan their requiem stern!


Glorious Virginia!  To thee, to thee

We learn, as the shoots to the parent tree;

Bending in awe at thy glance of might; -

First in the council, first in the fight!

While our flag is fanned by the breath of fame,

Glorious Virginia!  We’ll bless thy name.






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[1] War Songs and Poems of the Southern Confederacy, 1861-1865, A Collection of the Most Popular and Impressive Songs and Poems of War Times, Dear to Every Southern Heart, Collected and Retold with Personal Reminiscences of the War by H. M. Wharton, D.D., p. 279