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Can’t identify William Clopton who made a will in 1518 naming his daughter, Johane, wife Johanne, and mother, Johane.  Names John Clopton, Alice and Maryon, his sisters.  His father is deceased.  Mentions the high alter of Seint Mary, and the high alter of Allesett, as it is in my father’s will expressyd, etc.  He has property in the towne of Multone.  -The Cloptons of Suffolk, Extracted from The Visitation of Suffolke, Joseph Jackson Howard, Esq., LL.D., F.S.A., &c. and William Henry Hart, Esq., F.S.A., &c., Editors, Samuel Tymms, Lowestoft, M.DCCC.LXV.. p. 27



Who are these white Cloptons named in the World War I Civilian Draft Registrations?  Charlie Thomas Aman Clopton, born February 14, 1897 in Alabama, living in Taylor, Florida;  Michael Jones Lingo, born January 1, 1888 in Alabama, living in Florida; Hugh Clarke Clopton, born February 26, 1877, living in Warren, Mississippi; Martin Isaac Clopton, born July 20, 1881, living in Gem, Idaho; Winfred Frank Clopton, born January 25, 1882; Washington Clopton, living in Shoshone, Idaho; William L. Holund Clopton, born July 7, 1881, in Alabama, living in Washington, Florida.



Who is Edward I or T Clopton, 65, buried at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia, section PAU, lot 203, reg. No. 4, folio 36, date on internment, October 24, 1920.  –Hollywood Cemetery Registry



How many Cloptons does it take to change a light bulb?



Who is James F. Clopton, age 30, died in the Korean War.  Home is Clearwater, Idaho, service number 19319083, rank, E3, U.S. Army, Reserve, Killed in Action, Record 510518, Caucasian, U.S. Citizen.



Clopton Cemetery in Newcastle, Oklahoma, is named as the burial place of Ben Malcom Walcott, Jr., 55, who died Saturday, services held Monday, July 20, 1992 at the Pitts-Kreidler-Ashcraft Funeral Home Chapel I Harlinger, Texas.  We need a survey of this cemetery.  Mr. Walcott was born November 23, 1936 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His father was Ben E. Walcott, Sr. who proceeded him in death.  His mother, Doris L. Walcott survives him as does a daughter Jennifer Walcott of Atlanta, Georgia; a son, Christopher Walcott, of Santa Monica, California; and a brother, Jack Walcott of Purcell, Oklahoma.  Daily Oklahoman, July 21, 1992, p. 27



Daniel R. Clopton, postmaster, “one of the few” to say goodbye to say goodby when Eliza Puryear Pettus, left Christiansville.  He had come to Christiansville as an orphan boy from Manchester, Virginia, “more than forty years before Richard Puryear’s death.”  Daniel R. Clopton followed Mr. Puryear as postmaster in 1866.  Who is this orphan boy from Manchester, now part of Richmond?  -Douglas Summers Brown, Chase City and Its Environs, Publication Committee-Municipal Building, Whiltet & Shepperson, Richmond, 1975.



Why did the Clopton cross the road?



Who is Kenneth Ray Clopton, service number 2045376, born December 22, 1943, died July 2, 1967, city of record, Columbus, state of record, Mississippi, service branch Marine Corps, rank SGT, length of service 04, Casualty type, hostile – killed, Caucasian; Protestant – no denominational preference, marital status, single.

Ken was my brother. – Carol Clopton Coker



Who is C.F. Clopton, a citizen of Gellena, Illinois, was killed the later part of March at Dodgeville, about 50 miles from Gallena in a rencontre [?].  -Vital Statistics from the National Intelligencer, May 6, 1829.

I realize this will probably cause even more confusion, however, I have seen the name Charles Fleetwood Clopton somewhere.  I don’t know where or when.  We have a F. C. Clopton, C.S.A., North Carolina, Infantry, 2nd Battalion, Company E. on our list of family who served during the American Civil War -SCB


Curtis Reynolds Walling, Ph.D., 86, “called the father of the College of Engineering at San Diego State University, died in 1990.  His obituary names his late father John Clopton Walling and his mother Anita Shaw Walling, of Eureka.  Is this family Clopton kin?  -The San Diego Union-Tribute, August 5, 1990, p. A-31.



Who is Bobby L. Clopton, MSG (Retired), 68, of Lawton?  Married to Vina Faye Lawson and later Kay Crow Sanmann.  Grew up in Miami, Oklahoma.  Served in Korea and two tours in Vietnam.  Obituary names three daughters and his mother as survivors.  His son, Denzil Clopton died in 1990.  Belonged to Northside Baptist Church, Lawton.  The Daily Oklahoman, May 16, 1996, p. 29.


Alice B. Clopton was buried in the Clopton Family Cemetery.  She was born 1904, died 1978.  Also stones for Elcy Clopton, no dates, and Ella Clopton, born 1892, died 1969.  Directions to the cemetery:  Route 3 East to route 686 East to Route 653 South for 1.1 miles to house at end of road for permission and further directions.  Note:  There are five wooden markers without inscriptions.  Also buried there is A. G. Gregory and Ernest T. Kinzer, Grace B. Kinzer, and Nocie Kinzer.  Margaret C. Klein, Tombstone Inscriptions of King George County, Virginia, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore, 1979, p. 35



What are ten ways to tell if you are a Clopton?



Kate Clopton Talley, born December 24, 1881, died April 17, 1932,  wife of Edward T. Burch, Jr., is buried at Emmaus Baptist Church Cemetery, in New Kent County, Virginia, near St. Peter’s Parish Church.  Who is she?



How do these Cloptons link up to William Clopton and his wife, Ann Booth?

Ashley Bailey Clopton, born Franklin County, North Carolina 1893, Married Lillian Glen Long;

His father

Robert Willis Clopton, born Franklin County, North Carolina, Married Pattie Catlett

His father

Thomas Walter Clopton, born Halifax County, North Carolina 1840, Married Ann

His father

William Clay Clopton born South Hampton County, Married Mary Elizabeth possibly in 1810

His father

George Walter Clopton, of York County, Virginia, Married Betty Ann possibly in 1780

His father

James William Clopton, Married Ollie Beth possibly in 1730



Three Cloptons went into a bar, one a Methodist, one a Baptist, and one, an Episcopalian.  What did they say to each other?



Can you identify these Cloptons?  Nancy Ames Tunnell, born 1843, of Eureka, Kansas; married John Cicero Clopton, of Dadeville, Missouri and had;  William Horace Clopton, born 1868; Ella Mae Clopton, born September 16, 1870, married N. A. Neil; Harry Clopton, born September 14, 1872, married Desta M. Meredith, August 28, 1892; Mattie Jane Clopton, born December 9, 1874, died January 10, 1876; Robert Clopton, born about 1876, died about 1886; Mary Elnora Clopton; Maud Elva Clopton, married W. T. Meredith; Maggie Clopton, born September 13, 1882, died March 28, 1909; John Oral Clopton married Birdie Hellen or; Jessie Clopton, born June 6, 1887 married Claud Neely.  – Family Archive Viewer, Notable Southern Families, Volume III, Tunnell, Broderbund Software, Inc., Banner Blue Division, September 1, 1998.






Who is this Clopton who served in the Texas Rangers?    William H. Clopton, Private, Commanding Officer, James H. Callahan.  Organ:  Mtd. Rangers, Enlisted, July 20, 1855, Discharged, October 3, 1855, Place of birth, Curry Creek.  Killed, 2 months, 13 days service, Ranger Muster Roll. – Frances T. Ingmire, Texas Rangers – Frontier Battalion Minute Men Commanding Officers, The State of Texas, Texas Ranger Service Records, 1830-1846, Ingmire Publications, St. Louis, Missouri.



Albert G. Clopton died June 20, 1916, Texarkana, Arkansas.  He lived in Texas when he field for a pension in 1889.  He served with the Alabama Volunteers as a soldier.  His application number is S-22108.  He enlisted in Lyons County. – Mexican War Index to Pension Files, Compiled and published by Navena Hembrea Troxel and Susan Merrill Warner, Vermont Publications, Gore, Oklahoma.



Who is A. Clopton, a private, who is reported present, on extra or daily duty in Quartermaster’s Office as clerk in December, 1863. He is shown to have been appointed quartermaster sergeant July 4, 1864, at Sabine (Texas).  Company D, Davidson’s (afterwards Daly’s and finally Ragsdale’s) Battalion, Texas Cavalry, C.S.A.  – War Department The Adjutant General’s Office, Washington, November 16, 1910, in response to a request from E. A. Bolmer, Commissioner of Pensions, State of Texas, Austin, on behalf of A. Clopton’s window.



An application to receive Confederate Pension by ex parte, Mrs. M. S. Clopton, dated September and October 1910.  Her husband enlisted in Company D, Davidson’s Battalion, at Sabine Pass, “sometime in 1862” and served until the close of the War.  He was a wagon master.  Witness is J. C. Leverett, age 72, place of residence is Llano, Llano County, Texas.  He had known M. S. Clopton since 1854 in Flgin, Bastrop County, Texas.  A second witness is Hugh Leverett, age 75 of the same address.  Who is this soldier.



Who can identify these people buried at Henderson, North Carolina:  At Elmwood Cemetery:  Mrs. Maude P. Clopton, died December 8, 1949; Sylvia Dianne Clopton, died November 11, 1952; Baby Girl Clopton, died November 29, 1952; Mrs. Allie M. Clopton, died November 16, 1957; Mrs. Lillian R. Clopton, died May 27, 1960; Herbert A. Clopton, died August 4, 1964; Herbert Lee Clopton, died October 7, 1967; Mrs. Addie M. Clopton, died February 7, 1979; Furman E. Clopton, died November 12, 1984; Lillian W. Clopton, died February 28, 1987; and, Robert Lee Clopton, died January 25, 1989.  At Sunset Cemetery:  Ashley Bailey Clopton, died January 2, 1954; Douglas H. Clopton, died January 2, 1954; Jesse W. Clopton, died June 1, 1980; Mrs. Mollie W. Clopton, died May 1, 1981; and, William M. Clopton, died March 25, 1986.



Will of Thomas Hart of the parish of Stepney, County, Middlesex, gent, dated September 3, 1661.  “Being weake in body.  To Mr. Richard Darnell who married my daughter the sum of fourscore pounds, being the remainder of 100 [pounds] promised to him in marriage.  My executors shall give my daughter Susan lodging and dyet during her life, and she shall have the benefit of the doors of the bowling greens as formerly.  To my daughter Jane, wife of John Clopton (now beyond seas) my executors shall give her lodging and dyet until it pleaseth God to send her husband home.  To the said John Clopton 5 [pounds].”  - J. Henry Lea and J. R. Hutchinson, Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy, p. 28



We have Bible Records but can’t connect them with any Clopton descendants.  Without listing all the names Victoria W. Smith of Hammonsville (sp?), Hart County, Kentucky, married Samuel Lee Wilson, of Rio, Hart County Kentucky on February 4, 1886 in the presence of Eliza Clopton, William L. Wilson, Mary M. Rotens, and John Turner.  According to family tradition, Samuel Lee Wilson’s parents were John W. Wilson of Hart County, Kentucky who was married to Mary E. Clopton.  The Bible has a lot of names and dates of marriages, births and deaths.  Bible Records located Clopton Family Archives. 



We have a typed transcript of an official account of William Paul “Paulie” Clopton.  Outlines his service in the navy beginning with his enlistment at St. Louis, Missouri on January 18, 1923 through his death from pneumonia, February 16, 1923.  He was born September 23, 1903 at Jennylind, Arkansas.  His mother is Mary E. Clopton, of Route 1, Huntington, Arkansas.  How does he connect with the family?

Paulie Clopton was the adopted son of James Clopton and his wife, Mary Ellen “Mollie” McGeehee of Arkansas. – Carol Clopton Coker



And were does David Clopton, husband of Margaret Johnson and Callie Bottoms, fit into the Clopton Family Tree?  David and Margaret had a son, John Clopton, who was a farmer in Arkansas.  He was born November 1853 in Madison County, Arkansas and died about 1932 in Monroe, Le Flore County, Oklahoma and buried in the family cemetery at Huntington, Sebastian County, Arkansas.  His wife is Emma Henderson, born May 1859, the daughter of Bill Henderson and Nancy Scantlin.  She was born May 1859 and died about 1902 and buried Hachett, Sebastian County, Arkansas.  They have seven children, all born in Sebastian County, Arkansas:  David Clopton, born November 1879 and died in Oklahoma; Rosie P. Clopton, born April 7, 1881 and married George H. Neeley, Sr.; Addam Clopton, born November 29, 1883 and married Minnie Smith; John Clopton, born November 25, 1885 and married Dovie Crump; Stephen J. Clopton, born January 6, 1891 and married Lillie Mangrum; Leiley Clopton, born February 1893; and, Samuel O. Clopton, born February 1898 and married Bertha Brundage.

David Clopton was the oldest son of John Clopton who was born in 1800 in Laurens County, South Carolina and died in 1881 in Sebastian County, Arkansas.  I have been unable to prove who the parents of John Clopton were, so I don’t know how my branch fits into the Clopton tree.  David Clopton’s son, husband of Emma Henderson, was named John Otho Clopton  Emma Henderson is of Indian Blood.  Carol Clopton Coker

Callie Bell Bottoms was the third wife of John Otho Clopton.  She was born April 18, 1897 in Scott County, Arkansas.  She died October 3, 1985.   She and John Had Four children:  Jessie May (Clopton) Bolton, Warren Cleo Clopton, Opal Monroe Clopton, and Nolan Edgar Clopton? – Mary Bolton



Have photographs of Clopton tombstones we have been unable to connect to the tree:  Buried at Smith Cemetery, Palmer, Ellis County, Texas.  William A. Clopton, born March 28, 1867, died November 16, 1918 and his wife, Nancy L. Clopton, born December 5, 1877, died January 7, 1972.  Sidney F. Clopton, born September 13, 1903, died September 28, 1921 “In Memory of Our Loving Son.”  Don’t know where these tombstones are located:  Wade H. Clopton, born January 28, 1870, died November 12, 1961 and his wife, Frances L. Clopton, born December 5, 1879, died May 14, 1971; John Robert Clopton, served in the U.S. Army during World War II, born August 19, 1897, died December 24, 1971;  Frank H. Clopton, born November 26, 1899 (no death date), and his wife, Emma P. Clopton, born March 17, 1908, died November 12, 1974; Elsie L. Clopton, born November 26, 1902, died July 2, 1969; Sharon Anne Clo`pton, born January 7, 1944, died May 31, 1984;  Ned E. Clopton, born March 27, 1909, died December 28, 1963.



Need to know how Rosa Clopton fits into the family tree.  She was born May 15, 1812, born, probably, North Carolina, who married James Hilliard Buchanan, August 21, 1833 at Granville County, North Carolina.  He is buried in Dade County, Missouri.  They migrated to Weakley County, Tennessee in 1838 and then to Dade County, Missouri, about 1851 or ’52.  There were ten children born to this union:  Mary Elizabeth Buchanan, born 1834 in North Carolina, married Henry Harrison Pemberton; Theopholis Buchanan, C.S.A., born 1836 in North Carolina and killed in the Wilson Creek Battle of the American Civil War; Martha Ann Buchanan, born 1838 in Tennessee, married .(1) George Dodson, (2) Harvey, and (3) Compton; Brametus Buchanan, born 1840 in Tennessee, married Nancy Gaunt; George Marion Buchanan, born 1842 in Tennessee, married (1) Charity and (2) Bettie Wilson; James Alonzo, born 1844 in Tennessee, married Louvina Woody; Mary J. Buchanan, born 1846 in Tennessee, married Buston Pyle; Lorilla or Loisilla Buchanan, born 1850 in Tennessee, married Joseph Harris; William Andrew Buchanan, born 1851 in Missouri, married Clara Carmen; and, Hinton Hugh Buchanan, born about 1848 and died about 1853. 

Rosa is Rose Ann Clopton, daughter of Guy William Clopton and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Hunt Bryant. –Nancy Purtill & SCB



Who are the parents of Ann Clopton who married Thomas Hatton, Sr.?  He may have been born in Amelia County, Virginia.  They had five children, one of whom fought in the American Revolutionary War:  William Hatton; Thomas Hatton, Jr., who died February 4, 1851 in Adams County, Illinois and married Mary “Polly” Butler; Reuben Hatton, a soldier in the American Revolutionary War, married Joanna Bellew; Benjamin Hatton; and, Mary Hatton.



Where does Elizabeth Clopton, born 1746 and died March 18, 1817 and buried in the Street Family Cemetery in Moore County, North Carolina fit into the Clopton Family Tree?  She married Richard Street, the son of Henry Street of King William County, Virginia.  He was born about 1743 and died January 17, 1804 and is buried in the Street Family Cemetery.  He migrated from Pittsylvania County, Virginia to Deep River, Moore County, North Carolina about 1787.  Their children were:  Richard Street who married Ann McQueen; George Street, married Sarah Massey; Flora Ann Street, married (Colonel) Murly; Susan Street, married Mr. Graham; Eliza Street, married Mr. Gillespie; Frances Street, died January 20, 1875 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, and married William Cage, Jr., who was born about 1773 and died August 12, 1836 near Lagrange, Tennessee; and, Rebecca Street, married Atlas Jones.



Anthony Clopton, born July 20, 1837 and died November 6, 1877.  He had a daughter named Justina Leora Clopton, born March 8, 1871 and died October 25, 1950.  She had a son, Clyde B. Smith, born August 22, 1889 and died May 24, 1960.  Who do they connect into the Clopton family?



Another broken link involves two Clopton brothers, Jasper Conaway Clopton and Lewis W. Clopton.  They married two sisters.  Jasper married on August 18, 1879 in Polk County, Missouri, Fanny Suttee.  Brother Lewis married Georgianna Suttee, January 12, 1879 in Dade County, Missouri.  Lewis was born October 1856 in Missouri.  Georgianna, the daughter of George Byron Suttee and Mahala Asbell, was born November 4, 1862 in Dade County, Missour and died June 12, 1907 in San Francisco.  They had seven children, the first five born in Dade County, Missouri, the last two, in Oregon:  Mary Eleanor Clopton, married Enoch Monk, October 8, 1896 in Portland, Oregon; Cordelia M. Clopton, married William H. Heinzman; Jessie Dolores Clopton, married Thomas Taylor; and, Claude D. Clopton, Nellie Clopton, Leonard Clopton, and Roy Clopton.



We have a lengthy obituary from The San Diego Union-Tribute, dated August 5, 1990, page A-31.  Stating memorial service were held for Professor Curtis Reynolds Walling, 86, called the father of College of Engineering at San Diego State University.  States he was born August 8, 1903 in Eureka and grew up on a farm owned and operated by his parents, John Clopton Walling and Anita Shaw Walling.  Professor Walling married Helen Mae MacPherson of North Tonawanda, New York in San Diego June 20, 1933.  He died in San Diego in 1975.  Names a son, John Walling, of Whitehouse Station, New Jersey.  What is the Clopton-Walling connection?


MARCH 2000



In the index to York County Virginia Wills and Administrations (1633-1811), we find in Deeds, Orders, Wills, etc. (Records No. 6), 1677-1684 (Reel 3a), Issac Clopton,, p. 28.  Adms. Bond received 25 February 1677; p. 399. Inventory of estate ordered 8 May 1682.  Who is he?

The index to York County Virginia Wills and Administrations (1633-1811), regarding the will of Mary Clopton,  Deeds, Orders, Wills, etc. (Records No. 6), 1677-1684 (Reel 3 a); p. 56, Adms. Bond received 12 November 1678; p. 75, Will pro. 12 Nov. 1678.  Who is she?  Is she related to Issac Clopton, above?

There were several Clopton men besides William Clopton, husband of Ann Booth, in the Virginia Colonies.  None of these men had issue.  A copy of the below mentioned documents is now in the Clopton Family Archives courtesy of Leonard Alton Wood.  - SCB



The index to Cumberland County Virginia Wills and Administrations (1749-1810), regarding the will of Reuben Clopton, p. 87-88. Inventory recorded 26 December 1796; Will book No. 3, 1792-1810 (Reel 18).  Who is he?

The Reverend Reuben Clopton was the son of William Clopton, III, of St. Paul’s Parish and his wife, Elizabeth Darroll Ford.  He was Rector of St. David’s Church, King William County, Virginia, at the time of his death, December 21, 1795 at Cumberland County, Virginia. Catherine P. Clopton



Listed in Jordan R. Dodd’s Early American Marriages:  Alabama, 1800 to 1920, Orem, Utah, are there are 31 Clopton marriages.  Of these,16 have not been connected to the Clopton Family Tree.  Does anyone know how the following link to the Cloptons?  Be aware the names may not be spelled correctly in the book.  Of those marriages taking place after the American Civil War some of the Cloptons listed here may not be white.  Always keep in mind when viewing marriage records that the bride may have been the widow of a Clopton (see Ida Clopton below)

Thomas Clopton  m Elizabeth Jackson December 12, 1872 at Blount County, Alabama

Thomas Clopton m Amy Alexander January 26, 1882 at Blount County, Alabama

George Clopton m Dolly Barclift December 20, 1882 at Blount County, Alabama

Clopton Taylor m Delia Ansley September 28, 1878 at Elmore County, Alabama  [he may not be a Clopton]

John Clopton m Mary Ann Rag October 21, 1853 at Jackson County, Alabama

Tom Clopton m Malinda Hendric December 27, 1877 at Macon County, Alabama

B. Richard Clopton m Nellie Frasier November 11, 1865 at Madison County, Alabama

Henry Fowler m Mary E. Clopton September 25, 1883 at Blount County, Alabama

William A. Tramel m Ida Clopton December 28, 1887 at Etowah County, Alabama

J. M. Miller m Mrs. Ida Clopton September 11, 1894 at Etowah County, Alabama

John L. Roberts m Jane Clopton September 24, 1895 at Etowah County, Alabama

I believe that John Roberts and Jane Clopton are my great grandparents.  This Jane Clopton died accidentally in a fire when her children, Rose and Zernie, were quite young. Debbie Baker

John W. Jefferies m Mollie E. Clopton May 3, 1871 at Jackson County, Alabama

Mary E. “Mollie” Clopton, daughter of Albert G. Clopton, M.D. and his wife, Eliza R. Walton, married John W. Jefferies. – Margie Cowan

S. W. Quarles m Lizzie Clopton December 2, 1873 at Lowndes County, Alabama

Ned Hoffman m Lizzie Clopton March 7, 1878 at Macon County, Alabama

Squire Cochran m Mattie Clopton May 21, 1877 at Madison County, Alabama

Theodore W. Livingston m Virginia Clopton May 24, 1827 at Montgomery County, Alabama

Virginia Clopton, the daughter of James Brown Clopton, Sr., M.D. and his wife, Mary R. “Polly” Reese, married Theodore Washington Livingston. Margie Cowan



APRIL 2000



My sister and I are searching for our father whom we have never met.  His name is Donald Robert Clopton and I believe he also went by the name Jerry Clopton.   He was in the Navy in the year 1956, I know that for sure. I don't know where he was born but I want to say either Alabama or Missouri but I just can't be sure.  He married Rita Allred probably in 1955 and I was born November 26, 1956 as Shannon Lee Clopton, and then my sister was born  December 10, 1957 as Jodie Renee Clopton. We were born in Lancaster, California. Any help you can give me on where to search would be greatly appreciated. I thank you very much for your time.   Shannon Clopton






I am looking for Philip Alan Clopton.  He was born around 1943 and lived in Miami, Dade County, Florida.  He graduated from high school in Florida.  He was last seen in 1963.  His mother was named Jerri.  Kristina Clopton,; Jessica,



Pleasant P. Clopton died in Merriweather County, Georgia.  His daughter, Elvira Clopton married Julius S. Perdue in 1843.  Does anyone have information about the parents of Pleasant (possibly Perrin) Clopton? – Marilou Sanders

Goodness!  We have your Pleasant and yes Perrin Clopton.  Although there is still some questions regarding his ancestry, we have tentatively identified him as the son of Alford Clopton, of St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, Virginia.  See The Descendants of William Clopton, of St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover & His Wife Joyce Wilkinson, of Black Creek The First Six Generations - SCB



I am researching the ancestry of Charles Franklin Clopton born January 16, 1885 in Arkansas.  He married Sophronia Nixon.  I do not know when they were married.  Their daughter Mamie Marie (Clopton) Hill is my grandmother.  She was born September 21, 1908 in Greenwood, Arkansas and died February 27, 1979 in Marysville, California.  She is survived by two sisters, Alvie (Clopton) Hopkins and Catherine (Clopton) Riley.  Grandma Sophronia’s sister, Lillie Odar Nixon, was born in 1879 and died in 1953.  She married David Crockett Clopton, who was born 1879 and died in 1941.  I am not sure how Charles Franklin Clopton and David Crockett Clopton are related.  How do you go about putting together the information needed for a family essay and where do you find the history information on the individual family members? – Deborah (Hill) Gibbs




Photograph of Charles Franklin Clopton and his wife, Sophronia Nixon.



The project has required a huge amount of work and research on the part of many people.  There are simply no short cuts.  The “Clopton Chronicles” began life in 1994 as the “Pea Ridge Chronicles.”  As I conceived it, it was to be a collection of stories and photographs relating to my Clopton ancestors who immigrated to Eatonton, Putnam County, Georgia following the War of 1812.  I sent out gosh knows how many letters to Clopton Cousins asking them to respond with memories, copies of old letters and Bible records, and photographs.  I got back only a few responses – but those who did respond were a fount of information.  The project eventually evolved into the “Clopton Chronicles” as more and more cousins threw themselves into the fray.  I have logged thousands of miles and countless hours in research both in this country and in England.  It is a very difficult task but the rewards are great and future generations will thank us for our efforts. - SCB



Do you have any information on Robert Clopton, Jr., born July 28, 1728, his wife and his ancestry?  According to my records, he had a son named Robert, born February 26, 1755 and died about 1841. – Ben Fenton

We certainly do.  Your Robert Clopton was the son of Mary Crump and the husband of Frances Wentworth.  See The Descendants of Robert Clopton, I & His Wives Sara Ann Scott and Mary Crump The First Six Generations - SCB



I am a researcher and I am trying to establish the familial relationship between the 18th century preacher, Devereux Jarratt and the 19th renaissance man (and Baptist preacher) Abner Clopton.  I know that Walter Clopton, the Elder of Callowell in New Kent County was married to Mary Jarratt.  Is this Mary Jarratt the sister of Robert Jarratt, Devereux Jarratt’s father?  Also, as I am sure you are aware, Devereux Jarratt mentions his “Uncle Clopton” in his famous autobiography – I am assuming he is speaking of Walter Clopton, his father’s sister’s husband.  Is that correct?  Thank you. – Laurel C. Sneed, Thomas Day Education Project

I believe you are referring to Abner Wentworth Clopton.  Devereux Jarratt, Episcopal Divine, is not a blood relative to the Cloptons.   “Uncle Clopton” refers to the husband of his aunt, Mary Jarratt, who married Walter Clopton, The Elder, of “Callowell.”  See The Descendants of Walter Clopton, The Elder, of “Callowell”& His Wife Mary Jarratt The First Five Generations

You may wish to know that The Rev. Jarratt’s wife, Martha Claiborne, of “Fox Castle,” Dinwiddie County, Virginia, the daughter of Burnell Claiborne, of “Fox Castle,” and his wife, Hannah Ravenscroft, of “Maycox” is a descendant of the ancient Cloptons as well.  Abner Wentworth Clopton is a descendant of Robert Clopton and his wife, Mary Crump.  See  The Descendants of Robert Clopton, I & His Wives Sara Ann Scott and Mary Crump The First Six Generations – SCB

[February 2001.  See Bringing In the Sheaves for more on the above]



Our kinswoman, Jenny Polzin, has come up with a few more Mysterious Cloptons.

Hollis Clopton Green:  Itawamba, Mississippi, World War I Registration.  He is white and his birth date is June 13, 1898.

Albert Clopton McLellan:  Montgomery County, Mississippi, WWI Registration.  He is white and born April 29, 1877.

Hugh Clopton Clarke:  Warren County, Mississippi, WWI Registration. He is white and born February 26, 1877.

Charles Clopton Weaver:  Monroe County, Mississippi, WWI Registration. He is white and born September 23, 1874.

Wilkes Clopton Wright:  Monroe County, Mississippi, WWI Registration.  He is white and born November 22, 1896, possibly Okolona, Mississippi.

John Hales Clopton (1817-1884) and his wife, Sarah Elizabeth Abbott (about 1828-1888) had at least nine children.  Five of them were born at Aberdeen, Mississippi, and one at Egypt, Mississippi.  There were five daughters.  I don’t know if this helps or not, but the men listed above would be about the right age to be the sons of some of the daughters, although the marriages we have on file do not show husbands with the surnames shown above. –SCB



Mollie E. Clopton married John W. Jefferies in Jackson County, Alabama.  03 May 1871 Book B, page 25.

The Shelby County, Alabama Index lists two Cloptons:  Albert Clopton, 1914; and, Albert Clopton, 1913-1920.

Buried at Randolph County, Alabama Cedarwood Cemetery:  Gordon Clopton Ussery, Jr., M.D., born February 19, 1938 and died January 28, 1998.



The will of William Clopton Germany, dated September 17, 1943, proved February 10, 1945, of Lafayette, Chambers County, Alabama, who was born May 10, 1860 and died January 14, 1945 and buried at Westview Cemetery, Highway 50, Lafayette, Chambers County, Alabama.  His parents are Robert Charles Germany and Samantha Ellen Brooks.  His wife is Lenora Armor.  He names grandchildren Carl Wilson, Jr., James Marian Wilson, Mary Eleanor Wilson, Mildred Wilson, and Herbert Clopton Wilson.  Names daughters Lizzie Mae Wilson and Annie Ruth Nichols, and son, Robert Armour Germany.  It is witnessed by Maymie Landrum and Will O. Walton.

A descendant of Martha Ballard and her husband, Edward “Needy” Finch, Kristin Merritt, married John Robert Germany.  There are no dates or place names regarding the Merritt-Germany family. See the will below -SCB


State of Alabama, Chambers County
I, W C Germany, of Lafayette, Chambers County, AL, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament, revoking any and all wills heretofore made by be at any time, my said last will and testament being in words and language as follow:
   Item 1: I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid by my Executor named herein as soon after my demise as can conveniently be done.
   Item 2: I give and bequeath to my five grandchildren, viz, Carl Wilson Jr, James Marian Wilson, Mary Eleanor Wilson, Mildred Wilson and Herbert Clopton Wilson, children of my daughter Lizzie Mae Wilson, the sum of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) each.
   Item 3: I give and bequeath to my grandson Herbert Clopton Wilson, my Elgin watch.
   Item 4: I give and bequeath to my grandson Carl Wilson Jr, my 32    caliber Smith & Wesson pistol.
   Item 5: All the rest and residue of my real and personal estate, of which I may die seized and possessed or to which I shall be entitled at my death, I give, devise and bequeath to my three children, viz, Robert Armour Germany, Annie Ruth Nichols, and Lizzie Mae Wilson, share and share alike, and to hold the same to them, their heirs and assigns forever.
   In witness whereof, I, W C Germany, have hereunto set my hand and seal, and publish and declare this to be my last will and testament on this the 17th day of September, 1943
   W C Germany [LS]
   Maymie Landrum
   Will O Walton
   Proofed February 10, 1945


Who is Amelia Ann Clopton who married George W. Robertson, September 16, 1856, at Granville, North Carolina?  And, again, at Granville, North Carolina, who is Elijah Clopton who married Gilla Parrish on October 7, 1851?

We do have one Elijah Clopton, the son of William E. Clopton and his wife, Lettice “Letty” Bush, both of Hart County, Kentucky.  We do not know when William and Letty were married.  We have no birth date for Elijah nor the name of any spouse.  The eldest child of William and Letty - for whom we have a birth date - is 1834, so this Elijah could be the one who married Gilla Parrish, but we don’t have enough evidence at the moment to make that connection.  Poor Letty had at least fourteen children, the youngest born in 1854! -SCB






Clopton Descendant, Jenny Polzin, has presented us with some more mysteries!  “Gentleman’s Magazine,” July 1758, announces the marriage on July 15, 1758, of a Miss Clopton to Walter Gough, Esq.  Who is this couple?

And in 1797, a Charles Boothby Clopton, Esq., who lives on Clargy’s Street [no town given] subscribed to a novel, Munster Abbey, A Romance: Interspersed with Reflections on Virtue and Morality, by Sir Samuel Egerton Leigh.  In three volumes (Vol. 1), 1797, Samuel Egerton Leigh, Edinburgh, London.  And in 1799 Boothby Clopton, Esq., subscribed to a novel, The Force of Prejudice, a Moral Tale, two volumes (Vol. 1), Joseph Wildman, London, 1799.

Anne Clopton, daughter of Hugh Clopton, Baronet, of Clopton Manor, Warwickshire, and his wife, Elizabeth, married Thomas Boothby Skrymisher.  They had a son named Charles Boothby Skrymisher.  Possibly the Charles Boothby Clopton and Boothby Clopton are one and the same and that Charles Boothby Skrymisher dropped his sir name and assumed his mother’s sir name, not an uncommon practice, especially if an inheritance depended on adopting the sir name of Clopton.  Or maybe not. -SCB



APRIL 2001



Jenny Polzin strikes again with more Clopton mysteries!  Can you identify any of these mysterious Cloptons?

Samuel W. Clopton marries Margaret Hammons April 6, 1823 in Davidson County, Tennessee.

David L. Clopton’s tombstone at Philadelphia Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Mint Hill, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina states he was born June 18, 1904 and died November 2, 1971.

Susannah Clopton married Nathan McDaniel December 13, 1857 at Jefferson County, Alabama.

Volume II of the Dupree Trials states that on September 7, 1815 William P. Clopton, Assignee of Thomas Hughes, Pitf. And Jeptha Dupree, deft.  Debt. Found for the Plaintiff.


David Rusher found a note in the Pittsylvania County, Virginia 1859 Death Records of a Robert H. Clopton, who died at the age of 57 on November 29, 1859 from a hemorrhage of the bowels.  He was an unmarried School Master.  His date of birth would have been about 1802.  Does anyone have a clue as to how he fits into our family tree?


The Library of Virginia has catalog cards for three Clopton women who applied for pensions as widows of Virginia Confederate veterans of the American Civil War.  We need to know their complete identities and that of their husbands from the Confederate pension rolls, veterans and widows found at the library.  The cards state that Elizabeth C. Clopton and Mollie L. Clopton are widows seeking pension.  Sarah A. Clopton, material status unknown, also seeks a pension.



MAY 2001


The Essex Record Office, Estate and Family Records, Miscellaneous Deeds of Early Date, or Special Interest the following regarding William Clopton, a citizen and draper of London.  Named also is his wife, Elizabeth.  Could this William possibly be William Clopton, Esq., the son of Thomas Clopton, Rector of Ramsden-Belhouse, County Essex, and his wife, Thomazine Godfrey?  This will was born March 3, 1636/37.  Or is this another William?


April 29, 1697


William Clopton, citizen and draper of London

Gabriel Glover, citizen and ironmonger of London

3,750 pounds for sale by Clopton and his wife Elizabeth to Glover and Thomas Carr, Esq., of Chichester of a messuage in Ramsden Bellhouse called “Bullshott,” etc.

[Arm. Signet seal a bend between cotices indented paper]



April 29, 1697


William Clopton, citizen and draper of London

Gabriel Glover, citizen and ironmonger of London 33,500 pounds

[Seal as above, paper]




The Essex Record Office, Estate and Family Records, Records of Abdy Family of Albyns, Stapleford Abbots and Felix Hall, Kelvedon, there are three documents relating to Richard Clopton, Gent., of Sandon, County Essex.  He is the son of Elizabeth Coksale who is in 1477, the wife of John Wellys, Gent., of Sandon.  She is the daughter and heir of Thomas Coksale, Esq.  Sandon is about two miles southeast of Chelmsford.  Who is this Richard?


c. 1475

Bond in [illegible]

Rich. Clopton of Sandon, gent., to Richard Walker and William [page torn]

Signature of Richard Clopton

Witness:  Eob. Hydyngham

Seal:  armorial (illegible)



July 18, 1477


Rich. Clopton, s. of Elizabeth (w. of John Wellys of Sandon, gent., and daughter and h. of Thomas Coksale, Esq.) to Robert Plommer, the Manor of Sandon and all lands and tenements in Sandon, Gt. Baddow, Lt. Baddow, Danbury, Purleigh, Paglesham, Hanningfield, Springfield, Boreham, Chelmsford and Moulsham which John Wellys and w. Elizabeth formerly had for their lives and with which they enfeoffed Robert Ploomer.

Witnesses:  rob. Gryme, Clerk, Robert Crykett, citizen and flashmonger [of London], John Hale, talughchaundeller, Hen. Meyour, apprentice, Thomas Hardying, citizen and scrivener [of London], Richard Worlych, Gent., and Thomas Glaswryght, yeoman.

Seal:  a greyhound with monogram ‘if



October 25, 1477

Quickclaim on payment of 20 marks

Rich. Clopton, formerly of Sandon, to Robert Plomer, gents

Signature of Richard Clopton

Signature of Parker, scribe

Witnesses:  William Hampton, Lawr. Fyncham, George style, Ralph estriche, Nicholas Mattok and William [script torn]

Seal:  fragment



JULY 2001


Hill’s Richmond Virginia City Director of 1928, lists ten Cloptons.  All have been identified with the exception of the following:

Clopton, Carrie V., wid[ow] [of] Jo[h]n B. Clopton.  She is living at 2019 West Grace Street.

Clopton, May, who is living at 16 East Main Street


On page 117 of Marriage Bonds of Henrico County, Virginia, 1782-1853, Compiled by Michael E. Pollock, Barrett Moss married Jane Clopton.  John Lucadoe attested to Jane’s age and residence and James Lucadoe gave surety on June 19, 1812.  Who is she?

Page 36 finds the marriage of Edwin I. Clopton to Mrs. Elizabeth C. Allen, who gives her own consent.  Margaret Garthright and Porterfield Austin, witness the consent.  Richard Ellyson gives surety April 30, 1832.  Could Edwin I. Clopton actually be Edwin J. Clopton, Sr., the son of George Clopton, Sr., and Jane “Jenny” Jones?  If so, this means Edwin “J” may have been married twice and that some of his children may be from this marriage with Mrs. Allen.  The Ellyson family had been friends and neighbors of the Cloptons as far back as New Kent County and married into the Clopton family.  On page 63, Edwin J. Clopton gives surety on February 2, 1832 upon the marriage of Marshall Garthright to his ward Elizabeth Allen.  This is very confusing.


Chesterfield County, Virginia Births, 1875-1878, page 228, lists the name of Hattie Clopton who was born September 14, 1880.  Her race is white.  Her father is Walter Clopton and her mother is Sarah.  Who is she?





There is some confusion regarding Clopton descendants from the Clopton-Perrin branch.  Descendants of Laura S. Perrin are attempting to find out if she is related to the Cloptons.  Their records have her as the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Perrin and her grandfather as Archelous Perrin who married Martha C. Blanks, daughter of Lydia Perrin and Shadrack Blanks.  Our records show Lydia Perrin as the daughter of Cassandra Clopton and Josephus Perrin.  Does anyone know if Laura S. Perrin is, indeed, a Clopton descendant?  The 1870 census for Clark County, Arkansas lists a Jefferson Perrin as one of Archelous Perrin’s children.  The 1900 census for Hot Springs, Arkansas lists Laura S. Perrin as the oldest child of Thomas J. Perrin and his wife, Eliza E. Perrin.  They are then found on the 1910 Red River County, Texas, census.  Both Thomas Jefferson Perrin  and his wife, Eliza E. Perrin are buried in Aikin Grove Cemetery in Red River County, Texas.


Elizabeth “Betty” Clopton was married to John Henry Penny on November 15, 1850.  They lived in what was then Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina.  Elizabeth’s sisters were named Harriet Clopton, Fannie Clopton, and Emma Clopton, all of whom lived nearby.  Who are the parents of Betty, Harriet, Fannie, and Emma?


Does anyone know where the Clopton Cemetery in Pensacola, Florida is located?

Clopton Cemetery is a large cemetery located in the northern part of Escambia County, Florida.  In 1986, the cemetery had about 800 gravesites.  The oldest tombstone found is dated 1901.  It is located about 6 miles from downtown Pensacola.  It may be reached by going north on the Davis Highway (State Route 291).  Turn left onto Selina Street.  The cemetery is behind the East Brent Baptist Church.  The Florida Genealogical Society surveyed the cemetery in 1986.  Nathaniel Vanderwall Clopton, Sr., and his wife, Letitia Hutoka Calloway, and many of their descendants are buried at the Clopton Cemetery. – Bob Guyton





Alfred Perry Clopton, was born in 1883.  He married Agatha Pauline Helena Sidler of Thayer, Missouri.  Alfred Perry Clopton had a brother named Will[iam?] Clopton who worked on the railroad out of Ft. Smith, Arkansas.  Benjamin Carl Clopton, or Carl Benjamin Clopton, is said to have been their father.  His wife was named Mary Thrasher, and she died in Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1927.  The couple had three sons.  One died as an infant.  The son who died was named William Clopton and then a second son was also named William Clopton, above, who died in 2001 in Fort Smith.  The third son was Alfred Perry Clopton, above.  This information comes from the descendants of Alfred and Agatha Clopton, Jerry and Joann “Jody” (Clopton) King and Clopton Cousin, Dick Clopton.

We have so many Mysterious Cloptons associated with Arkansas (see earlier queries).  It is our hope someone will one day come up with a clue which will solve them all.  There are several Cloptons who served during the American Civil War from Arkansas who also remain mysteries to us.




A portrait of Robert Clopton, Lord Mayor of London 1441-1442, in his aldermanic robes is found at a Corporation of London web site (record #32142) at (search for Robert Clopton).  He was a member of the Drapers’ Company.  The artist was Roger Leigh, the medium watercolor on paper, it was painted about 1450.  Who is this Clopton?

He was probably one of the Cloptons of Warwickshire, see but really can’t say for sure.  Another Warwickshire Clopton, Sir Hugh Clopton, was Mayor of London in 1491.  Interestingly, Sir William Marrow was Mayor of London in 1455 through 1456 and would certainly have known this Robert Clopton.  Sir William’s daughter, Joan Marrow, married our Long Melford’s Sir William Clopton, who married, after Joan’s death, Thomasine Knevet.  To throw in a few more facts to thoroughly confuse the issue, it should be noted that William Clopton, Esq., of West Hanningfield was, in 1697, a citizen and draper of London.  This is long after the above Robert Clopton was Mayor, BUT this William Clopton is a direct descendant of Sir William Clopton and his second wife, Thomasine Knevet.  His father was Thomas Clopton, Rector of Ramdsden-Belhouse and Thomazine Godfrey, of West Hanningfield.



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