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                    CLAN BOYD INTERNATIONAL
                                                                              (C) 1990 RICHARD G. BOYD

             Main Descent of the Boyd Family

                                                            (Based on)
          Robert Woods "Peerage of Scotland" edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, Lord Lyon, King of Arms

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SIR ROBERT de BOYD witnessed a contract concerning Irvine, Aryshire, Scotland in 1205.
SIR ROBERT BOYD distinguished himself at the Battle of Largs, 1263 which broke the back of the Vikings
in Scotland.  The Viking raiders ceased to be a threat to Scotland after this battle.
SIR ROBERT BOYD( probably grandson of the SIR ROBERT BOYD who distinguished himself at the battle of
Largs, 1263, and related to the earlier SIR ROBERT de BOYD, who witnessed a contract concerning Irvine, Ayrshire.)
He was with King Robert Bruce at Bannockburn in 1314. He was granted lands at Kilmarnock, Kilbride, Bondington, Hertschaw, etc.  He died 1333 after taken prisoner at Halidon Hill.
                 |                                                                           |
SIR THOMAS BOYD of Kilmarnock.            Alan Boyd  killed at the Siege of Perth, 1339 when
Taken prisoner at the battle of Neville's Cross.            in command of the Scottish Archery.
                 |                                                                           |                                                      |
SIR THOMAS BOYD of Kilmarnock             William Boyd ancestor          Robert Boyd ancestor
Pardoned in 1409 by Regent Albany                            of the Boyds of                          of the Boyds of
for slaying Neilson of Dalrymple. He                            Badenheath                              Portincross
m. Alice Gifford, 2nd dau. of Hugh Gifford
of Yester, owner of Gobin Ha' and
ancestor of Marquis of Tweeddale.
THOMAS BOYD of Kilmarnock.  Hostage for James I, when in 1424 he was imprisoned by the English at
Fotheringay and at Dover Castle.  He m. Johanna de Montgomery. He died 1432.
                |____________________________________________William Boyd  Abbot of Kilwinning
                |                                                                                         claimed as ancestor of the Lennox-Boyds
                |                                                                                       who include Alan Tindal, 1st Viscount Boyd of
SIR THOMAS BOYD of Kilmarnock,                                           Merton, created 1960.            |
imprisoned and fined by James I.  Slew                                                                                       |
Sir Alan Stewart of Darnley at Polmaise                                                    Simon Donald Lennox-Boyd
Thorn. Killed in 1439 by Stewart's brother                                                2nd Viscount Boyd of Merton
in revenge. More     |
                                |                                                                  |                                                     |
ROBERT BOYD, 1st Lord, created by           Sir Alexander Boyd of       Elizabeth Boyd married
1454, Regent of Scotland 1466-69 after                     Drumcol. Instructor to                Archibald Douglas, 5th
taking into his control, King James III                         James III. "Mirror of             Earl of Angus, "Bell the Cat"
when boy king.  Escaped to England after                    Chivalry" Beheaded at                              |
fall into disfavor and died after 1481.                            Edinburgh, 1469                    Gavin Douglas, Poet
He m. Mariota Calderwood, dau. of Sir                                                                                       1474-1522
John Calderwood of Calderwood.
(see P. Hume Brown, Short History of Scotland)
                       |_________________________________________________________________4 others
                       |                                                                         |                                                 |
THOMAS BOYD Master of Boyd*    ALEXANDER BOYD,de jure 3rd     Archibald Boyd
created Earl of Arran, 1467. Escorted      Lord Boyd (did not assume                         ancestor of the
Princess Margaret of Denmark to                      title) Chamberlain of the                      Boyds of Bolinshaw
Scotland.  He m. Princess Mary, King                 Kilmarnock estates. He m.                             |
James sister. Died in Antwerp after fall      Janet, dau of Sir Robert                  Margaret Boyd, mistress
of the Boyds ca. 1474.                                      Colville of Ochiltree, pre 1505          of James IV, influenced
                 |                                                                              |                                restoration of Boyds to favor
                 |                                                                              |                                mother of Alexander Stuart
                 |                                                                              |                              Archbishop of St. Andrews.
JAMES BOYD, 2nd Lord Boyd                                      |
killed at 16 by Lord Montgomery in a feud                                |
which lasted 77 years. James was nephew                                |
to King James.                                                                          |
   |                                                                  |                                          |                                             |
ROBERT BOYD, 4th Lord Boyd     Thomas Boyd                   Adam Boyd               3 other sons & 6 dau.
In the feud he slew Patrick                     ancestor of the             1st Laird of Penkill
Montgomery in 1523 and Sir Neil           Boyds of Pitcon               which castle he first
Montgomery in 1547. Lands of                                                       possessed in 1490.
Kilmarnock, and the Peerage restored                                         Penkill Boyds
to him by the Regent Arran for help
at the Battle of Glasgow, 1543. He m.
Helen Somerville, dau. of Sir John Somerville of Cambusnethan.
ROBERT BOYD 5th Lord Boyd.  Devoted Adherant, confidante, and envoy of Mary Queen of Scots.
Fought for her at the Battle of Langside.  Bannished for his part in "Raid of Ruthven".  Recalled.  Was Provost
at Glasgow 1573-1577, PC.  He was extraordinary Lord of Session, Lord Warden of the Marches.  He m. his
cousin Margaret Colquhoun, daughter of George Colquhoun on Glins, and granddaughter of Alexander of 3rd
Lord Boyd.
THOMAS BOYD, 6th Lord Boyd was at Langside and Ruthven with his father the 5th Lord. In constant
ill-health, many permissions to grow abroad for treatment. He died in 1611. He had at least 9 children:
  |                                                                            |                                 |                         |                            |
ROBERT BOYD, Master of Boyd* Sir Thomas Boyd   Adam Boyd   Andrew Boyd            2 other sons
m. Jean Kerr, dau of Mark Kerr,                 of Bedlay                                             (illegitimate)            and 3 dau.
2nd Earl of Lothian, died 1597                                                                               Bishop of Lismore
                     |      *The oldest son of a Scottish Lord is called "Master of "
                     |                                                                                                    |
ROBERT BOYD, 7th Lord Boyd 1595-1628                      JAMES BOYD, 9th Lord Boyd. Cavalier in
Studied at Saumur in France under his cousin                                  service of Charles I.  Fined by Oliver Cromwell
Robert Boyd of Trochrig.  He m. 2nd, Lady                                                                       |
Christian Hamilton, daughter of Thomas, 1st                          WILLIAM BOYD, 10th Lord, Created 1st
Earl of Haddington. She d. at Elie, where buried, 1646.          Earl of Kilmarnock in 1661 as a reward
                       |__________________________              for his family's service. He m. Lady Jean
                       |                                                   |                     Cunningham, daughter of the 9th Earl of
ROBERT BOYD, 8th Lord Boyd     Jean Boyd                Glencairn.  He died in 1692.
Signed National Covenant. Died                b. 1621                                                      |
1640 aged 22.                                                                                                            |
               |                                                   |                                             |                                   |                       |
WILLIAM BOYD, 2nd Earl      Capt. Charles Boyd      Capt. James Boyd      Robert Boyd         2 dau
died in 1692 aged 29 years. He        Scot's Dutch Brigade       Scot's Dutch Brigade                 |
m. Laetitia Boyd, dau. of Thomas       Died at Namur in 1737      served 1690-1704         James Boyd*to America
Boyd, merchant of Dublin, his                                                         More data              1756, m. Susanna Coffin
cousin, and Mary 4th dau. of                                                                                               lived in Maine.
Sir Adam Loftus.                                                                                   (*lineage disputed by Sir James Balfour Paul
                |                                                                                                 in the Scot's Peerage)
WILLIAM BOYD3rd Earl of Kilmarnock. He supported treaty of the Union.  He raised 500 men for the
Stuart (Jacobite) Rising in 1715.  He died in 1717 at age 34.
WILLIAM BOYD, 4th Earl of Kilmarnock. Jacobite. He supported Bonnie Prince Charles Stuart in the 1745
Rising.  He was in charge of FitzJames Horse.  Taken prisoner at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.  He was executed
(beheaded) on the 18 of August 1746. Earldom forfeit.  Kilmarnock (Dean) Castle had been largely destroyed by
fire in 1735. William married Lady Anne Livingstone, heiress presumptive to the Earldom of Errol and to the
hereditary office of Lord High Constable of Scotland.
       |                                                      |                                                                               |
WILLIAM BOYD    JAMES BOYD 14th Lord Boyd        Charles Boyd 1. and William Boyd2.
    died aged 3.                  Succeeded in 1758 to 15th Earl of Errol                                     (twins)
                                         Sold Kilmarnock to his cousin the Earl
                                         of Glencairn. Assumed surname HAY
                                        and lived at Slains Castle. Ancestor of
                                         the modern Hay Chiefs.  (See Hay and Boyd below)

1. Charles served with his father and Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonny Prince Charlie) and the Jacobites against
the German King George.  Escaped to Ireland where he remained for a year, then to France where he married and lived
20 years (until pardoned). Then lived with his brother James at Slains Castle.
2. William was in the Royal Navy and may have served in America during the American Revolution.

See also: The Lordship and Barony of Kilmarnock   by David Ayre of Kilmarnock


                      The  Hay and Boyd  Families

JAMES BOYD, 14th Lord Boyd changed his name to HAY and became 15th Earl of Errol in 1758. He married
1st Rebecca Lockhart, 1749. They had a daughter Mary Boyd-Hay.  He m. 2nd Isabella Carr in 1762 and had 2
daughters and five sons.  His sons:
              |                                                                                                 |
GEORGE HAY,                                                                  WILLIAM HAY
16th Earl of Errol.                                                                 17th Earl of Errol born 1772.
(1767-1798)                                                                              M. 1st Jane Bell and 2nd Alicia Eliot.
            _______________________________________________ |
WILLIAM GEORGE HAY18th Earl of Errol. 1801-1846. Created 1st Baron Kilmarnock* in 1831.
 He married Elizabeth Fitz-Clarence, natural dau. of of the Duke of Clarence who became King William IV in 1830
        .          |
WILLIAM HENRY HAY, 19th Earl of Errol, 1823-1891, 2nd Baron Kilmarnock m. Elizabeth Amelia Gore.
CHARLES GORE HAY, 20th Earl of Errol, 1852-1920,  3rd Baron Kilmarnock
VICTOR ALEXANDER SERALD HAY, 21st Earl of Errol, 4th Baron Kilmarnock m. Mary MacKenzie.
                              |                                                                                                     |
5th Baron Kilmarnock, 1901-1941 m.  Idina                           1903-1975 succeeded his brother Josslyn in 1941
Sackville. Murdered in Africa, 1941. No male heir.                       as 6th Baron Kilmarnock and in place of HAY took
                             |                                                                     back surname of BOYD which name he would have
                             |                                                                     been born under had not James, Lord Boyd assumed
DIANA DENISE HAY, 23rd Countess of Errol               the name of HAY in 1758.  He married Rosemary
(Could not inherit Barony of Kilmarnock)                                      Sybil Guest.                  |
Hereditary Lord High Constable of Scotland                                                                     |
 m. Sir Ian Moncreiffe of that Ilk, 11th Bart. 2                     ____________________|__________
sons and 1 daughter.                                                            |                                                              |
                             |                                 ALISTAIR IVOR GILBERT BOYD ROBIN JORDAN BOYD
                             |                                  7th Baron Kilmarnock  Lt. Irish                       born 1941, brother of
MERLIN SERALD VICTOR HAY      Guards, retired. Author. Born 1927             Alastair, Robin Jordan Boyd is
24th Earl of Errol. Born 1948.             Succeeded to title in 1974.  Current         heir to the Baron Kilmarnock title.
                                                                  Chief of the Boyd Family.

*Created in 1831, Baron Kilmarnock is an English peerage title and bears no connection to the Earldom created in
1661 which was a Scottish title and is attainded.  The 7th Baron, Alistair Boyd, conveyed in a letter that the chances
of getting the attainder removed from the Earldom  even at this late date was very good.  But he said it was a very
expensive project--- one that he wasn't inclined to undertake at present.  (RGB)

The above chart shows that the modern day Hay family (chiefs) are descended from James Boyd, 14th Lord Boyd.

Boyds of Penkill and Trochrig

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