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Boyds of Kilmarnock 

Founded on Wood's Edition of
 Sir Robert Douglas's
Peerage of Scotland
Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul
Lord Lyon King of Arms, 1880
This electronic edition copyrighted by Richard G. Boyd  (C) 1989

Owing to a certain similiarty in their arms, old writers have assumed that the Boyds were a branch of the royal house of Stuart (Stewart).  Crawfurd, writing in 1716, says "The common bearings of the Boyds and Stewarts have given ground to a conjecture that they are branched from the Royal Family of Stewart". Nisbet a few years later, says, "The first of the sirname of Boyd was Robert, son of Simon, third son of Allan, second Lord High Steward of Scotland, who died in 1153, which Robert is designed in the charters of Paisley nephew to Walter the son of Allan Dapifer, Great Steward of Scotland", and Chalmers adds that Simon, who was a witness to a foundation charter of the monastery of Paisley 1160, followed his brother into Scotland.  So the story grew, and Wood accordingly begins his pedigree of the Boyds with the said Simon, and on the strengh of this the descent has been accepted by subsequent writers.  That Walter the Steward had a brother Simon, and that he witnessed the foundation charter of Paisley in 1160 as Simon, frater Walteri filii Allani, is not disputed, but this charter was executed, not at Paisley, but at Fotheringay in Northhamptonshire, and not only is there no evidence that he  ever subsequently came to Scotland, but  Mr. J.H. Round appears to prove conclusively that this Simon was only uterine brother to Walter, and that he was the Simon "de Caisneto"  alias "de Norfolc," who held the Manor of Mileham.  Were Nisbet's statement, that the first recorded Robert Boyd is designed nephew of Walter the Steward in the cartulary of Paisley capable of proof, then it would establish the connection, though not necessarily a descent from Simon, but no such entry is to be found, and, without further evidence in support of it, this descent cannot be accepted.

The first reliable information we have of the family is as vassals of the de Morevilles in the regality of Largs, and it may be that their progenitor accompanied the first de Moreville to Scotland and obtained a grant of lands from him. However this may be, the fact that the Boyds were early proprietors in Renfrew, and possesed the barony of  Nodsdale and several other lands of good value in the reign of Alexander III (1249-86) is attested by a charter, seen by Mylne, granted by "Sir John Erskine, knight, "Johanni filio suo, juniori, quem  (uxore)  sua, filia Gilronani, procreavit totam terram suam ex australi partae aquae de Goghow," which is bounded with the lands of  Robert the Boyd"  The first person of the name of Boyd on actual record would seem to be:

Sir Robert Boyd, said to have been so called from the Celtic BOIDH, signifying fair or yellow. e as Dominus Robertus de Boyd miles, was witness to a contract between Bryce de Eglington and the village of Irvine in 1205.  Robert Dictus Boyd is mentioned in a charter by Sir John Erskine of the lands of Halkhill 1262.  He is said to have greatly distinguished himself at the battle of Largs, 2 October 1263, and to have been rewarded by Alexander III with a grant of lands in Cunningham.

Robert Boyd occurs in the Ragman Roll as taking the oath of the  allegiance to Edward I at Berwick-on-Tweed 28 August 1296.  He is said to have afterwards joined Sir William Wallace in his gallant attempt to assert the independence of his country.

Sir Robert Boyd, the faithful companion of Robert the Bruce in the War of Independence. A Robert Boyd  attended the King's escheators from Dumbarton to Renfrew with Sir John Walleys and their men at arms, October 1304, and Sir Robert de Boyt was taken prisoner by the English in the Castle of Kildrummie shortly before 13 September 1306, a Duncan Boyd having been captured and hanged 4 August previously. Robert Boyd joined in a  letter to the King of France, 16 November 1308, and he was one of the Scottish commanders at the battle of  Bannockburn 4 June 1314.  For his faithful adherence to his cause, he had a grant from King Robert to 'Roberto Boyd, militi, dilecto et fideli nostro,'  of the lands of Kilmarnock, Bondington, and Hertschaw, which were John de Baliol's; the lands of  ilbryd and Ardnel (Portincross), which were Godfrey de Ross's son to the deceased Reginald de Ross; all  the land which was William de Mora's, in the tenement of Dalry;  with seven acres of land, which were Robert de Ross's in the tenement of Ardnel; all erected into an entire and free barony to be held of the King.  He had also a charter of the lands of Nodelles dale; and a third, granting Hertschaw in free forest.  He  was one of the guarantors of a treaty of peace with the English 1323.  He was taken prisoner at the battle of Halidon hill, 19 July 1333, and died not long afterwards.   He had three sons.....(cont.).........(New members of Clan Boyd Society, International will receive an electronic copy of this "Peerage of Scotland" 1880, with their membership.  There is a total of 51 pages in this Peerage.)   More data
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