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Combined Year 4/5

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Here is a brief outline of our combined AO Year 4/5 course of study.

Subject Suggested Books or Curricula
Bible Read through the KJV Bible using Calvary Chapel's Online Sunday School Curriculum>  Old Testament  |  New Testament

Trial and Triumph (Church History) by Richard Hannula for older students (5th grade and up)

Math Math drills and review from 4th grade
Foreign Language French with Mom
Grammar and Composition Review parts of speech usage using Teaching Basic English Rules

Oral narration after every reading.  Begin written narrations one time per week, spending some time learning how to write a good 5 sentence paragraph in 5 weeks.

Copy Bible verses neatly from Bible study or use prepared copywork from either a handwriting course or the AOCopywork Group list.

History and Historical Tales and Biographies

Begin reading This Country of Ours by H. E. Marshall (Monday) and An Island Story by H. E. Marshall (Friday).  Follow schedule posted on AO website.

Optional:  The Story of Mankind by H. Van Loon (Wednesday)



Begin reading Age of Fable

Term 1:  Robinson Crusoe
Term 2:  Pilgrim's Progress
Term 3:  Treasure Island


Story of Inventions by Michael J. McHugh and Frank P. Bachman
Secret of the Woods by W. J. Long

Nature Study Continue with Ambleside Online Nature Study rotation.  Keep a nature journal, practice drawing and sketching from life.

Handbook of Nature Study by Anna B. Comstock
Madam How and Lady Why by Charles Kingsley
Wild Animals I Have Known by Ernest Thompson Seton

Geography Kon-Tiki by T. Heyerdahl
Poetry Follow Ambleside Online's Poetry rotation or read through the Oxford Book of Children's Verse over the course of this year.
Special Studies Continue with Ambleside Online's Artist, Composer, Folk and Hymn rotation.  Read Plutarch following the posted schedule or read through John White's Boys and Girls Plutarch here.
P.E./Health Include some physical education each week.  

Weekly Schedules

This is what I used for our Summer Combo Year 4/5. I found the routine comforting as I knew exactly what we were to do each day. I created a 12-week spreadsheet using Excel and just inputted all the AO subjects into it. I laid the form out to match the PUS 1908 Timetables (from the Parents Review articles on the AO website). I liked how the timetable was setup and that it already accommodated for short lessons and it varied the subjects studied each day.

These are 12-week schedules that I formatted to share with the AO group during the summer. Feel free to use these and modify them to fit your own school day.
PDF Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Excel Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Word Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

PUS Time Tables (Age of Children)

Form I (6-8) Form II (9-11)





Home | About Our Family | Home School Methods | Teaching CM Subjects
Getting Started | Getting Organized | Some Schedules and Forms | PDF Files

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