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I think one of the most difficult aspects of using the Charlotte Mason method along with the Ambleside Online curriculum has been trying to get organized. I have made over a dozen forms, charts, and spreadsheets since we first started using AO in the spring of 2004.   You will see that each year is different and that I have tested out a number of ways to schedule and track our school year.  I still haven't found the "right" way but am OK with this as the years progress (there is no "perfect" way!)  Please feel free to download these forms/schedules and modify them if you feel that they would help you get your family organized. 

Note:  Please join the AO-Member-Schedules group.  This group is open to anyone using the AO curriculum and who would like to see how others do AO or who want to donate their own daily/weekly schedules.

Schedules for Years

These are sample weekly schedules for Ambleside Online. Some of these are the actual schedules (*) we used in our home school while others are just examples of how to do a particular year. If you need help creating your own schedule, see my page on how to make a schedule.

A word about schedules: these schedules reflect Miss Mason's ideal of not teaching the same subject every day. Some parents prefer to do this, but this is not CM. If you would like to see a sample of her original schedules, click here. These are from 1908 and will give you an idea of how she organized her week. Note: CM's students did school 6 days a week and often completed studies in the evening and on Sundays (readings were done every day!)

Every now and then families on the AO/HEO group ask about combination schedules and whether or not they exist. I made these schedules up for my own family, but they are available to anyone who might like to use them for their own combo year. These are just suggested books pulled from the years listed. They do not always contain every subject (ex. like science or nature study). You may use these, modify them as they suit your family needs.

Guides for a Four-Year History Study

Lately, I have been trying my hand at making up curriculum guides for survey courses. This is what I have completed so far - enjoy!

How to Create a Schedule

Forms and Planners

The following are some of my schedules from previous years.  These pages have links to Word, Excel and PDF samples.  Please feel free to use them, modify them to fit your needs.

Home | About Our Family | Home School Methods | Teaching CM Subjects
Getting Started | Getting Organized | Some Schedules and Forms | PDF Files

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