CHALMERS - from Scottish Monuments and Tombstones Vol II


Extract from "Scottish Monuments and Tombstones Vol II"

The following extract was taken from "Scottish Monuments and Tombstones" by Rev. Charles Rogers LL.D., 1872 and relates to the marble tablet commemorating, John Chalmers, merchant, and father of the celebrated Dr. Thomas Chalmers, and the members of his family.


"Erected in 1827 by their sorrowing granchildren, To the Memory of John Chalmers, Late merchant of Anstruther, Who died 26th July, 1818, in the 78th year of his age. And of his spouse, Elizabeth Hall, Who died 14th February, 1827, in the 77th year of her age. 'Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.' Within this burial-place are also interred the remains of five of their children, viz.: John, who died in infancy in 1785. George, who died in 1806, aged 29. Barbara, who died in 1808, aged 33. Lucy, who died in 1810, aged 37. Isabella, who died in 1824, aged 43. And also the remains of James Chalmers, Merchant in Anstruther, Father of John and son of the Rev. James Chalmers, Minister of the Gospel in Elie; he died in 1788, aged 74. Barbara Anderson, The spouse of James Chalmers, and mother of John; She died in 1793, aged 85. Christian Chalmers, The sister of James; she died in 1793, aged 85. Thomas Bellardie, Late Master in the Navy, who died in 1809, aged 77. And his spouse Elizabeth Chalmers, sister of John; She died in 1792, aged 50. Jean Chalmers, Sister of John; she died 15th August, 1827, aged 75.

Restored in 1867 by the grandchildren of John Chalmers. His other children not buried here, being them all dead viz.: William, lost in the 'Queen,' at Rio Janeiro, in 1800, aged 22. David, died at sea, in 1811, aged 27. Alexander, Surgeon at Kirkcaldy, died 1829, aged 35. Thomas, D.D., D.C.L., died in Edinburgh, in 1847, aged 67. Helen, widow of the Rev. John McClellan, Kelton, Died at Edinburgh, 1854, aged 67. Patrick, died at Wishaw, in 1854, aged 64. Jane, wife of John Morton, died in Gloucestershire, in 1864, aged 76. Charles, died at Merchiston, Edinburgh, 1864, aged 72."


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