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CHALMERS - from Scottish Surnames


Extract from "Scottish Surnames" by David Dorward

The following extract was taken from "Scottish Surnames" by David Dorward, 1995


CHALMERS The Scottish version of Chambers, it means a chamber-attendant or chamberlain. The 'l' indicates that the vowel which precedes it is long, giving the old pronunciation 'chaumers.' During the reign of William the Lion it is recorded in the scribal Latin form of de Camera; when the name comes to figure in the Ragman Roll of 1296 it is often Frenchified as de la Chaumbre. Alexander of Chamour was 'forspaker fro the comownis and merchandis' of Aberdeen in 1461, and another Alexander Chaumir was elected serjeant in the same city a few years later. Gilbert Chaumere (the terminal 's' is a late development) had a safe conduct into England about the same time. James Chalmers, inventor in the 1830's of the adhesive postage stamp, came from Arbroath. Thomas Chalmers, born in Anstruther, pioneered the movement which led to the disruption of the Scottish established church in 1843 and to the formation of the Free Church.


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