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IRELAND Information page 3
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                                                                      Ireland Information page 3
From the Desk of   Ann & Jim Claffee

                        More Claffy baptisms, Lemanaghan Parish, Offaly 1821-45
?? ???  1821 John;      Anne Claffy
30 oct 1821  Patrick;   Patrick Claffy and Brigid Shea;        spon: Patrick Daly, Esther Shea.
18 dec 1821  Mary  ;   James Claffy and Mary Madden;     spon: James Malony, Anne Staunton.
11 feb 1822  Francis;   William Claffy and Mary Malone;    spon: Frank Moran, Brigid Malone.
22 may 1822 John:      Tom Claffy and Anne Geoghagan;   spon: Patrick Egan, Cath Egan.

5 sep 1822   Thomas;  John Claffy and Mary Fitzgerald;     spon: Richard Cormick, Rose Claffy.
1 aug 1823   John;       John Claffy and Mary Carroll;         spon: John Connor, Mary Corrigan.
25 sep 1823  Michael;  John Sheridan and Brigid Claffy;     spon: Chris White, Mary Moonan.
16 feb 1824  John;      Tom Claffy and Mary Claffy;          spon: John Majory, Eliza Majory.
10 jul 1824   Edward;  John Claffy and Mary Fitzgerald;    spon: Stephan Claffy, Anne Fitzgerald.
16 jul 1824   Edward;  Patrick Fitzgerald and Mary Claffy;  spon: Edward
Fitzgerald, Mary Fitzgerald.
18 jul 1824   James;    Patrick Claffy and Mary McLain;     spon: Stephen Collins, Donna Pazek.
23 feb 1826  Mary;     Thomas Claffy and Anne Majory;    spon; Patrick Dolan, Mary Claffy.
20 aug 1826  Kieran;   John Sheridan and Brigid Claffy;     spon; James Sheridan, Catherine Egan.
7 nov 1826  Catherine; Charles Claffy and Mary Roohan;     spon: Reudi Kelly, Brigid Roohan.
29 jan 1827   Edward;  Thomas Claffy and Catherine Kelly; spon: Francis Daly, Catherine Claffy.
05 jan 1828   Ellen;      Stephen Claffy and Anne Flynne;   spon: Thomas Flynn, Ellen Reilly.
25 jan 1828  Thomas;   Edward Claffy and Anne Larkin;     spon: Martin Flannery, Mary Devery.
06 jul  1828   Eujene;   Thomas Claffy and Anne McGurry; spon: Thomas Flannery, Mary Flynn.
03 sep 1828  Charles;   John Sheridan and Brigid Claffy;     spon: John Mannion, Mary Gosan.
14 sep 1828  Kieran;    John Claffy and Mary Carroll;        spon: Thomas Connor, Margaret Corragan.
26 dec 1828  Anne;     Stephen Claffy and Anne Flinn;      spon:Thomas Flinn, Mary Claffy.

07 jun 1829  Thomas;  Thomas Claffy and Catherine Kelly;  spon: John Claffy, Anne Marian.
30 jan 1830   Mary;      Peter Claffy and Brigid Collins;        spon: John Connor, Margaret Mullin.
05 nov 1830  Anne;      Thomas Claffy and Anne McGorry;  spon: Thomas + Brigid McGurry.
05 jan 1831   Thomas;  John Claffy and Mary Carroll;         spon: Michael + Sarah Corragan.
02 jun 1831   Mary;      Thomas Claffy and Catherine Kelly; spon: Murry +Mary Kelly.
06 feb 1833   Patrick;   John Claffy and Mary Fitzgerald;     spon: Edward Claffy, Rose Nolan.
17 feb 1833   Patrick;   Martin Cloonan and Margaret Claffy; spon: Stephen Cloonan, Mary Egan.
13 jun 1833   John;      Edward Claffy and Brigid Egan;      spon:  Kyran Egan, ?.
31 sep 1841  Thomas;  Edward Claffy and Mary Daly;         spon: ? Claffy, Mary Daly.
13 oct 1841  Anne;      Bernard Coughlin and Anne Cooke; spon: John Claffy, Margaret Conlan.
04 feb 1842  John;       Kieran Kelly and Elizabeth Corigan;   spon: Edward Corigan, Mary Claffy.

28 feb 1842  Patrick;    Bernard Daly and Brigid Claffy;         spon: John Claffy, Rose Claffy.
06 mar 1842  Ellen;      Thomas Eaghy and Mary Dillon;       spon: John Claffy, Catherine Bolande.
22 mar 1842  Mary;      Patrick Conely and Elizabeth Footin; spon: James Claffy, Anne Hicky.
24 apr 1842   Kieran;    Michael Doyle and Brigid Claffy;        spon: Patrick Grenan, Cecilia Claffy.
06 feb 1843  Anne;      Peter Claffy and Brigid Collins;          spon: John Collins, Margaret Claffy.
27 feb 1843  Kieran;    Kieran Downy and Margaret Cowly;  spon: Patrick Claffy, Mary McNally.
28 feb 1843  Brigid;     John Conor and Ellen Hanaffy;         spon: Dionysii Henry, Mary Claffy.
24 jul 1843   Mary;      James Corigan and Anne Daly;         spon: Peter Claffy, Elizabeth Keigan.
28 jul 1844   James;    John Flinn and Anne Moran;            spon: John Claffy, Catherine Buckly.
29 jun 1845  Brigid;     Michael Kildoyle and Brigid Claffy;  spon: John Egan, Elizabeth Hanaffy.
12 jul 1845   John;      Patrick Egan and Mary Henrican;      spon: John Claffy, Ellen Nestor.

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