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Claffey Cube 4 Generations
Claffey Home Page

Four Generations of  Web master's family
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Try moving your mouse around to get a different effect. Spinning of cube will slow, stop,
change direction, speed up again.  Try this new fun effect !!!

Photos are of
William Claffey Sr (Civil War Veteran, Prisoner at Andersonville) (gen 1)
William Claffey Jr, Eight Ward candy store, Co- Founder of 8th War Playground (gen 2)
William, Sr & William Jr. and spouses Mary and Mary B (gen 1 & 2)
Joseph Harold Claffey, Hazel Atlas Employee and Local Drummer (gen 3)
Edwin Arthur Claffey, Bell Telephone Employee and Vet of Korean Conflict (gen 4)
Webmaster visiting Clonmacnoise, Claffey Church in IRELAND (gen 4)

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