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  Alternate Spellings include: Claffee, Claffy, Clafy, Chappy, Cleffey, Cloffey

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Jim and Ann Claffee have begun a series of "State by State" research of Claffey family
         To find the Claffey information in a particular state, click on the name of the state below.
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Alaska Georgia Maine Nevada Oregon Vermont
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Arkansas Idaho Massachusetts New Jersey Puerto Rico Washington
California Illinois Michigan New Mexico Rhode Island West Virginia
Colorado Indiana Minnesota New York South Carolina Wisconsin
Connecticut Iowa Mississippi North Carolina South Dakota Wyoming
Delaware Kansas Missouri North Dakota Tennessee .
Dist.of Columbia Kentucky Montana Ohio Texas .
There is much information here in each individual state 'However' please do not forget to check
Home page for other pertinent information regarding Passenger Lists, Lost & Found, etc.

Also, please inform us at email links below if you have MORE information.

Good Luck with your Claffey Family Research ! !

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