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Claffeys of Moate, Westmeath
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James Claffie Family

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(Left to right) James Claffie b. 1844, Alfred John b. 1880, Arthur Morgan b. 1885, Alexander Trenton b. 1876, and James' wife Mary Regan b. 1854. Family lived in Honeoye Falls, (Monroe Co) NY.

01-Peter Claffey b 29 June 1812, Moate, Co. Westmeath, Ireland
02-+Mary McDonald (first wife) b @ 1814, Co. Westmeath, Ireland
03-----James Claffie b 9 Oct 1844 Rochester, NY, d 05 Oct 1915
04-----+ Mary Regan b 21 June 1854 in Mendon, NY, d 14 Jan 1922
05-----------Alexander Trenton Claffee b 11 Aug 1876 Honeoye Falls
06-----------+Lena Elizabeth Nichols b 1883, d 1967
07------------------Arthur Trenton Claffee b 13 July 1910 Indian Lake NY
08------------------James Nichols Claffee b 21 Jan 1912, Old Forge, NY
09------------Alfred John Claffea b 1880 in Honeoye Falls, NY, d 1940
10------------+Teresa Courneen Claffea (Claffie)
11-------------------Elizabeth Bette Claffie b 1923, d 1966
12-------------------Evelyn Claffie
13------------Arthur Morgan Claffee b 12 June 1885 in Honeoye Falls
14------------+Julia C. Seary b 1884, d 1968
15-------------------Robert Arthur Claffee (twin) b 18 June 1911
16-------------------Thomas Claffee(twin) b 18 June 1911, d 1911
17-------------------Frederick Regan Claffee b13 Feb1914 d20Oct 1978
18-+Rosa McCune (2nd wife) b. 06 Nov 1814, Co. Westmeath, Ire.
19-----John Claffey b 27 May 1849 Honeoye Falls, NY, d 09 Sep 1867
20-----Patrick Claffey b 08 Oct 1851 Honeoye Falls d 29 June 1867
21-----Mary Ann Claffie b. 12 Sep 1853 Honeoye Falls d 05 Oct 1913
22-----Rosa Jane Claffey b 24 Jan 1859Honeoye Falls d 23 Mar 1869

Members of this family have used four different spellings of the surname.

01-Peter Claffey-Arrived with wife Mary from Liverpool at Port of NY 06 July 
     1835 on ship Martha as a carpenter, filed citizenship papers in Mendon, 
     NY 17 Mar 1841, granted citizenship 02 May 1843 in Rochester, NY.  1840 
     began purchasing property in Honeoye Falls. 1845-46 Rochester City 
     Directory  carriagemaker.  Died 12 Jan 1867, buried St. Rose Roman 
     Catholic Cemetery, Lima (Livingston  Co.) NY
02-Mary McDonald Claffey-Have found no record of death or burial.
03-James Claffie-Owned cooperage business in Honeoye Falls. Baptised at 
     St. Mary's Catholic Church in Rochester 24 Nov 1844, sponsors Jacob & 
     Bridget Cosgrave.  Buried St. Paul's Catholic Cemetery, Honeoye Falls, NY. 
     (See obit page).
04-Mary Regan Claffie-Daughter of John Regan of Co. Cork, Ireland and 
     Honora Madden Regan of Tipperary, Ireland.  Buried St. Paul's
    Catholic Cemetery, Honeoye Falls, NY .
05-Alexander Trenton Claffee-School teacher and principal, died 08 June 
     1957, buried Locustwood Cemetery in Merchantsville, NJ.
06-Lena Nichols Claffee-School teacher, daughter of Robert Burns Nichols 
     and Henrietta Cornelia Brown Nichols of Indian Lake, NY. Married 01 Aug 
     1909.  Buried Locustwood Cemetery, Merchantsville, NJ. 
     (See Bill Zullo page)
07-Arthur Morgan Claffee-School superintendent, married Mildren E.
     Shoemaker daughter of Elias and Mabel Young Shoemaker of Haddon 
     Heights, New Jersey, d 01 Feb 1989, buried Locustwood Memorial Park, 
     Cherry Hill, NJ (See obit page).
08-James Nichols Claffee, Founder of Bethel Colony of Mercy,
Christian Ministery to Alcoholics, d 05 Mar 1996, married Eva
Frederika Larson in Blue Mt. Lake, NY, daughter of John Otto and
Emma Saunders Larson of Ishpeming, Michigan.  They are buried in
Blue Ridge Memorial Park, Lenoir, NC.
09-Alfred John Claffea (Claffie) Lived in Corning, NY.  Buried St.
Paul's Roman Catholic Cemetery in Honeoye Falls, NY
10-Teresa Courneen Claffea, b 1894 NY, d 1978.  Daughter of Mrs.
Mary Courneen of Mendon, NY.  Worked as saleswoman in dry
goods store in Mendon.
11-Elizabeth Bette Claffie-Used name of Bette Borden in Radio and
TV work in Rochester, NY, buried St. Paul's Catholic Cemetery,
Honeoye Falls, NY.
12-Evelyn Claffie-No information.
13-Arthur Morgan Claffee-Graduated from Genesee Wesleyan
Seminary in 1905.  Worked first as clerk and stenographer for Lehigh
Valley, Erie, and Grand Truck Railroad.  In 1909 worked as
stenographer at M. D. Knowlton Co. and in 1912 was promoted to
New England representative of that company covering all of New
England and the Maritime Provinces of Canada.  In 1931 he became
a salesman in the Box Division of Bird & Son and in 1932 was
promoted to Division Manager of the Shoe Carton Division.  In 1937
he was made Sales Manager of Bird & Son.  Lived in Newton Center,
MA, buried St. Paul's Cemetery, Honeoye Falls, NY.
14-Julia C. Seary Claffee-Lived in Newton Center, MA, buried St.
Paul's Cemetery, Honeoye Falls, NY.
15-Robert Arthur Claffee-Born Rochester, NY, Mechanical Engineer,
Northeastern University, career Col. in US Army, hometown Boston,
retired to Clearwater, FL, d. 1956.
16-Thomas Claffee-Lived about two weeks.
17-Frederick Regan Claffee-He and his wife Roberta had a daughter
named Gail Patricia Claffee b 28 Dec 1942 in Bridgeport, CT.  He
died in Fairfield, CT.
18-Rosa McCune Claffey-Daughter of Owen and Mary McCune,
occupation Nurse, died 24 Aug 1884, buried St. Rose's Catholic
Cemetery in Lima, NY (Livingston Co.).
19-John Claffey-No data, died age 18.
20-Patrick Claffey-Died age 16, census labels him "idiot" which
denotes severe mental retardation with abilities below that of a
normal three year old.  Buried St. Rose Catholic Cemetery in Lima,
NY (Livingston Co.).
21-Mary Ann Claffie-Unmarried, occupation milliner, lived in Buffalo,
NY.  (See obit page)
22-Rosa Jane Claffey-Died age 10, buried St. Rose Catholic
Cemetery in Lima, NY (Livingston Co.) 

Jim and Ann Claffee are researchers from Southeastern US.  They enjoy gardening and helping other researchers trace their Claffey family roots

            Census Information from Ann

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