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  Alternate Spellings include: Claffee, Claffy, Clafy, Chappy, Cleffey, Cloffey
Ist Lieutenant F. Claffey  World War I
Ist Lt Michael F. Claffey WWI
Above is an enlarged copy of a  photo (original is 3 3/4 in. by 5 3/4 ").  This Webmaster bought the item from E-BAY in 2003.   Would like very much to find family of this man and send photo back to rightful owners.  If you know of this family, please notify me at email address below or at [email protected]

Description by the Bay seller that accompanied the purchase stated .....
"This is a W.W.I Award to Army Lieutenant Michael F. Claffey, Medical Corps.  I have supporting slides from same household as the framed  picture and I think he was a Doctor in Connecticut later in the Litchfield , Ct. area and also may have gone to Dartmouth Medical School.  He died in 1964 at age 80.  I believe this to be of historical interest.  Has wooden frame and is 15 1/4 x 19 in". Weighs about 3 pounds."     (Supporting slides will be shown later.)

    Which Michael F Claffey is pictured here ??????? Quite a puzzle .  
1930 Federal Census shows     Litchfield County, Thomaston, West Part   CT
Claffey, Michael F.,  Head of H, age 45 , male, white, age 1st married 30 yr., can read/write, born CT. Occ, Manager shoe store
Claffey, Agnes J.,    wife, age 38, female, white, age 1st marriage 22 yr., can read/write, born born CT, Occ. Manager Shoe store
Claffey, Agnes B.,     daughter, age 15,  female, white, single, can read/write, Birthplace CT.
Claffey,  Virginia M.  daughter,  age 5, female, white, single, understands English,  Birthplace, CT,
  and in the same household
Rafinski, Joseph, Father-in-law, age 63,  male, white, wid., age 1st marriage 24, can read/write, born Poland, occ.clerk sh/store 

** Another Michael F Claffey (same age) is also found in Fed Census of 1930 about 50
           miles away.      This one is a
Doctor! !  
1930 Federal Census shows       Hartford County,  Bristol township, Bristol City, CT
Claffey, Michael F. Head of H, age 45, male, white, age 1st marriage 34, Can read/write, born CT, Occ Practising Medicine
Claffey, Helene, Wife age 34, female, white, age 1st marriage  23, Can read/write, born Illinoise, occ. none
Claffey, John D. son, male, white, age 3, single,  speaks English

Would like to find a home for these photos.  If you know of descendants or relatives of this family.
Please info me by email webmaster at bottom of page.

Full frame graphics asurrounding the photo

Couple pictured on background supporting the Photo
Full frame  15" by 19" is shown here
Unnamed couple found when photo was opened.
It is also 15 " wide by 19 " tall.

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