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Audra Vanosdol

"Let me live in a house by the side of the road

and be a friend to Man."

NOTES: Granny ran the Stevens General Store for several years after Ralph's death; I have early memories of arriving in Ripley County with my folks and going into the store to let her know we were there, and being given a penny candy from one of the display jars. She loved her garden, especially when she could work it barefoot, and feel the mud between her toes, and loved to ist out of an evening to watch the setting sun. There were no strangers in her life; and if anyone was sick or in need, she was there as a friend and neighbor to help them through it. She was a life-long resident of Ripley County, and died only yards from the county border, because that was the location of the nursing home she finally had to resign herself to.


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Charles Vanosdol

1. Agnes Vanosdol

2. James Vanosdol

3. Emil Vanosdol

4. Ira Vanosdol

5. Audra Vanosdol

6. Elizabeth Vanosdol

7. John Vanosdol

8. Sally Vanosdol

9. Woodrow Vanosdol

NOTES: A. V. Sporleder; Hopewell Cemetery; Otter Creek Cemetery, Ripley County.


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David Vanosdol

Ellen Tatman

David Vanosdol:

Ellen Tatman:

1. Joshua Vanosdol

2. Oakey Vanosdol

3. James Vanosdol

4. Elizabeth M. Vanosdol

5. Charles Vanosdol

6. David F. 'Frank' Vanosdol

NOTES: Clermont County Marriage Records; R. H. Van Osdol, letter to Audra Rea; Vernon, Hopewell and Otter Village Cemeteries; Ripley County censuses, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880; Quentin Carl Stevens and Audra Vanosdol Stevens Palmer oral histories.

My father recalls that his Great-Uncle Frank was a stubborn and contrary man. His sister Elizabeth, "Lizzie," lived with him during their lives. Uncle Frank was so contrary and misanthropic, that when he died, the men responsible for burying him placed his coffin in the ground backward, with no stone to mark the spot. All concerned, Dad said, had a good time.


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Oakey Vanosdol

Elizabeth Laughlin

Oakey Vanosdol:

Elizabeth Laughlin:


1. James L. Vanosdol

2. Mary 'Polly' Vanosdol

3. David Vanosdol

4. Isaac Vanosdol

NOTES: New Jersey Historical Society Proceedings; New York Genealogical & Bibliographical Record, 109:2 (April, 1978), "Family Record: Van Arsdalen / Vanosdol - South - Wright," Mrs. Robert O. Payne (Vanosdol Family Bible records); Otter Village Cemetery, Ripley County, Indiana; 1850 through 1880 censuses, Ripley County; Clermont County, Ohio, records.

James Vanosdol was called "Law." Middle name thought to be Lawson - corruption of Laughlin. James Tatman, who married Mary Vanosdol, brother of Ellen Tatman, who married David Vanosdol. James and Mary Vanosdol Tatman lived in Jennings County, Indiana.

Oakey Vanosdol found earlier as Van Osdol.

Elizabeth Laughlin may be a daughter of James and Nancy Laughlin. Her second husband, John Day, may be a part of the same Day family which married the Terrys. He was a stonemason, an occupation found among them as well as among the Stevenses.


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Oakey Van Arsdale

Children by Mary South:

1. James O. Van Osdol

2. Benjamin Van Osdol

3. Oakey Van Osdol

4. Benjamin Van Osdol

5. Elisha Van Osdol

6. Lydia Van Osdol

7. Robert Van Osdol

8. Laurence Van Osdol

9. Maria Van Osdol

10. Keziah Van Osdol

11. Obediah Van Osdol

Children by Mary 'Polly' Wright:

1. Nancy Williams Van Osdol

2. Isaac Van Osdol

3. John Wright Van Osdol

4. Mahalah Van Osdol

5. Jessie Van Osdol

NOTES: Will of Oakey Vanosdol, 1849, Clermont County; New Jersey Historical Society Proceedings; NYG&BR cited above; Ripley County censuses, op. cit.; Clermont County marriage records; R. H. Van Osdol letter to Audra Rea, 1972; Williamsburg Township Cemetery records, Clermont County; Concord Cemetery, Clermont County; United States Census of Pensioners, 1840; Pension application, Clermont County.

Van Arsdale changed to Vannosdol, Vanosdol, Van Osdol in writing. Oakey was baptized 19 February 1758, Six Mile Run Dutch Reformed Church, Somerset County, New Jersy. He enlisted in Captain James Debow's company, Colonel Nixon's New Jersey Regiment, in 1776; in 1777, he was a private in William Wycoff's Company.

Mary South died in 1804. Shortly after, Oakey migrated with his South in-laws to Clermont County.


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Ouke van Arsdale

1. Christoffel Van Arsdale

2. Louwerens Van Arsdale

3. Helena Van Arsdale (?)

4. Oakey Van Arsdale

5. Jannetje Van Arsdale

6. Cornelius Ouke Van Arsdale

7. Marya Van Arsdale

8. Eyda (Ida) Van Arsdale (?)

9. Isaac Ouke Van Arsdale

NOTES: Somersety County Historical Quarterly, edited by A. Van Doren Honeyman, Volume VIII, 1919, pages 123 ff.; DAR lineages, Patriot Index, 1966; Baptismal records, Six Mile Run Dutch Reformed Church (DRC), Franklin, New Jersey. Eyda according to J. Armstrong with no proofs cited.


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Christophel van Arsdale

1. Eytje van Arsdale (?)

2. Christophel van Arsdalen

3. John (Jan) van Arsdale

4. Ouke van Arsdale

5. Cornelis van Arsdalen

6. Hendrick van Arsdale

7. Lammetje van Arsdale

8. Simon van Arsdalen

NOTES: Will of Jan Simonse van Arsdale, 1736 (Surrogate's Office, City of New York, Liber 20, page 1); NJ Hist. Soc. Proceedings, Vol. 11, New Series, (1926), page 209; First Families of America,(1942), Vol. VII, page 312; E. Th. R. Unger, "Voorts weet ick neit meer te schrijven,: Jaarboek van het Centraal Burea voor Genealogie, (Deel 50, 1996), pp. 179-198, Den Haag, Netherlands; Somerset County Historical Society Quarterly, Vol. V, pp 285 ff. Eytie per J. Armstrong, no citations.


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