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Hi ! My name is Bridgett Edwards Schneider (sorry, not researching the Schneider surname at this time) and have not been with this hobby of genealogy very long.

Genealogy is defined as a record or table showing the descent of an individual or family from a certain ancestor or ancestors. What they fail to mention in that definition is the fact that once starting the search for your descent, your life seems to change. At least for the majority of us.

The changes are subtle at first, when you realize you are finding yourself spending more and more time in search of that elusive ancestor(s). You do strange things like walking in fields of stone and marble; staring at undecipherable writing that occured during a century or two before you were born; and, if lucky enough to live close to a county courthouse with your ancestor's records, mulling through the dust covered, well worn records of time past.

Besides learning whence you came, you also find yourself in the midst of some very fine people. Genealogists are some of the most caring and sharing folks I have come across in my lifetime. You also become in some instances members of a quite large extended family. For someone who was an only child this meant as much to me as finding out that an ancestor I was looking for was not a male, but a female ending two years of chasing that wild goose.

Most of my ancestors are of German heritage with some Irish, Scottish and English thrown in. However, the one thing they have in common is they all hit the beautiful hills of East Tennessee and remained.

My surnames of interest are: Baxter, Bible/Biebel, Bright/Brecht, Chaney, Cotter, Davis, Duncan, Edwards, Folman, Frank, Hartman, Jones, Marshall, McAmis, Moore, Moree, Nehs, Newman, Wagoner, Witt, Woods and more

Check out the Surnames here,
who knows we may be related !

Also, since I do have gaps in a lot of places, please feel free to e-mail me with any information you might wish to exchange.

Researching in Tennessee?
Some aids to researching Tennessee on the Web

The TNGenWeb Project is the site you will want to take a look at and browse through many of it's county sites. The "volunteers" of Tennessee have gone all out to make this THE BEST source for the researching of your ancestors who traversed this state.

Check out the GREENE COUNTY, TN page. This is my volunteer effort with the TNGenWeb Project and my fellow researchers.

Tennessee State Library and Archives

I was born in Greene County, Tennessee, but I left there at the ripe old age of 2, so really didn't know much about the state nor it's history. I have gathered together several articles and facts about the Volunteer State's struggle to statehood and her counties. These articles may give you some idea of how your ancestors may have been influenced during their lifetime and/or stay in Tennessee.

Hit that preverbial brickwall while researching in TN? Here is an article written by the editor of the Wayne County (TN) Historian and a long time genealogist, Ed Byler, describing how to do research in TN counties, very informative.

Just starting out in your research? This page should help you out some. Even well seasoned genealogists might get some new ideas with these tips.

Also, RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees is a great online tutorial produced by Professional Genealogists.


What got me started down the road to researching my roots was a manuscript written by a cousin that had our BIBLE lineage back to Germany. I found this family to be most interesting and soon met a few folks who were researching this name also.

A newly found cousin, Terri Strotman, and I decided there must be quite a few researchers of this family on line and started seeking them out. This was in the fall of 1995, and we have found many, many cousins online and the Bible Family Association was formed with newsletters and a webpage of their own. Please visit this very interesting family's website. You will enjoy it, I am sure.

Have you been looking for a good "tagline" for the end of your e-mail messages? Or thinking about having a bumper sticker made regarding genealogy? I have listed over 100 taglines for your browsing and using pleasure. Some will definitely put a smile on your face. In addition, I've compiled some humorous anecdotes and/or poetry for your amusement .

email Thank you for visiting my page, any comments and/or suggestions are appreciated. Please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

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