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Early Records of Scotshouse

Early Records of Scotshouse[1], Currin Parish, County Monaghan

Loyd “Jack” Warner Breakey, descendant of James (b. ca. 1777) and Dorothy Crowe (b. ca. 1787) Breakey, visited me before and after his 1984 trip to Ireland during which he hoped to further the search for his Breakey ancestors.  Jack was a meticulous keeper of records, even so far as photographing documents and providing directions to points of interest related to the Breakey family history!  In 1985 he sent me a ‘print-out’ of his trip diary, and it is from these notes that I have compiled the following records for St. Andrew’s Church (Church of Ireland) in the village of Scotshouse, Parish of Currin, County Monaghan.[2]

Perhaps first I should explain how Jack came to locate Breakeys whose religious affiliation was that of the Church of Ireland.  In a letter dated 24 May 1984, Ballybay (Jack Breakey to author), he states: “Clues: Drew Breakey in Belfast is C of I and came from the Corinary/Scotshouse area – my first clue to whereabouts of Anglicans…when I read that entry[3] aloud to them, they were surprised.  ‘I didn’t know there were Breakeys out there!’ ”.  Jack’s letter of 24 May 1984 supports his diary notes as well as provides further dates not pertinent to his projected lineage.

MARRIAGES:  “There were no marriages listed at Scotshouse (whose records only go back to 1813) in our line; those listed at Scotshouse show there were a number of Breakeys in the area, whose relationships are currently unknown to me."

7 Oct 1813: John Breakey of Ballibay married Elizabeth Breakey of Currin.[4]

28 Apr 1836: John Breakey of Ahabog[5] married Martha Robinson of Currin.

27 Mar 1860: Thomas Breakey, a farmer, son of James, a farmer of Corinary, married Jane Duffy of Lienalen, daughter of Isaiah, a farmer.

19 Aug 1873: John Moore, a pensioner, son of James, a policeman, married Jane Breakey, daughter of Samuel, a farmer.

20 Dec 1887: David Craig, blacksmith, son of David, blacksmith of Newbliss, married Mary Jane Brakey, daughter of Thomas, a farmer.

29 Aug 1906: John McAlister, age 48, a coachman, son of James, a farmer, married Elizabeth Brakey, age 43, daughter of Andrew, a farmer.

17 Oct 1918: Rob’t Barbour, age 29, farmer, son of John, a farmer, married Elizabeth Breakey, 21, daughter of Andrew, a farmer.

20 Sep 1921: Richard Samuel Mossoh, 26, shop ass’t, son of John, a farmer, married Dorothea Breakey, 21, daughter of Andrew, a farmer.

26 Dec 1939: Ivan Wm Henry Breakey, farmer, son of Andrew, farmer, married Susan Mabel Peilow (Pielow in France) daughter of Robert, Head Gardener for Col. Madden.”


BIRTHS: “The following baptisms were held at St. Andrews, in the Church that was built in 1813 (from a statement dated 26 Mar 1908, on letterhead of the Public Record Office of Dublin).  Baptisms were often held six months after the birth, so we can only speculate about the actual birth dates.”

Children of James Breakey & Dorothy Crow (sometimes Crowe) and[6] Lisleagh[7]

7 Mar 1813: Martha

26 Feb 1815: James

18 May 1817: Joseph

5 Dec 1819: John

25 July 1822: Elizabeth

5 Jun 1825: Samuel

2 Dec 1827: Thomas 

Children of Samuel Breakey and Jane Rennick of Lisleagh, Scotshouse

22 Feb 1823: Margaret

20 Jan 1828: Samuel

18 Apr 1830: Jane

25 May 1834: James


DEATHS:  “Only those Breakeys that seem to pertain to our line or an adjacent line will be listed here;[8] again other listings will be used by Marilyn."

William Breakey (probably the father of both James and Samuel), age 88, of Lisleagh, buried 15 January 1833 at Scotshouse.

Samuel Breakey, age 58, of Lisleagh, buried 4 September 1849.

Martha Breakey, probably the wife of William age 100, of Lisleagh, buried 26 November 1849 at Scotshouse.

James Breakey, age 77, of Coronarary, buried 15 July 1854.  (This is an assumption on my part; this entry was in handwriting very difficult to read.  Note the odd spelling of this townland; suggests very poor literacy of the writer.  Name as written seemed to be “Jas Briahey” – there were no records of a “Briahey” family, so I take this to be the records of the death of my ancestor, James, husband of Dorothy, and father of Joseph.

Dolly Breakey (our Dorothy, in all probability), age 73, of Corinary, buried 27 Feb 1860.

Jane Breakey, age 77, Lisleagh, buried 9 March 1871.”

The following dates, though not pertinent to Jack’s lineage, were included in his diary:

19 Dec 1827: Margaret Breakey of Corinary, age 17

18 Jan 1866: William Breakey of Lisleagh, age 35

4 Jun 1883: Jane Breakey of Corinary, age 15

12 Aug 1897: Jane Brakey of Newbliss, age 61

21 Mar 1898: James Brakey of Corinary, age 82

23 Dec 1898: Elizabeth A. Brakey of Belfast, age 31 (born in Scotshouse)

27 Feb 1899: Dolly Breakey of Belfast, age 21

4 Jun 1906: Jane Brakey of Corinary, age 72

4 Apr 1913: Andrew Brakey of Corinary, age 81[9]

“The Church records also show that in 1808, James Breakey of Lisleagh was Vestryman, and that starting in 1813 he and Samuel were Wardens of the Church for a number of years.  [And] on 13 March 1812 William Breakey was paid 1 pound, 2 shillings, for nails.”

24 May 1984, Ballybay: (Jack Breakey to author): “Now in the light of day and with the clear head of morning, what I’m certain of is that we’re missing many 2nd and 3rd generation[10] Breakeys.[11]

Author’s notes:

Based upon the previously documented death dates, and Jack’s suspicions, I propose we may have the basis for one of the earliest Breakey lineages documented by public records.

William Breakey of Lisleagh (Lislea)

Born circa 1745

Buried 1833 age 88


Martha ------of Lisleagh

Born circa 1749

Buried 26 November 1849 age 100

(James & Samuel were most probably sons)

Marilyn J. Breakey

Harrington House

Baldwinsville, NY

June 2000


[1] Approximately six miles (as the crow flies) SW of Newbliss.

[2] Author’s note: I have not edited Jack’s text, nor altered the spelling of any words.  Any explanatory comments I wish to make will be done in the following footnotes unless otherwise noted.

[3] Balladian lineage documenting marriage of John Breakey of Balladian and Elizabeth Breakey of Scotshouse.

[4] Extant charts in circulation show John Breakey of Balladian as being married to Elizabeth Breakey of Scotshouse, parents of James who went to Ballinasloe.

[5] Most probably Aghabog.

[6] Of

[7] Sometimes recorded as Lislea.

[8] Taken from the diary notes.

[9] Grandfather of Drew Breakey, Belfast.

[10] From the original Huguenot ancestors.

[11] I concur.