Chapter Six


Isaiah Breakey of Lismagonway


Isaiah Breakey was born to John Breakey of Lismagonway and Elizabeth Abbott.  He was baptised April 1822 (Murnane to author, 12/99).  Little else is known of him other than what appears in church records; he was a farmer and resided in the townland of Lismagonway.  He married first Mary Lockhart and had children:


i.     Margaret Breakey born 15 May 1846  (See Chapter Seven)

            ii.    John Breakey born November 1846, baptised 13 June 1847 (Registry of Baptisms in the First Presbyterian Congregation of Ballybay)

            iii   Samuel Breakey born 15 July 1851, baptised 13 October 1851 (op.cit).

                  (See Chapter Six)

            iv.   Mary Breakey born 15 July 1853; baptised 13 September 1853  (op. cit).


*  *  *  *


Isaiah Breakey married second Anne Jane Wilson, daughter of John Wilson, a farmer, and Jane Breakey (Laurie Thompson to author, 5 March 2003).  It is recorded in public records that the marriage took place on 16 June 1859 in the Presbyterian Church, Glennan, Parish of Donagh,  Ďaccording to the Form and Discipline of the Presbyterian Church by license by  Ö   Robert Wallace.    Anne Jane was age 20 years, a spinster, and resided at Mullabane, Parish of Donagh, County Monaghan.  Isaiah Breakey is recorded as full age, a widower and a farmer, son of John Breakey, farmer; Isaiah resided Lismagonway, Parish of Aghabog, County Monaghan.  The marriage was solemnized in the presence of Andrew McMurry & Joseph Blackburne.  [Authorís Note:  Andrew McMurry, previously mentioned  above  might well have been Isaiahís brother-in-law for on 13 January 1840 a Miss Breakey of Lismagonway was married to an Andrew McMurry of Drumgreeny in the Parish of Kilmore, County Monaghan (Murnane to author, 14 September 1985).  If the reader refers to Chapter Five, Isaiahís sister, Sarah Breakey, appears to be a likely candidate.


[Authorís note:  The following letter from Anne Jane Wilson Breakey Simpson to her sister, Mary McKay (Laurie Thompson to author, 6 March 2003), is, unless otherwise noted, the basis for the lineage that immediately follows the letter].


December 17th 1894

161 Prospect Street


New York



My dear sister Mary,


 As I was looking over some papers I came across some of your writing.  I just said to myself, if I can make out her address I will write. Now I will not say much till I hear from you since.


My darling daughter was taken from me in death 7 years ago next March.


Three years before that time I buried my second husband.  However my daughterís death nearly killed me.  My dear son never has gotten over it.  We seemed to be such a united family.  I had 2 girls and one boy living when their father Isaiah Breakey was taken from me and I worked hard to raise them in the fear of God and we got along nicely till sickness and death came.  Sarah Wilson, she was sick eight years and dead at the age of 24 years; a beautiful young woman loved by everyone.  She was truly a child of God and worker in the church were we belong.  There was nothing passed her where she could work for her master; many souls were brought to Christ even through her sickness.  She would preach to sinners lying on her bed; she would never let an opportunity slip.  We missed her so much; our loss was her gain.  She would say Mama weep not, itís only closing my eyes on earth and opening them in heaven.


Then my troubles began though God has been good to me.  He has been my rod and staff in all my trials.  I could say ďPraise the Lord.í


Annie J is my oldest girl. William George is my youngest.  They are all I have.


If you receive this note and answer it, I will tell you all.  My health is very good.  I will close by waiting to hear from you.


With love to your husband and children.  Please send me sister Hannahís and Brother Williamís addresses.


Your loving sister to death

A. J. Simpson

P.S.  please write and I will send you my likeness.  I am going this week to have them taken.

Your loving Sister


*  *  *  *

Children of Isaiah Breakey and Ann Jane Wilson:


v.    Anne Jane Breakey born 11 April 1860, Ireland; baptised 15 October 1860 (op. cit); married Robert James Maxwell, son of John Maxwell & Mary Love, 6 November 1881 Manhattan, NY

            vi.   Sarah Wilson Breakey, born circa 1863/4 in New York State (1880 US federal census) died circa 1887.

vii.  William George Breakey born 1864/5 in New York State  (1880 US federal census).


*  *  *  *


Although there is no documentation to substantiate this claim, based upon the 1880 US federal census one might assume Isaiah and Anne Jane Wilson Breakey immigrated to the United States sometime after the birth of Anne Jane Breakey, born 1860 in Ireland, and before the birth of Sarah Wilson Breakey, born 1863/4 in New York State.


There is also no documented evidence as to the death date of Isaiah Breakey of Lismagonway, but his death must have occurred sometime after his sonís birth in 1864/5.


Further, Anna/e Jane Wilson Breakey married for the second time to Robert Simpson (Laurie Thompson to author, 5 March 2003), and is documented in the 1880 US federal census returns with daughter Anna/e, Sarah W., and William Breakey as step children to the head of the household, Robert Simpson, all residing in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York City.


            Robert Simpson apparently died circa 1885 as deduced from the previously entered letter.