Chapter Five

Chapter Five


John Breakey of Lismagonway


[Author’s note:  There is no documented evidence of lineage between Andrew Brekey of Lismagonway and the following John Breakey of Lismagonway. However, based on circa birth dates, the acreage size of Lismagonway townland, the familial tendency to continue residing in one townland, the limited acreage of John Breakey’s holdings compared to other Breakey townland holdings that are recorded in the following public records, the probability exists that John Breakey of Lismagonway was either a younger brother, or cousin, of Rev. Andrew Breakey of Killyleagh. [John’s birth or baptismal date, like Andrew’s, is not recorded.]



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Little is known of John Breakey other than what can be pieced together from data that appears in church records, or in public records.


It is recorded on the marriage record of his son, Isaiah [see Chapter Six], that John Breakey was a farmer and resided in Lismagonway (Ken Breakey to author, April 2002). The Tithe Applotment Survey of the 1820s indicates John Breakey of Lismagonway occupied a farm of eight acres, three rood, twenty perch; also listed in that Tithe Applotment for Lismagonway were William Breakey, twenty-one acres, and James Breakey, nine acres (Public Record Office of Ireland, Ken Breakey to author, 17 February 2002). .  Baptismal records [see “Second Presbyterian Congregation Ballybay,”

Known Records of Births & Baptisms of Breakey Children, The Breakey Collection] indicate John Breakey married Elizabeth Abbott and had children:


i.    Isaiah Breakey baptised April 1822 (Murnane to author, 12/99).  Isaiah married first, Mary Lockhart; married second Ann Jane Wilson

ii.   Sarah Breakey baptised 14 April 1822 by Rev. James Morell

iii.  James Breakey baptised 12 February 1826 by Rev. James Morell

iv. Elizabeth Breakey born 25 May 1834; baptised by Rev. John H. Morell