Chapter Two

Chapter Two


Isaiah Breakey of Lismagonway



[Author’s note: There is no documented evidence of lineage between Andrew Brekey of Lismagonway and the following Isaiah Breakey of Lismagonway.  However, if the family utilized Irish naming customs, one might suspect Isaiah Breakey to have been a son of Andrew Brekey. See Appendix A.]


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Little is known of Isaiah Breakey other than what can be pieced together from data that appears in church or public records.


From the Matriculation Albums of the University of Glasgow 1728 – 1858, we know Isaiah Breakey was the father of Rev Andrew Breakey of Killyleagh, County Down.



Number 8748 – Andreas Breakey, Filius natu Maximus Isaiae Artificis in parochial de Aughabog in comitate de Monaghan in Hyb.  M.A. 1816.  I.P. Minister at (1) Keady 1819-1831; (2) Killyleagh 1831-1882. Died 17 Nov. 1882. [Loosely translated:  Andrew Breakey, eldest son of Isaiah, craftsman/merchant, in the Parish of Aghabog in County Monaghan, Ireland (David McElroy to author 4 February 1980).


As previously mentioned in the introduction, Thomas C. Breakey in his memoirs speaks of Rev. Andrew Breakey:  “…a blood relation.  He was born and reared in Lismagonway…” (Breakey, E., 1963, 6).


David Nesbitt reports, “Andrew Breakey was licensed by Monaghan Presbytery in 1818 and ordained on 10 August 1819 in First Keady after receiving a unanimous call.  The eldest son of Isaiah Breakey, a merchant of Rockcorry…” (Nesbitt, 106). 


Again, as noted in the introduction, the town of Rockcorry lies approximately three miles south of the townland of Lismagonway and falls within the Parish of Ematris (Donnelly, 794).  From this it would appear that Isaiah Breakey was a merchant in the town of Rockcorry (the Parish of Ematris), but resided in the townland of Lismagonway (the Parish of Aghabog).


In conclusion, the lineage of Isaiah Breakey of Lismagonway is presented.  His descendants will be detailed in chapters three and four.



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Isaiah Breakey of Lismagonway, born circa 1760/5. A merchant of Rockcorry, he   resided in the townland of Lismagonway.   He married Miss Rogers   and had children:


Andrew Breakey born circa 1795/6 [Author’s note:  There is no data referencing his birth date].


James Breakey baptized 11 October 1801 First Ballybay Presbyterian (Presbyterian Historical Society to Pearson to author, 25 January 1994; Peadar Murnane to author, 12/99).


Isaiah Breakey baptized 22 January 1804 (Presbyterian    Historical Society to Pearson to author, 25 January 1994).

           [Author’s Note: This baptismal record is most probably the same as that recorded in “Presbyterian Congregation, Ballybay” (see The Breakey Collection) for a child named Isaiah born to father Isaiah Breakey of Lismagonway.


Robert Breakey baptized May 1806 First Ballybay Presbyterian (Peadar Murnane to author, 12/99).


Jane Breakey baptized 31 August 1809 First Ballybay Presbyterian (Breakey E., 1968)