An Investigative Report on the A

An Investigative Report on the Arms of Breakey (deBrequet)

with a new interpretation of

The Breakey Armorial Achievement


Including and Introducing

The Linen Stamp


Isaiah Breakey, Monaghan, Ireland




Marilyn J. Breakey

Harrington House

Baldwinsville, NY


Revised Edition


(c) 1982 & 2000 - Marilyn J. Breakey



Dedicated to the Memory


Bert Isaiah Foster Breakey

(1904 – 1999)



“The patient search and vigil long

Of him who treasures up a wrong.”

                                            Byron: Mazeppa X




            I wish to thank Mr. Bert Isaiah F. Breakey for his generosity of time and interest in my research of the Breakey family.  His charts, letters, and copies of old correspondence are a priceless gift.

Mrs. Ivy Yeomans, granddaughter of Dr. John Breakey, Inspector General of Hospitals and Fleets of the Royal Navy, has made her grandfather come alive across time and miles for other Breakey family members.  I wish to express to Mrs. Yeomans my most sincere gratitude.

To Mr. Thomas Woodcock, Rouge Croix Pursivant, College of Heralds, London, I wish to express my appreciation for taking the time to answer questions that must have appeared to be rather ‘elementary.’

A humble ‘thank you.’


Marilyn J. Breakey


Preface to the First Edition

This volume is being included in The Breakey Collection that each family member may have access to material that might not be readily available.  The subject of heraldry is closely connected to genealogy, and to those of us who search for ancestors it is especially fascinating when, such as in the Breakey family, tradition bears witness to a coat of arms.

            This investigative report is meant to be a companion article to “The Arms of Breakey (deBrequet)” by Dr. Edward P. Breakey.




Preface to the Second Edition

In the nearly twenty years since this volume was first written, the World Wide Web has come of age.  And, with this coming of age one need only bring up any number of search engines and ask a question.  As a result of this phenomena I have chosen to ‘downsize’ the length of this volume by omitting much of the basics of heraldry, and providing only that which is pertinent to the topic under discussion.

Some web sites I would recommend for researching the basics of heraldry are:




Table of Contents


Preface to the First Edition

Preface to the Second Edition

List of Figures



I            Discovery

II           Frequently asked Questions

III          Discrepancies Observed in the Breakey Arms

IV          The Search

V           Origin of Arms Resolved

  Dr. John Breakey: Biographical Sketch

  Comments and Questions

  A New Interpretation


VI        The Linen Stamp of Isaiah Breakey


Isaiah Breakey of Greenvale Mills

The Linen Stamp Trademark

VII       Conclusion


List of Figures


1.      Breakey Arms in Color: Chapter One

2.      Authenticity of Arms Questioned: Chapter One

3.      Imprint Copy of Large Breakey Arms: Chapter One

4.      Imprint Copy of Small Breakey Arms: Chapter One

5.      Engraved Bookplate of Dr. John Breakey: Chapter One

6.      Breakey Arms Shown in Sealing Wax: Chapter One

7.      The Make-up of a Coat of Arms: Chapter Two

8.      Impression of Linen Stamp: Chapter Six

9.      Pen & Ink Sketch of Linen Trademark: Chapter Six

10.  Linen Trademark in Color: Chapter Six


Author’s note: due to its length and the included graphics, this manuscript will be added to The Breakey Collection  chapter by chapter in order to minimize ‘download’ time for the viewer.