Marriage Document for Humphry Thomson Breakey

         The following document is an apparent Xerox copy of a portion of a record book, most probably from the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland.  It was sent to me 29 Sept 1980 by David McElroy who, at that time, was undertaking genealogical  research for me in Ireland.

          The information provided is contained in a pre-printed format ledger.  For the purpose of this manuscript, the pre-printed information will be rendered in red type; the handwritten information will be rendered in black type. Due to the horizontal orientation of the original document, and the confines of this manuscript’s margins, the entries may at first appear somewhat disjointed to the reader.  I have attempted to avoid this confusion by delineating each horizontal entry via a “bold line.”

           The surname “Breakey” is missing the final “e” in all entries of the name.

          There is an “arrow” drawn from the name Humphry Thompson Breakey [under the Names and (illegible)] column to the name of Humphry Thompson Breakey along side the column titled “Marriage solemnized…” with the concluding point of the arrow indicating the letter “p” in Thompson as x-ed out.

            An image copy of the document  concludes this section.


                                                                                                   Page  79

Schedule G.]   Registrar’s District of   Belfast

18??    Marriage solemnized at  Belfast  In the parish of Shankhill in the Co Antrim

No.   When Married     Names and (illegible)                       Age      Condition

29                        13th                   Humphry Thompson Breaky            full       Bachelor

March           Isabella Gillis                                   full        Spinster


Rank or Profession     Residence at the Time of Marriage     Father’s Name and (illegible)

   Merchant                                    Monaghan                                  James Breaky

       _______                                  Belfast                                       James Gillis

Rank or Profession of Father




Married in the 2nd  Pres? Church  according  to the Form and Discipline of the Presbyterian Church,  by Sig? ,  by me

                                                                                                        John Porter


This Marriage  Humphry  Thomp*son  Breaky        in the          John Gillis

      was                                                                  presence

solemnized      Isabella Gillis                                      of us          John Breaky

between us



* The letter “p” is x-ed out.