Guestbook Mortality Alert

Guestbook Mortality Alert

Marilyn J. Breakey

© 2010

The guestbook on this website is dying!   Its demise will be official as of 19 October 2010.

It has been ten years since the inception of The Breakey Collection on the Internet, and since that time I have annually paid for my guestbook services.  In early February I received notice that those services would no longer be provided when my membership expires. After researching numerous other possibilities for a continuance of the guestbook, the foremost concern being that for the privacy of Breakey family members researching possible links for relatives or   their Irish origins, I have chosen to resort to the message boards of Roots Web which hosts The Breakey Collection.

[An alert for previous users of my guestbook:  The current guestbook will no longer be available for viewers as of October 2010, and the contents will not be displayed on the message board. For those of   you who wish to continue the search that you began on the current guestbook, I would suggest you re-state your first entry and submit it according to “Instructions for Message Board Usage.”].

In May 2001 I registered the domain name of  that in turn merely transfers a visitor to the original website that hosts my homepage. I will let that service expire on May 2011. If you have bookmarked or linked the collection to your favorites, the link   will continue to work.  Directions for any comments or queries the visitor wishes to address referencing the collection will be provided   in “Instructions for Message Board Usage.”