Josiah Breakey

Josiah Breakey, Townland of Mullanagore, County Monaghan, Ireland


Covina, County of Los Angeles, California


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Source: Loyd ‘Jack’ Breakey to author, May 1984:


Birth dates for children of Josua (sic) and Mary J. Breakey of Mullangore –


Elizabeth      14 February 1871

Mary J.           4 May 1875

Margaret       11 January 1876

Ann               22 November 1877




Source:  not documented in my files:


Josiah Breakey and family immigrated to America, in steerage, circa 1885 aboard ship “Circassia.”


Josiah Breakey - Age 40 - farmer

Mary J.             - Age 31 – wife

Eliza                - Age 11

Mary J.             - Age 9

Marg’t              - Age 7

Ann                 - Age 5

Letitia              - Age 10 months

Marth (sic)        -Age 10 months




Source: Directory of Births & Baptisms, The Breakey Collection:


26 October 1884, Townland of Mullanagore, to parents Josiah Breakey & Jane Harris, twins Letitia & Martha, baptised by John H. Morrell


23 January 1890, Townland of Mullanagore, to parents Josiah Breakey & Jane Harris, a son, Andrew James, baptised by John H. Morrell



Source:  David McElroy to author, date in files not noted.


Breakey, Josiah of Covina, Los Angeles County, California

Death 15 April 1896

Admon will annexed 19 October 1896

Admon W. S. Hayes acting under Power of Attorney for James W. and Jane Russell, Exors named in will (PA) dated 4 Sept’r   1896.


Covina California 28 March 1896, Lost Angeles County


“This is my last will and testament

I hereby order you, M.  M.  Rutherford of Ballybay, Ireland who has in your hand the lease of my farm of land situated in Mullinagore, (sic) County of Monahgan, Ireland, to sell said farm and get   orders from James W. and Jane Russell and to sighn (sic) any conveyance may be required by the purchase of said farm and to send the proceeds to James W. and Jane Russell to be divided as follows: One (1) third (3) to   my wife Mary Jane Breakey, the remainder of all proceeds to be divided equally between all my living children.  I hereby appoint James W. and Jane Russell my administrators.

            Witness My own hand and seal


Witness’s: W H Hefner

F A Smith

                                                                                    LS  (Josiah Breakey)


We certify that the above engrossment has been compared with and is a   correct transcript of the original will and does not contain more than three folios of ninety words each

                                                                        Mayes & Sons, Solicitors


[On the side of the document, it states]:


Affidavits filed of due execution and that deceased   was a British Subject and his domicile of origin was Irish.        Heuryl Warren, Regr.