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The Breakey Collection

The Breakey c

The  Breakey Collection




The Arms of Breakey (de Brequet)


The Breakey Collection is the culmination of many years of work by many people.  I have only compiled the collection, as well as included my own research.  Please feel free to print the manuscripts for you own enjoyment.  New additions to the collection will be added as I transcribe them.


Many thanks to all of you who through the years have assisted me in my search for Breakeys the world over.


                                                                                                        Marilyn J. Breakey 


The Breakey Collection 

Guestbook Mortality Alert - Marilyn J. Breakey (2010)  new

Margaret J Breakey:  Musician, Composer & Lyricist - Marilyn J, Breakey (2010)  new

Editorial Comment - Marilyn J. Breakey  (2005)

1692: Sarah Breakey of Dunluce, County Antrim - Marilyn J. Breakey, (2007) 

The Breakey Family of Lismagonway Townland, County Monaghan, Ireland - Marilyn J. Breakey (2007)

    Chapter One: Andrew Brekey  of Lismagonway

    Chapter Two:  Isaiah Breakey of Lismagonway

    Chapter Three:  Rev. Andrew Breakey of Lismagonway & Killyleagh

    Chapter Four:  Descendants of Rev. Andrew Breakey of Killyleagh

    Chapter Five:  John Breakey of Lismagonway

    Chapter Six:  Isaiah Breakey of Lismagonway

                       The Family Arrives in Brooklyn - Marilyn J Breakey (2011)   new

    Chapter Seven:  Descendants of Isaiah Breakey of Lismagonway


    Appendix A:  Naming Practices and Customs

    Appendix B:  Miscellaneous References to Lismagonway

    Appendix C:  Valuable  Research Sources

    Works Cited

Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank - Marilyn J. Breakey (2007) 

From the Editor's Desk - Marilyn J. Breakey (2007)

      Breakey Families of India -  Marilyn J. Breakey (2010)   new 

      Breakey/Breaky/Brakey Families of Prince Edward Island, Canada - Marilyn J. Breakey (2010)   new

      Josiah Breakey, Townland of Mullanagore, County Monaghan, Ireland & Covina, County of Los Angeles, California

      Susquehanna Valley Home, Broome County, New York & Pauper's List, Delaware County, New York

      James Breakey & Mary Ann Cook of Scotland

The Breakey Families of Scotland  

       Research Entries

Introduction to The Breakey Collection - Marilyn J. Breakey  (2000)

The Arms of Breakey (de Brequet) - Edward P. Breakey, PhD  (1963)

Family History - Edward P. Breakey, PhD  (1963)

The Breakey Families of Balladian and Drumskelt - Edward P. Breakey, PhD (1969)

The Name of Breakey (de Brequet) in Geography - Edward P. Breakey, PhD (n.d.)

From a Drumskelt House Letterhead - Edward P. Breakey, PhD (n.d.)

Mullaghbreakey - Edward P. Breakey, PhD (1967)

Some Notes on the North Antler District, Manitoba - Bert I. F. Breakey (1965)

Guillaume de Brecey??? - Edward P. Breakey, PhD (1968)

Christ's Church, Aghnamullen - Edward P. Breakey, PhD (1968)

Some Comments on the Spelling of the Name Brequet - Edward P. Breakey, PhD (1968)

The Breakey Apple - Marilyn J. Breakey - (2000)

The Breakeys of Wolfe island, Canada - Marilyn J. Breakey (2000)

In Commemoration - Marilyn J. Breakey ( 2000)

The History of Presbyterianism in East Cavan - Thomas Hall (1912)

Known Records of Births & Baptisms of Breakey  Children - Edward P. Breakey, PhD. (1968)

        Presbyterian Congregation, Ballybay

        Second Presbyterian Congregation, Ballybay

        First Presbyterian Congregation, Ballybay

        Old Bible Records

        Drumkeen Congregation, Presbyterian Church

        Derryvalley Congregation, Presbyterian Church

John F. Breaky, Civil War Veteran - Marilyn J. Breakey (2000)

Descendants of Thomas & Annie Lawler Breakey - Patricia Breakey Vogt & Marilyn J. Breakey (2000)

Early Records of Scotshouse, Currin Parish, County Monaghan - Marilyn J. Breakey (2000)

        St. Andrew's Church, Scotshouse:  A Pictorial Essay - Marilyn J. Breakey (2000)

Marilyn J. Breakey - Michael Patrick McNamara (2000)

Housewarming:  Breakey Style - John W. Hall, PhD. (2000)

An Investigative Report on the Arms of Breakey (deBrequet) - Marilyn J. Breakey (2000)

        Chapter One: Discovery     

        Chapter Two:  Frequently Asked Questions

        Chapter Three:  Discrepancies Observed in the Breakey Arms

        Chapter Four:  The Search

        Chapter Five:  Origin of Arms Resolved

        Chapter Six:  The Linen Stamp of Isaiah Breakey

        Chapter Seven:  Conclusion


Humphry Thomson Breakey, County Monaghan, Descendant of William Breakey of Drumskelt and James Breakey of Cormeen - Marilyn J. Breakey (2000)

        Chapter One:  Introduction

        Chapter Two:  Fair Copy - Marriage Settlement - 1802

        Chapter Three:  Conditional Bond - 11 April 1809

        Chapter Four:  The Elusive Townland of Carricknaveagh

        Chapter Five:  Statement of Title of William Johnston Esqre to the lands of Carricknaveagh

        Chapter Six:  Miscellaneous Documents Pertaining to the Townland of Carnaveagh - Part I

        Chapter Seven:  Miscellaneous Documents Pertaining to the Townland of Carnaveagh - Part II

        Chapter Eight:  Marriage Document for Humphry Thomson Breakey

        Chapter Nine:  An Expanded Lineage for 'The Breakeys of Drumskelt"

        Chapter Ten: Conclusion

        Appendix A:  Monaghan Verse - An Exile Remembers

        Appendix B:  Theory of Supposition for 'Circa Dates of Birth'

        Appendix C:  Correspondence from Art H. Montgomery, Carnaveagh House

        Appendix D:  The Identity of 'Daniel Dancer'

The Breakeys and James & Jane Hall - Margaret J. North (1968-1978)

Staff Nurse Breakey - Marilyn J. Breakey ( 2003)

Directory of Early Breakey Families  - Marilyn J. Breakey (2003)

        Earliest known documented dates for appearance of Breakey surname

        Documented dates of residence

        Documented dates of marriages & deaths

        Documented births and baptisms by residence

John Breakey, Civil War Veteran - Marilyn J. Breakey (2003)

A Pictorial Essay - Marilyn J. Breakey (2003)

Surname Index to the Memoirs of Thomas C. Breakey, Book I - Marilyn J. Breakey (2003)

Surname Index to the Memoirs of Thomas C. Breakey, Book II - Marilyn J. Breakey (2003)

Descendants of James & Jane (Breakey) Hall of Durham & Grey Counties, Ontario, Canada - John W. Hall, PhD (2003)

Isaiah Breakey of Greenvale Mills - Marilyn J. Breakey & Kenneth C. Breakey (2004)

        Appendix A:  Pictorial  Essay of Memoirs - Book I

        Appendix B:  Pictorial Essay of Memoirs - Book II

        Appendix C:  The Mill at Lisnagalliagh

        Appendix D: Marriage Settlement of 29 February 1792

        Appendix E:  Various Signatures of Interest

        Appendix F:  Miscellaneous Data

        Appendix G:  More Proposals for Consideration

        Works Cited

In Search of the 'Boyne Soldiers' - Marilyn J. Breakey (2004)

Instructions for Message Board Usage - Marilyn J. Breakey (2010)   new


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