Brandywine Crucible, Inc

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Organization Purpose

Brandywine Crucible, a 501(c)(3) non-profit heritage society, is a chronicle of the Quaker families who lived along Brandywine Creek of Southeastern Pennsylvania in Colonial times and their progeny who followed them. This genetic "melting pot" became a pattern for the development of a great nation and the vigorous people who built it.

Many members of these families joined the Quaker migration to North Carolina shortly before the Revolutionary War. When slavery and other divisive influences made conditions unacceptable to the Quakers, many removed to Virginia, and in time, to the Mid-west. Later the descendants of the Brandywine families scattered to the four winds -- all across America.

Brandywine Crucible is composed of several hundred descendants who, two centuries later, are attempting to gather the history of the Cox family and their allied families along the Brandywine.

The non-profit heritage society has five purposes:

  1. To preserve and promulgate the heritage of the family, dealing not with just a study of the "begats", but with the accomplishments and contributions of the family members as well.
  2. To assist individual family members to find their "place" in the lineage and to understand the motivation for the actions and the moves of their ancestors and the sacrifices they made for the family.
  3. To instill in the younger generation an appreciation of their heritage and a knowledge of the effort expended to bring the family to its present position, and to make certain that young and old alike will manifest a family pride that will be handed down for generations to come.
  4. To arrange research conferences, family gatherings and meetings of the family researchers to determine the best methods of collecting, editing and promulgating the family narrative through various publications and an online Electronic Library.
  5. To operate a Website on the Internet,, and to offer free assistance to researchers worldwide.

If you concur with the purposes of Brandywine Crucible, we would like to invite you to affiliate with the organization and to join in the effort to draw back the curtain of antiquity on our be-wildering ancestors. A membership form is included for your convenience.

Thank you very much for your interest and for all you do to preserve our heritage.

Joe B. Cox, President
Brandywine Crucible, Inc.
800 Franklin Drive
San Marcos, Texas, 78666