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Publication Guidelines

     12 August 2011

     One of the purposes of Brandywine Crucible, Inc., is to research, record, and preserve relevant family histories. Our Cox and related families have been blessed with numerous accomplished and dedicated researchers, many of whom have written or compiled books about the family.

     Accordingly, the Archives and Publications Committee has developed the following guidelines and procedures for selecting books to distribute to an existing list of general, genealogical, and lineage libraries around the country:

  1. In general, Brandywine will distribute selected books already published and/or assist in the publication and distribution of books written by family historians.
  2. Any use of an IBSN would be the responsibility of the author.
  3. The accuracy of the book will be the sole responsibility of the author. The Committee will review a candidate book for relevance, readability, and a general sense of accuracy and credibility but unless a circumstance dictates otherwise, will not review the book for finite accuracy. Therefore, an author’s warranty will not be the responsibility of Brandywine Crucible, Inc.
  4. The criteria for selection are as follows:
    1. Preference is given to works generally categorized as history or biography relevant to the family, although fiction about the family might be considered on occasion. Where the lineage of the book’s subjects is not readily evident from the narrative, a lineage chart will be inserted near the front of the book.
    2. Does the book add new information or perspective about the family or circumstance? This is particularly important if an existing book covers the same family line, person, period, event, etc. Or is it important as supporting documentation to something already documented?
      1. Does the candidate book give a different - and credible – version or perspective on a family line, person, period, event, geographic area, etc.?
      2. Does the book - about Coxes and related families – describe life in significant settings (the frontier, the Great Depression, wars, etc.) in a way that preserves family experiences?
  5. When a published book or manuscript is received by the Committee as a candidate for distribution, the chair appoints three members to review it based on the above criteria. A majority vote (two) of acceptance or non-acceptance rules.
  6. Brandywine will compensate the author, whether family member or non-family member, for the cost of the book without profit to the author and will pay the printing costs of accepted manuscripts. Of course, donations of books deemed suitable for distribution will be accepted.  In all cases, Brandy-wine will contact the recipient libraries and will pay the cost of distribution.
  7. Any unusual circumstances falling outside these policies and guidelines will be decided by majority vote of the full committee.