Brandywine Crucible

N e w s l e t t e r

Volume 8 Issue 1 March 2, 2012



Brandywine Crucible Officers

President: Joe B. Cox Vice President: Ada Stump Secretary: Les Sutton

Treasurer: Ada Stump

Asst. Treasurer Thelma Burchfiel

Directors: Arlee Gowen

The 2012 Brandywine Crucible Cox Family Reunion

Brandywine Crucible Cox Family Reunion is scheduled at

Bill Langston

Marvalene Jones

Lampasas, TX for May 18th


2012. As always be prepared to


Linda Atkins Gary Sutton Lisa Sullivan

enjoy a number of scheduled family events.

Starting on Friday, May 18th, the Brandywine Golf Tournament

will start at 8:00 a.m. It will be at the Hancock Park Golf Course.

Communication: Arlee Gowen

Research: Bill Langston

DNA Project Manager:

Les Sutton

Planning: Linda Atkins

Newsletter Editor:

Thelma Burchfiel

Webmaster: Mark Werner Katelyn Werner

Membership: Betty Cox Wallace

Budget: Ada Stump

Counselor: Wendell S. Cox

Cemetery Marker

Bill Bentley

We need all golfers young and old, male or female not to miss the opportunity of receiving one of our special trophies. It is a fun time “under the sun” to get acquainted with family you have not met, plus adding your name to our list of champions.

After an exciting day on the golf course you will be ready to enjoy relaxing by the pool while smelling the aroma of burgers cooking on the grill. Enjoy a cool drink, while visiting and getting better acquainted with kin folk that are from over the United States.

Please be aware later in the evening you will have chances to beat those same kin folk in dominoes or other planned table games.



Lambaren Lisa Sullivan Marie Polly Ladean Bowman

Mary Lou Hudson

Saturday morning as always will be registration, followed by Joe Cox, our President at 9:30 a.m. to welcome everyone to the 2012 Brandywine Family Reunion. He will also introduce our special guests and the presenters for the weekend.

Table of Contents

The 2012 Brandywine Crucible Brandywine Crucible Cox Family

Essay Contest President's Report

Preservation of Family Records Cox Family Reunions of 2012 Brandywine Crucible Inc.

Family Member Biographies Announcement

Births Graduations Wedding News Author

Retirement Announcements Happy Anniversary

Contributions to the Memorial Fund In Remembrance of: Obituary

Cox Cemetery as an Historic Brandywine Notices

DNA Project Update

We have added for this year something new, we hope you will find this rewarding, interesting, informative, and will be eager to be involved. Brandywine is sponsoring an essay contest at its 2012 reunion on Saturday May 19th, in order to discover and document more family stories and create more interest in family history among the younger generations.

BRANDYWINE CRUCIBLE, Inc, a non-profit educational education Corporation has collected and preserved thousands of stories, articles, facts and tidbits of information about the Cox family and related families. It maintains a large database of information which traces the history of this family back to CHARLEMAGNE and beyond. Most of this information is available at the annual reunion held in Lampasas, TX each year. It is also permanently archived in the Southwest

Collection at Texas Tech and at the Center for American History at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas.

The contest rules are reproduced below:




(For young family historians attending the annual May reunion in Lampasas, Texas)

Age group for essay entries:

Junior Division: 13 years and under.

Senior Division:, 14 to 18 years

Essays will be submitted from attendees at the reunion. Essays will be turned in at the registration table by10:00 A.M. on Saturday at the Brandywine Crucible/Cox family reunion in Lampasas, Texas. (The annual reunion is held the third weekend of each May. Specific dates for each year are available in late March on the Brandywine Crucible web site.)

You must be present to win. Winners in each age division will be presented with a plaque at the dinner and the winning entries from each age group will be placed on the Brandywine Crucible website.


Essay entries will be judged Saturday afternoon, with winners in the two age groups to be announced at dinner that night.


Essay needs to be based on a specific family member or on family based information handed down through written or oral histories.

Essay length:

Junior Division: maximum of 300 words. Senior Division: maximum of 500 words. Must be typewritten, with a cover page containing the following:

Story title

Your Cox family line Your name

Your age Parents’ names

Mailing address, city and state Telephone number

Email address

If further information is needed, please contact Missy Cox Jones, 205 N. Worth, Comanche, TX 76442-2640, Ph. 325-356-

3547, [email protected].


Over the past several years, Brandywine has made significant progress in discovering, preserving, and disseminating the history of our families. We have an excellent web site which continues to grow and through which researchers throughout the country access the comprehensive database established and maintained by Les Sutton. We have agreements with two prestigious institutions to maintain our family archives, and we periodically distribute selected publications to some 30 libraries and lineage organizations. Our DNA project, managed by Les Sutton and Mary Lou Hudson, continues to grow and add greatly to our knowledge of Brandywine families. The newsletter that you are now reading is an important means of communicating with the Brandywine community. This past operating year (1 June 2010-31 May 2011) reflected additional progress. Our family line liaisons added a large number of names to our data bank along with adding substantial number of email addresses to our records, which allows us to reduce printing and postage costs. After several years of research, at this year’s Lampasas, TX, reunion, we dedicated an Official Texas State Historical Marker at Long Meadows Cemetery (also known as The Cox Cemetery and Terreros Presidio Cemetery) on the property patented in the 1850’s by Pleasant C. Cox, great grandson of Solomon and Naomi Hussey Cox. A number of family members are buried in this very old cemetery, which predated Pleasant Cox’s settling on the land. We continue with an archaeological project to document numerous family stories associated with the cemetery and surrounding property. Because of our interest in cemeteries containing the graves of family members, we have formed a cemetery committee to identify family graves needing markers and relevant cemeteries that may qualify

for a historical marker from a state historical society. Bill Bentley, one of our Utah cousins, is leading this project. Also, in an effort to increase interest by young people, we are beginning an essay contest dealing with family history; Missy Jones is organizing this effort. And liaison Ladean Bowman manages a project to accumulate and preserve military pictures of our family

members. Finally, several of our cousins traveled to Chillicothe, MO, to attend the 50th annual reunion of the Joseph Cox line. Linda Atkins, who organizes our Brandywine tours, arranged for

this journey.

Your directors and officers take their responsibilities seriously and work hard for our family organization. A special note of thanks goes to Ada Stump, who handles the demanding job of treasurer, and newsletter editor Thelma Burchfiel, who is stepping down from that equally demanding position after this edition. Numerous others not holding an official office contribute consistently and significantly. Please note that our Brandywine annual dues are $15, $25, and

$100 (we will accept anything greater or in between!). All are welcome at any of our events whether dues paying members or not, but if you would like to financially support Brandywine’s work by becoming a dues paying member, you will find a form and treasurer Ada Stump’s address elsewhere in this newsletter.

Yours for preserving the history of a great family! Joe Cox


Data Preservation



Family history research has little value until it is preserved. The proposal of Brandywine Crucible to publish genealogical books and manuscripts is laud-able and do-able.

In my family there is a legend about a lady ancestor who was a cousin of Gen. George Washington. They carried on an exchange of correspondence-mostly about family activities for several years. As the letters from the general began to pile up, she decided she needed to preserve them. She made a canvas bag with drawstrings and placed them inside, knowing that the ravages of time, sunlight, mice, insects, children, etc. could never reach them. She hung the bag high on a nail on the inside of her closet door, safely out of reach of the whole world.

They were indeed safely, preserved until the house burned down! Can you imagine the loss? The letters in the hands of her descendants today would be valued at millions of dollars!

In contrast, on my, mother’s side of the family, there was Jehu Cox who kept a journal. He was a Mormon and recorded every significant event in his entire life. He lived in Nauvoo, Illinois in 1839 when the “gentiles” ran the Mormons out of Illinois. In Utah Jehu Cox, his son Isaiah Cox and his wife continued recording family history until he was 90 years old. They were baptized, for 42, of their ancestors and kinsmen, including my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Johnston Cox. They identified each relative and told of his relationship to Jehu Cox.

His Journal has been reproduced in “The Hussey Millinneum” which has been reproduced on Google. From Google there is no end to its preservation.

Brandywine Crucible is in a position to render a great public service to family researchers around the world-and to do it at little expense.

It suggested that the Archives and Publishing Committee invite Cox family researchers to submit their books and manuscripts for publishing at no expense to them. The authors would retain their ownership and copyright.

All of the submissions would be published on our own website with full credit given to the author and photographer. The manuscripts that justify wider circulation in the opinion of the Archives Committee would also be uploaded to Google, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and similar media. I noticed that the life story of Isaiah Cox, son of Jehu, has already been published on Facebook. Important to heritage societies is the fact that all this can be accomplished at no charge.

Additionally when, in the opinion of the committee, a manuscript that is deserving of being published in printed form can be turned over to a commercial printer. It is suggested that the committee appoint a member to edit and proofread the work to remove grammatical errors and other errata. It is felt that the present budget is adequate for the time being.

On contemporary works, it is prudent to make corrections. Split infinities should be un-split. Dangling participles should be un-dangled.

On ancient writings an editor does not have the liberty to correct spelling or grammar, etc. He must leave the manuscript verbatim.

Care must be exercised in the editing process to avoid the risk of libelous statements in both printed and electronic publishing. Our attorney will advise that truth is no defense against libel.

If I should write that my cousin, Bluford Cox killed 27 men during his lifetime, and used another cousin, John Thomas Cox to vouch as to the truth of that statement, then I am asking, for someone to invite me and my organization to the courthouse. I won’t have to search for Bluford’s descendants-they will find me!

The committee is cautioned against plagiarism and failure to give proper credit to every source.

Every book should have an index. If the author does not provide one, an index can be created by a word processing program.

Anybody who wants to publish books and call himself a publisher can. There are no special forms to fill out. However, if your book is deserving and if you want Barnes & Noble and other booksellers to handle it, you need to get an ISBN number from the Bowker Agency for about

$200. This identifies your organization as a publisher and allows your books and it to be listed on online data bases.

Some expenses will be incurred in the startup of a publishing business, even in a non-profit organization. At the end of the first year, you may find that you don’t need to file a Schedule C for your publishing business because you really don’t have one yet. There’s no glory in failing big; it’s just more expensive than failing small.

It is wise to have an author’s warranty on anything you publish. It is to guarantee that the work is actually his, not lifted from another publication, stolen from another individual or plagiarized.

Legal requirements for a publishing business are the same as any other business. Copyright registration will help protect your intellectual property. If you need more information on the subject, I suggest you check out the latest edition of “Kirsch’s Publishing Law” to get an idea of how much you don’t know.

As a courtesy to the author, the publisher should provide a few extra copies of his book to him for distribution to friends, libraries, etc of his choosing.

EDITOR'S NOTES: Although the Archives and Publications Committee adopted a somewhat different set of principles and guidelines than those outlined in the above article, this article can be very useful to family researchers and authors. Of course, those submitting books for distribution by Brandywine need to consult with the Archives and Publications Committee in advance.

Cox Family Reunions of 2012


2012 Genealogy Exchange Workshop Saturday, August 11, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Admission Free; Everyone Welcome!

Williamsburg, KY, Tourism & Convention Center, (Exit 11 off I-75 across from Cumberland Inn) SE KY & NE Ten Research: Bring photos & family information for sharing with others.

Contact: Bonnie White, 6217 Apex Dr, Louisville, KY 40219, [email protected], 502-969-1033




2012 Cox Reunion & Brandywine Meeting, Lampasas, TX, May 18-20, Hostess House, Hancock Park. Descendants of Solomon and Naomi Hussey Cox, related families, and friends. Fellowship, fun, & serious family history.


Contact: Linda Atkins, 405-549-6588, [email protected]; Joe Cox, 512-392-2097, [email protected]; or Les

Sutton, 713-455-3920, [email protected].

For motel reservations: Holiday Inn, Lampasas (reunion hq,)- 512-556-9292, or

Country Inn, Lampasas-512-556-6201.


2012 Whitley Co., KY, Cox Reunion, may not be held. Any change will be posted to the Brandywine website.



2012* Cox Reunion, San Antonio, TX, June 9 – 10. Descendants of Wm. Madison Tucker Cox & Fannie Lindsey Cox. All family lines welcome. Lady Bird Johnson Park on Hwy 16 So. From Fredericksburg. Contact Elden Wagner, 830-570-6688, or Lisa Sullivan, 324 Meadowood Ln, Coppell, TX 75019-2640, 210-275-5167,


[email protected] .


2012 Cox Reunion, Belton, TX, June 10, Bell Co. Sportsman’s Club. Descendants of George W. Cox, Sr. (Samuel Cox & Martha (Cox) Cox). All lines welcome. Pot luck.

Contact Eileen Goldborer, 7203 Elm Forest Rd, Austin, TX 78745, 512-462-2537,

[email protected] .

*Designates reunions to meet every other year

2012 Cox Reunion, Sweetwater, TX (formerly at Gustine, TX), date & location set later. Descendants of

Christopher Cox & “Nealy” Cox. All family lines welcome. Contact Missy Cox Jones, 325-356-3547, [email protected]; or Sadie Cox, 432-332-2768,1316 Boatright, Odessa, TX 79762, for date, location, etc.



2013* Cox Arkansas Reunion, date set later, Ione Community Bldg on Hwy 23; ten miles from Boonville, AR. Descendants of Nathan & Dorcas King Cox. All family lines welcome. Contact D.L. “Lew” Powell, 479- 675-2303, [email protected]; or Dana Cox, 479-206-1346, [email protected].



2012 Rhodes-Cox Reunion, Pampa, TX, April 7. Descendants of Samuel Cox. All family lines welcome. Contact Claude or Frieda Cox, 325-748-5221, or Marvin or Linda Cox, 806-622-1631,

[email protected]. Site: Knights of Columbus Bldg., 318 N. Cuyler St.


2012 Cox Reunion, Nolanville, TX. June 30, Nolanville Community Center.

Descendants of Samuel Hampton and Nicia Jane Cox (Joseph & Samuel). All family lines welcome. Contact Lawrence Cox, 7003 E. Rancier, Killeen, TX 76543-8819,

















2012 Cox Reunion, Mertzon, TX, June 9th. Community Center. Descendants of Emerson Cox (descendant of Joseph and Solomon Jr.). All family lines welcome. Contact Walter W. "Spec" Cox, 806-839- 2253, [email protected], or Johnnie Harper,432-697-8124,

[email protected] .

2012 Cox Reunion, Chillicothe, MO, 51st annual reunion, June 23. Descendants of Joseph Cox. All other lines welcome.

Contact Meredith Hahn, [email protected], 816-632-7128; Mary Ann Nichols, [email protected], 913-432- 0996; or Norma Thompson, [email protected], 660-646-3831.

Brandywine Crucible Announcements

Birth Announcements:

Phoenix Curtis, born 27th of October, 2010 to Jon & Lauren Curtis while stationed at San Diego, CA. The proud great - grandparemt's Ronnie and Ada

Cox Stump of Oklahoma City, OK.

Lucas Alexander Bowman Born Jan 5, 2011. He weighed 10 lbs 1 oz. Proud parents Jennifer and Terry and the very proud Grandmother Ladean Bowman. Congratulations!

Vivian Pearl Bowman

Noel and Christina Bowman along with their first daughter, Amelia,

welcomed a new baby girl,

on July 21, 2010 in Humble TX. She was born at 11:23a.m., weighed 7 lbs 14 oz., 18 inches long. Proud grandmother was Ladean Bowman.


Shelby Lanham daughter of Vanessa Blaylock

& the granddaughter of William Donald & Ima Jean Cox will be graduating from Moore High School, Moore, OK. The ceremony will be hosted at the Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City, on May 26th, 2012.


Kristi Burchfiel, author and wife of Rev. R. D Burchfiel, son of Eddie and Thelma Cox Burchfiel new Bible Study titled, "The Decay Within: A Study of Amos" is now available to order. You may contact Kristi at the following for more information and details.


Floyd L. Cox celebrated his retirement December 22, 2011 from the Pottawatomie Co.

District, OK. Before working for the Pot. Co. of OK Floyd owned two successful businesses, the Cox Produce & the Cox Construction. Floyd is the son of Lemmie & Irene Cox of Noble, Ok.

Congratulations Enjoy Your Retirement!

Congratulations on Your 60th Wedding Anniversary



Billy Jess Cox and Julia Moreland Cox of Lubbock have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. They were married in the Joseph Hill Chapel of West Texas State College in Canyon, Texas March 2, 1951.

They have lived in Plainview and Lubbock, Texas. Julia is a retired teacher, and Bill retired as an architect. A dinner was arranged by their son, William Morris Cox of Portland, OR. and his wife Lynn, and their daughter Leslie Cox Garrison and husband Rob of Lubbock. William M. is an electrical engineer with Intel; Lynn is a Master Gardener. Leslie Garrison is an RN. They have four grandsons: Christopher William Cox is an engineer with Microsoft in Seattle; Mark Cameron Cox in Houston works in international trade; Ross Garrison is a student at Texas A&M, and Mitchell Garrison is a junior in Frenship School, near Lubbock. They included me (Bettye Cox Wallace) in those plans, and it was a time of laughter and happy memories. We are descendants of Christopher Cox, son of Solomon and Naomi Hussey Cox



Fred Jr. and Evielee Cox

Pianist honored for 60 years of service at the First Pentecostal Church was honored in Bakersfield, CA. Evielee Cox a little reluctant to share her story while celebrating her 80th birthday. It is just that the octogenarian doesn't feel her life merits this kind of publicity and recognition. Ms. Cox has been playing piano for her church for more than 60 years, a testament to her love of music and her loyalty to the church that she's called home since it opened in 1943. "It's just been my life," said Ms. Cox.

Her life has affected all those who know her. A longtime friend Darryl Smith, 66, had Cox as a baby sitter when he was only 6 months old, and he still sees her several times a week. He's one of many people for whom Ms. Cox has been a kind, caring and selfless figure in the community. "I can't name the number of people who she's helped during her lifetime," Smith said. "She's always been somebody who you could look up to as an, example in life."

Ms. Cox was born in 1930, grew up in Oklahoma and moved to Bakersfield as a teenager. Perhaps benefiting from a musically inclined mother and a multitalented brother, she took piano lessons as a child but said she has "no idea" why she was drawn to music. She worked as a medical transcriptionist at Kern Medical Center for more than 30 years, electing to retire in 1995. Since then she's been able to focus on playing music at First Pentecostal Church. "I've been around a long time," she said. "But I enjoy it."

Ms. Cox hopes to play music at nursing homes and spending time with her grandchildren. What she doesn't enjoy, it seems, is acknowledgement for her contributions to the church. "I really don't think this is earth-shattering news," she said. "Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought they would've

done this, that they would've made such a big deal about it. "I told them to wait until my 90th birthday ... I just don't like the limelight." They couldn't wait, though, maybe because a round of applause for the church's durable pianist already seemed long overdue. "She has been going there for 67 years and has

been the piano player the entire time," Smith said. "We feel like that warrants something."

Contributions to the


In Memory Of:

A gift has been presented to The Cox Family Genealogical


In Remembrance Of:


Ora Faye Cox Born Sept. 16, 1924 entered her eternal rest on Jan. 26, 2013, at the age of 87. Ora Faye Cox was from Oklahoma City. The daughter of Ida Melissa (Jackson) and Thomas Jefferson Wilson, she was born at Lampasas, TX. She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, George Washington Cox, Jr.; two brothers, Eual and Dewal Wilson; and two sisters, Lela Mae Adams and Lucille "Dick" Reynolds. She is survived by two sons, Michael W. Cox and wife Alicia of Austin, TX, and Mark S. Cox and wife Lynn of Chesapeake, VA; two daughters, Carolyn S. Morrison and husband Bobby of Tuttle, and Nancy K. Borum and husband Jimmy of Oklahoma City; 10 grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren; and many other loved ones and friends. Funeral services and burial will be held in Lampasas, TX.

Donor: Joe Burton & Helen Cox Jr., Ron & Ada Stump, Eddie & Thelma J. Burchfiel


Chester Lee Cox At the age 66 of Whitley City, KY, passed on Tuesday, Nov. 8th, 2011 at the Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital. Funeral services were Friday, November 11, 2011 at the McCreary County Funeral Home with Rev. Dillard Bryant and Rev. James Cox officiating. Burial followed at the McCreary Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Chester was born April 2, 1945 in Bear Wallow, KY to Floyd Cox and Zora Marie Brassfield Cox. Chester attended the New Liberty Baptist Church. He was a former truck driver and enjoyed hobbies such as trading and reading.

His mother, father, and brothers, Melvin, Elvin, John and General Cox precede him in death. Survivors include his wife: Deborah Jo Cox of Whitley City,


KY; a son: Leslee Floyd Cox and wife, Allison, of Mississippi; daughters: Deborah Marie Cox of Richmond, KY and Lenzee Michelle Cox of Whitley City, KY; sisters: Madean Ball of Revelo, KY, Erma Ball of Stearns, KY, Joyce Wyatt of Whitley City, KY, and Bernice Young of Burnside, KY; and 11 grandchildren.


Jane Cox At the age of 84, Jane Cox, on November 26, 2010, surrounded by her family at her home in Falls Church, Virginia, after a year-long battle with cancer went home to be with the Lord. Her service was on January 19, 2011, at 3:00 pm, in the Old Post Chapel, Ft. Meyer, Arlington, Virginia, interment Arlington National Cemetery. Married sixty-five years to William Joe Cox, Lt. USN and Lt. Col.

USAF (Ret.), Jane was a Navy wife during the Korean War and Air Force wife during the Viet Nam War. Jane gave freely of her time to others. She volunteered 25 years as a guide and educator at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., beginning in 1976 when the Museum opened. Jane organized the first Neighborhood Watch in the Sleepy Hollow section of Falls Church, Virginia; for 15 years she served as community liaison for crime prevention to Fairfax County law enforcement. Jane was born Dora Jane Phillips in 1926, near Bristow, OK. She graduated from Pampa High School in Pampa, Texas in 1943, and attended Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, TX from 1943 to 1945. Survivors include her husband William Joe Cox of Falls Church, Virginia, her daughter Janie Suzanne Cox and three granddaughters Lara, Sophia and Anais Iglesias Cox, all of McLean Virginia.



William Ellis Hamilton, son of Maggie Maye Cox and John

Ellis Hamilton, passed away on Sunday October 24th. He was 93 years old. His ashes has been spread over his grandfather's grave in Cedarvale, New

Mexico. His wife Lillian and family remain at the home in Las Lunas, NM.



Thanks to all the donors for the gifts received in memory of loved ones, and the gifts directly to the cemetery fund for the work that was needed on the cemetery. A special thanks to our President, Joe B. Cox, Jr., whose inspiration became a reality for the placing of a Historical Marker at the Long Meadow/Cox Cemetery in Lampasas, Texas where many of our beloved ancestors were laid to rest.


In Remembrance Dora Jane Phillips 1926 – 2009


Cox-Line: Christopher Cox & Hannah Johnson Burial: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington County, Virginia, USA

Spouse: William Joe Cox

Military: Lt. USN and Lt. Col. USAF

Jane was a U.S. Navy wife during the Korean War and Air Force wife during the Vietnam War. Daughter: Janie Suzanne Cox of McLean

Granddaughters: Lara, Sophia, and Anais Iglesias Cox, all of McLean

Donor: Joe B. & Helen Cox, Jr. & Ron & Ada C. Stump



In Remembrance Benny Albert Alley 1927 - 2011

Retired Board Member of BRANDYWINE CRUCIBLE, INC

Cox-Line: Samuel & Martha Cox Parents: Albert Alley and Lola Cox Spouse: Peggy Marie Kirby

Children: Benny Albert, Jr. & Jacqueline M. Alley Leider

Burial: Rest Haven Cemetery

Brady, McCulloch County, Texas, USA

Donor: Joe B. & Helen Cox, Jr. & Ron & Ada C. Stump


In Remembrance

William Charles Bybee

July 4, 1793

Uncle of Martha Jane Bybee, First Person Buried at

Long Meadow/Cox Cemetery

Lampasas, Lampasas Co., Texas

William died at dawn on his 17th birthday

Donor: Joe B. & Helen Cox, Jr. & Ron & Ada C. Stump


In Remembrance

Amy Cox Bean

1850 – 1891

Granddaughter of Elizabeth Johnston Cox Bybee Cox-Line: Thomas Isaac & Rachel Carr Cox Parents: Jahu Cox & Margaret Britton Hodge Spouse: Jesse Jasper Bean

Amy married Jesse Jasper Bean; His sister, Mary Patty Bean, married Amy’s brother, John H. Cox

Burial: Long Meadow/Cox Cemetery

Lampasas, Lampasas Co., Texas

Donors: Joe B. & Helen Cox, Jr. & The Lemmie Cox Family, Dottie Smart, Richard & Pam Cox


In Remembrance Elizabeth Johnston 1800 – 1877

“Ancestor” GGG Grandmother to many of our Brandywine members Cox-Line (Maternal) Ruth Cox & Joseph Johnston, Jr.

Parents: Dr. Joseph Johnston & Ruth Cox Burial: Long Meadow/Cox Cemetery Lampasas, Lampasas Co., TX

First Spouse: Solomon Cox, Cox-Line (Paternal) Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr

Solomon a cousin to Elizabeth

2nd Spouse: John IV Bybee

Donors: Joe B. & Helen Cox, Jr, Arlee & Bonnie Gowen, Ron & Ada Stump, Steve & Linda Atkins,

Dortha E. Plemons, Floyd L. Cox, Earl & Patti Cox, Eddie

& Thelma Burchfiel, Dottie Smart & David Simpson, Richard & Pam Cox


In Honor:

Billy Jess Cox

Born; 1929

Brother of Bettye Wallace

Cox-Line: Christopher Cox & Hannah Johnson Parents: William Cornelius Cox & Maude Newberry Donor: Bettye Cox Wallace


In Remembrance Martha Jane Bybee Cox 1827 – 1912

The Last Person to be Buried at Long Meadow/Cox Cemetery, Lampasas, Lampasas Co., Texas

Great Grandmother of Joe B. Cox, Jr Parents: John IV Bybee & Catherine Welch Spouse: Pleasant Cox 1820-1906

Cox-Line (Paternal): Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr Pleasant & Martha Bybee Cox arrived in Texas in the fall of 1850, settling in Bell County. In February 1852 Pleasant moved his family to Williamson County; this was his residence until March 1855; he then moved to Lampasas Springs.

Donors: Joe B. & Helen Cox, Jr, Ron & Ada C. Stump John & Susan Cox


In Remembrance Noah Ervin Clark 1882-1977

Grandson of Pleasant & Martha Jane Bybee Cox

Cox-Line: Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr Parents: Alexander “Harry” Clark & Amy Emma Cox Amy Emma Cox, daughter of Pleasant & Martha Jane Bybee Cox

Spouse: Cornelia Glen Clark, 1889-1983 Burial: Lometa City Cemetery Lomenta, Lampasas Co., TX

Donor: Joe B. & Helen Cox, Jr


In Remembrance Chester Lee Cox 1945-2011

Whitley Co., KY

Cox-Line: Absolom Cox & Judith W. Moore Parents: Floyd Cox & Zora Marie Brassfield

Brothers: Melvin, Elvin, John & General Cox Preceded him in death.



Spouse: Deborah Jo Cox Service: Rev. Dillard Bryant and Rev. James Cox officiated.

Burial: McCreary Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Whitley City, KY

Donors: Our thoughts go out to Chester & his family from all Brandywine members & especially those who attended the Kentucky Reunion 2009; Joe B. & Helen Cox, Jr., Les & Marjory Sutton,

Nell Turner, Dottie Smart, Ada Stump, & Linda Atkins



In Remembrance William Ellis Hamilton 1917-2010

Grandfather of Lisa Sullivan Brandywine Director Cox-Line: Christopher Cox & Hannah Johnson Parents: John Ellis Hamilton & Maggie May Cox Grandparents (Paternal): John Ellis Hamilton, Sr. & Rebecca Mittie Vernon

Grandparents (Maternal):William Madison Tucker Cox

& Fannie Lindsey

Donor: Joe B. & Helen Cox, Jr.



In Honor: Gary Allan Cox 2/9/1951

Cox-Line: Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr Parents: Dorman Elmer Cox & Meddie Rilla Chauncey Cox

Donor: Linda & Jeffery Becker



In Remembrance

Mildred Loretta Clark Potts


Granddaughter of Pleasant & Martha Jane Bybee Cox Cox-Line: Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr Parents: Cornelia Glen and Noah Ervin Clark

Grandparents: Alexander “Harry” Clark & Amy Emma Cox. Amy Emma Cox is the daughter of Pleasant & Martha Jane Bybee Cox.

Spouse: Uel Ollie Potts Burial: Lometa City Cemetery Lomenta, Lampasas Co., TX

Donor: Joe B. & Helen Cox, Jr.


In Remembrance Collie Wright Cox 12/7/1911 - 6/16/2004

Daughter: Collie Bishop

Cox-Line: Solomon Cox & Martha Dixon

Parents: John Wesley Cox & Carroll Druella Bartley

Spouse: Oscar David "Pete" Teer

Burial: Resthaven Memorial Cemetery, Kingsville, TX

Married: 1937 at Sinton, TX

Brothers/Sisters: John Morris Cox, James Leon Cox, Joe Valentine Cox, Minor Bartley Cox, Stella Lee Cox Weisepape, Gena Rae Cox Alexander, and Laura Ida Cox Dugat.

Donor: Collie Davalyn Bishop



In Remembrance

Richard Lewis Cox


Cox-Line: Absolom Cox & Judith W. Moore Parents: Richard Lee Cox and Helen Jones Burial: Union Cemetery, Gustine

Comanche County, TX

Donor: Janie Cox




In Remembrance

X.B. Boone Cox, IV


Great grandson of X.B. & Melba Cox, Jr.

Cox-Line: Solomon Cox &Martha Dixon Leukemia, complications following a bone marrow transplant.

Burial: Fairmount Cemetery, San Angelo, Tom Green County, TX

Donor: X. B. & Melba Cox



In Remembrance Gerald “Jerry” Bowman 1948 – 2008

Worked: A Senior Draftsman for Schlumberger

Retired: 1998 with 36 years.

Children: Darryl T., Noel Craig, & Terry Dean Bowman.


Parents: William Thomas Bowman & Ivy Dewein Cordrey

Spouse: Reba LaDean Cox Bowman

Cox-Line: Absolom Cox & Judith W. Moore Daniel Cox & Amy Cox

Burial: San Jacinto Memorial Park, Houston, TX

Donor: Ladean Bowman



In Honor: Kenneth Dorman Cox 9/3/1944

Cox-Line:Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr

Parents: Dorman Elmer Cox &Meddie Rilla Chauncey Cox

Donor: Linda & Jeffery Becker


In Remembrance Jesse Steven Cox 1896 – 1989

Children: Edward, Mary Cox Griggs, Brownie, Eugene, Bobby, Bennie, Margie Cox Patton, Dolly Cox Holt, Alta Jean Cox Maniord, & Viola Cox

Grandchildren: Richard Cox, Brandywine Member, Albuquerque, NM

Cox-Line: Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr Parents: John H. Cox & Mary Margaret Ellison Spouse: Mabel Beatrice MacDonald

Burial: Arvin District Cemetery, Arvin, CA Military: WWI U. S. Army, Served in France Donor: The Steve Cox Family, Richard & Pam Cox,

Dottie Smart & David Simpson, The children of Lemmie Cox



In Remembrance Larry James Cox 1944-1966

Sisters: Margie Cox Patton, Alta Cox Maniord, Viola Cox

Cox-Line: Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr Parents: Jesse Stephen Cox & Mabel MacDonald Military: Killed in Vietnam; U.S. Marine Corp., Rank: Corporal

Burial: Arvin District Cemetery, Arvin, CA

Donor: The Steve Cox Family, Richard & Pam Cox, Dottie Smart & David Simpson, The Lemmie Cox Family


In Remembrance


Bobby Lee Cox


Brandywine Member; Richard Cox’s father Cox-Line: Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr Parents: Steve & Mabel McDonald Cox Burial: Arvin District Cemetery, Arvin, CA Spouse: Carol Chapman

Children: Valerie Lee, Richard Alan, Bobby Leo

Donor: The Steve Cox Family, The Lemmie Cox Family, Richard & Pam Cox, Carol Chapman Cox Family, Dottie Smart & David Simpson.



In Remembrance

Lemmie Cox

1907 – 1976

Parents: John H. Cox & Mary Margaret Ellison Cox-Line: Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr 1st Spouse: Leona A. Grill

2nd Spouse: Opal Irene Bentley

Children of Lemmie & Leona: Paul & Pauline Children of Lemmie & Irene: Don, Chester, Dortha Plemons, Ada Stump, Floyd, Linda Atkins, Thelma Burchfiel , Diana McCage & Danny Cox

Burial: Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, OK

Donors: The family of Lemmie Cox, The Steve Cox Family, Richard & Pam Cox, Raymond & Dottie Smart & David Simpson



In Remembrance

Steven Duane Willingham


Work: Auto-Chlor

Retired: 1998.

Parents: Clyde and Doris (Pippin) Willingham

Spouse: Becky Elaine Cox Children: Steven Willingham & wife Jessica, Shane, & daughter, Amanda.

Cox-Line: Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr

Becky, daughter of Chester Cox, son of Lemmie Cox, grandson of John H. Cox, & great-grandson of Jahu Cox of MO.

Sisters: Karen, Connie, Diane, one brother: Earl

Donors: Ron & Ada Stump, Floyd Cox, Earl & Patti Cox, Steve & Linda Atkins, Dortha E. Plemons, Thelma & Eddie Burchfiel


In Remembrance Clifford Truman Plemons 1941-2010

Cox Line: Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr Parents: James M. Plemons and Brannon Williams Burial: Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, OK Military: Petty Officer First Class U.S. Navy Spouse: Dortha Earlene Cox

Sisters: Ada, Linda, Thelma, & Diana Brothers: Don, Chester, Floyd, & Danny Children: Alan, James, DeWayne, & Lemmie

Donors: The Plemons Family, The Lemmie Cox Family, Dottie Smart & David Simpson



In Honor:

Ina Beatrice Cox

Cox-Line: Solomon Cox & Martha Dixon

Parents: William Henry Cox & Julia Caroline Johnson

Spouse: Charles Preston Chick

Donor: Graig Chick


In Remembrance

Linda Kay Felder 1947-2010

Cox Line: Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr Parents: Lawrence & Pearl Felder

Burial: Resthaven Memory Gardens, Oklahoma City, OK

Spouse: Walter Waylon Griggs

Walt’s Mother: Mary Margaret Cox, daughter of Steve Cox, son of John H. Cox & Mary Margaret Ellison Cousin: Dottie Smart & family and the Lemmie Cox Family

Donors: The Steve Cox Family, The Lemmie Cox Family, Dottie Smart & David Simpson, Richard & Pam Cox


In Remembrance Martha Jane Cox 1918-1985

Cox Line: Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr Parents: John H. Cox & Effie White

Sisters: Ethel Cox Harmon & Willa Mae Cox Harmon

Spouse: Paul Crossland Children: Dottie Smart Grandson: David Simpson

Donors: Dottie Smart & David Simpson, Richard & Pam Cox, The Steve Cox Family, The Lemmie Cox Family


In Remembrance

Virginia Lavon “Bitsy” Cox


G Granddaughter of Pleasant & Martha Jane Bybee Cox Cox-Line: Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr Parents: John Thomas Cox & Anna Virginia Dendy Spouse: Chester Leon Witte

Children: Mark, Kelly, Virginia, Kathy

Donor: Joe B. & Helen Cox, Jr.


In Remembrance Zelma Idley Sheffield 1922-2011

Mother of Donna Beveridge & Ladean Bowman Parents: Eugene "Red" Sheffield & Dorothy Idlee Taylor Spouse: Melvin Francis Cox

Cox-Line: Absolom Cox & Judith W. Moore Burial: Fields Store Cemetery, Waller County, TX

Children: Reba Ladean, Donna Pauline, Melvin Eugene

Donor: Joe B. & Helen Cox, Jr.


In Remembrance

Cornelius Wilburn Cox

1915 – 2007

Sisters: Marvalene (Missy) Cox Jones of Comanche, TX and Maxine Cox Burns of Austin, TX

Cox-Line: Christopher Cox & Hannah Johnson Parents: William Cornelius Cox and Minnie Steward Spouse: Effie Mae Montgomery

Burial: Union Cemetery, Gustine, in Comanche County, TX

Donor: Missy Jones



In Remembrance

William Vernon Cox

Donor: Missy Jones



In Remembrance

Geneva Cox Mercer

Sisters: Marvalene (Missy) Cox Jones, Comanche, TX & Maxine Cox Burns, Austin, TX

Cox-Line: Christopher Cox & Hannah Johnson Parents: William Cornelius Cox and Minnie Steward Spouse: Alton Mercer

Burial: Shiloh Cemetery, Comanche County, TX

Donor: Missy Jones



In Remembrance

Dorman Elmer Cox 1924-1988

Cox-Line: Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr Parents: William (Willie) Elmer Cox & Effie Alma Ramsay

Spouse: Meddie Rilla Chauncy

Burial: Azleland Memorial Park, Parker Co., TX

Donor: Linda & Jeffery Becker



In Remembrance

Ora Faye Cox

1924 – 2012

Cox-Line: Thomas Isaac Cox & Rachel Carr

Parents: Thomas Jefferson Wilson & Ida Melissa Jackson

Burial: Lampasas, TX


Spouse: George Washington Cox, George W. Cox (George W. Cox, John A Cox, Pleasant Cox, Solomon Cox, Thomas Isaac)

Donors: Cemetery/Memorial Funds

Dale & Brenda Absher, Steve & Linda Atkins, Linda & Jeffery Becker, Donna Beveridge, Evelyn Bochow, Ladean Bowman, Eddie & Thelma Burchfiel, Chester & Aleta Cox, Floyd L. Cox, Janie Cox, Joe & Helen, Jr., Joe E. & Paula Cox, John & Susan Cox, Richard Cox-his mother, Carol Cox & Family, X. B. & Melba Cox, Chick Graig, Arlee & Bonnie Gowen, Missy Jones, Diana McCage, Dortha Plemons, Billie Reisfield, David Simpson, Dottie Smart, Ron & Ada Stump, Les & Marjory Sutton, Bettye Wallace.


The descendants of Solomon and Naomi Hussey Cox became interested in DNA for genealogy in 2002, primarily because there was much conflicting information about Absalom Cox, one of Solomon’s sons. Apparently there were two Absalom Coxes, about the same age, in Whitley County, Kentucky, in the early 1800’s. Currently, DNA indicates that 53 male Coxes who have been tested almost surely descend from Solomon Cox’s grandfather, John Cox, born about 1699 in England. A particularly exciting aspect of our project is that our elusive Absalom did carry a unique marker at DYS #439, which makes it easy to determine his descendants. Overall the Cox FTDNA Project has 248 members to date and has been invaluable in assisting Cox families to fill gaps in paper research. One surprising aspect has been that these 248 participants, most surnamed Cox, represent over 100 “unrelated” Cox families, so Cox must have been popular when surnames were chosen. Contact Les Sutton, 713-455-3920, [email protected].



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