Volume 4, Issue 1 February 8, 2005


Brandywine Crucible Officers President: Joe Cox

Vice President: Mary Lou Hudson &

Ada Stump Secretary: Les Sutton Treasurer: Ada Stump Directors: Arlee Gowen

Peggy Gordon Jane Cox Linda Atkins


Research: Linda Atkins

DNA Project Manger: Mary Lou


Planning: Linda Atkins Communications: Arlee Gowen Newsletter Editor: Thelma Burchfiel Webmaster: Mark Werner &

Katelyn Werner Membership: Jane Cox Budget: Ada Stump

Attorney & Counselor: Scott Cox

Table of Contents:

Cox Family Reunion May 2004 1

Announcements 3

Births 3

Military 3

Graduations 4

Memorial Fund 4

Obituary 4

2005 Brandywine Golf Tournament... 4 Historic Tour of Brandywine Valley.. 5 2005 Brandywine Crucible Reunion .. 6 Brandywine Crucible, Inc. Liaisons ... 7 List of family Line Liaisons 7

Cox Family Reunion Notices 8

Sharing of Research & Information Sorenson Molecular Genealogy 8

Elmer Mahan, Prominent Attorney 10

Mahan Silver Wedding Anniversary .11



Cox Family Reunion attendees May 2004

Cox Family Reunion May 2004 at Lampasas, TX

The Brandywine Crucibles Family Reunion kicked off with the Golf Tournament May 21st, at 9:00 a.m. Many of our members arrived early to enjoy a day of golf.

By 4:30 p.m. everyone began to gather at Country Inn at the Park to enjoy an evening of festivities. Under the shade of the magnificent giant trees that surrounds the motel, Linda Atkins planned a picnic, games, a time of visiting and getting acquainted. The weather cooperated with a nice cool breeze. It brought back fond memories of picnics shared with love ones who have gone on before us.



It was fun and a wonderful time we will remember forever. We do wish to express a deep appreciation to Linda Atkins, and her helpers Ronnie Stump, Dale Absher, Eddie Burchfiel, Mary Hensley, and a number of volunteers.


President Joe Cox formally welcomed everyone Saturday morning after registration. He also introduced the officers and gave the agenda for the weekend.

President Joe Cox

Our special speakers for Saturday, May 22: Eleanor Schoen, Colorado Springs, CO – “Migration Patterns of Our Ancestors



Gary and Joeen Sutton

Gary Sutton, Bertram, TX – “Our Ancestors and the Land”

Our Saturday evening dinner was held at the Hostess House. Sunflowers decorated the tables, while the sun shined brightly through the windows. Everyone was enjoying visiting, sharing family stories, and old family pictures. There were some new members to join our group, which made the stories and pictures more exciting to

hear and to see.


Eleanor Schoen



Patty Benoit

Patty Benoit, Temple, TX – “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Cemetery”

Sunday, May 23rd, the speakers were:


Marjory Sutton, Houston, TX – “Charlemagne and Our Christian Heritage”

Les and Marjory Sutton


David Simpson and Dottie Smart

Weldon & Marlene Bilberry




Linda Atkins, Planning Director, presented the Golf Tournament trophies to the following

image image

1st Place Tony Benear 2nd Place Dale Absher

Other golf winners

Ron & Ada Stump Neil Turner

image image

Ron W. Stump

Scott Cox






Arlee Gowen




Stuart Cox



2004-2005 Announcements


Don Salvador White – Born October 24th, 2004

Louisville, KY. Son of Paul and Alma White, grandson of Don White (deceased) and Bonnie Cook. Descendant of Anderson Barton Cox and Nancy Ellen Creekmore.


July 20th, 2004, Jerry Russell Clifton, Noble, OK was welcomed back home by 200 family and friends. He

returned from an 18- month tour of duty in Iraq. Jerry spent a month at home before reporting to Germany, his next duty

assignment. He will serve in Germany for 18 months before returning home. He is the son of Diana McCage, grandson of Lemuel Cox and Opal Irene Bentley.

Descendent of Thomas Isaac Cox and Rachel Carr.

Terry Lynn Cox, El Paso, TX, also returned from a year assignment in Baghdad, Iraq. He served as Chaplin Assistant at the Hospital in Baghdad. He is the son of Daniel Cox, grandson of Lemuel Cox and Opal Irene Cox. Descendent of Thomas Isaac Cox and Rachel Carr.

If you have a family member serving in the military, stationed in Iraq (2005) please provide information to Thelma Burchfiel or to your family line liaison


Jo Beth Gilleland, a graduate of University of Texas Law School, working as a legal secretary in London, England. She has taken her law examination, waiting for confirmation. Daughter of Amy Gilleland, granddaughter of Bettye Wallace

Randolph D Burchfiel graduates May, 2005, with his Master’s degree from the Southwest Seminary. Son of

    1. Burchfiel and Thelma Cox, grandson of Lemuel

      Cox and Opal Irene Bentley. Descendant of Thomas Isaac Cox and Rachel Carr.

      Memorial Fund Brandywine Crucible, Inc.



      You may order your Cox Family caps, shirts, and pins by contacting Ada Stump (405) 751- 9475 or you may purchase these items at the

      At the meeting, May 2004, in Lampasas, TX the board adopted a proposal by board member Ada Cox Stump to establish the Cox Family Genealogical Memorial Fund under the auspices of Brandywine Crucible, Inc. The purpose of the fund would be to honor loved ones while preserving our family heritage, to develop the

      bonds of our extended family, and to give donors a way to be a part of a family that cares.

      Some of the ways a donor can give are by cash, stocks,

      bonds, real estate, and research material (books,


      2005 Brandywine Golf Tournament

      family reunion. (May 20th


      thru May 23

      rd, 2005)

      documents, journals, and diaries, pictures, etc.).

      May 20

      , 2005, 9:30 a.m.

      Donations may be given at any time, including after death by will or other means.

      To the extend practicable, the Board of Directors of Brandywine shall administer each gift according to the purposes and conditions, if any, in its discretion.

      If you are interested in making such a donation, contact any board member or your family line liaison listed below. You can also find this paper on the website.

      Hancock Park Golf Course Contact Person: Linda Atkins 405-677-8029


      Please Contact Linda to get involved in the planned Dominoes and Card tournaments along with other planned activities.


      Webmaster Mark Werner's email address [email protected].

      URL for Brandywine Crucible home page:


      If you are interested in subscribing to the Brandywine Newsletter or if you have a new email address or a new mailing address please contact Les Sutton, 254 Old Spring Road, Houston TX 77015-2042

      [email protected] with any updates



      Obituaries 2005

      Waylon Griggs: March 14, 1918 – June 10, 2002 - husband of Mary M. Griggs.

      Mary M. Griggs: March 23, 1925 – Nov. 10, 2002 - daughter of Steve Cox and Mabel McDonald. Steve Cox was a descendent of Thomas Isaac Cox and Rachel Carr.

      Kenton “Mac” McDonald: Sept. 25, 1921 – April 24, 2004 – Son of Luther McDonald and Rachel Cox. Rachel Cox was a descendent of Thomas Isaac Cox and Rachel Carr.



      Historic Tour of Brandywine Valley Trip

      June13 - 19, 2005

      Please Contact Linda Atkins for information

      Day One: June 13 th

      7:30 a.m. -Meeting and breakfast at Best Western Brandywine Valley Inn (Must make reservations right away)

      9:30 a.m.- Depart for Longwood Gardens

      $12 for adults

      $6 children 16-20

      $2.00 children

      Lunch - Terrace Restaurant 610-388-6771 1:30 pm Kennett Square

      1. Abolition Hall

      2. James Walker

      3. Lydia and John Agnew

      4. Hannah and John Cox House

Dinner - Steak and Ale 4601 1/2 Kirkwood Hwy

Day Two: June 14th

7:30 a.m.- Meeting and breakfast at Best Western Brandywine Valley Inn

9:30 a.m. Depart for Battlefield Park Adults - $3.50

Seniors- $2.50 Children- 1.50

  1. Newlin Grist Mill

  2. Chadds Ford Inn

11:30 a.m. Brandywine River Museum Adults - $8.00

Children and Seniors $5.00 Audio Tours $3.00

1:30 p.m. Lunch at the Museum – Scenic Riverside View

$5.00 additional for Wyeth House

Call in advance and book 610-388-8326 3:00 p.m. Harlan Log House

4:00 p.m. Kennett Cemetery

Day Three: June 15th

7:30 a.m. Meeting and breakfast

10:00 a.m Depart for Winterthur Museum


Adults $20.00 Seniors $18.00

Garden and Galleria Pass $15.00 3:00 pm Tour Centreville

Evening Meal - Marshalton Inn 1300 Strasburg Road

Route 162 West Chester, PA 19382


Day Four: June 16th

7:30 a.m. Meeting and breakfast 9:30 a.m. Depart for Valley Forge



R# 23 and North Gulph Road Valley Forge, PA 19482

12 Noon Lunch

2:00 p.m. The Liberty Bell Center and Independence Hall Betsy Ross House

Independence Seaport Museum US Mint

Day Five: June 17th

7:30 a.m. Meeting and breakfast

9:30 a.m. Delaware History Museum Old Town Hall

Willingtown Square Read House $5.00

Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard (A must See) Fort Christina


2:00 p.m. York County, PA


If you are interested in extending this tour to include Washington D.C., please contact Linda Atkins,

Ancestral sites for the Christopher Hussey line Warrington PA



2005 Brandywine Crucible Reunion Lampasas, TX

Children’s Program Supervised Activities

Swimming, Nature Hikes, Story Telling, Art Contests Prizes Awarded


Family-Line Liaisons to the Board

Adopted at Board Meeting May 16, 2003 (Changes made at that meeting shown in bold type)

Purpose: To connect/represent family lines to the Board. These are non-voting, advisory positions


By each family line (descendants of individual children of Solomon and Naomi Hussey Cox), subject to approval by the Board. The Board may also consider the need for representation of major related families such as Hussey, Bachelor, Garretson, etc.

Selection Procedure: Based on family database breakout by family line, the Board selects a person from each line to organize and lead the effort within the family line to select a representative. (Of course, the Board can ask for volunteers. Also, if no one outside the Board can be found, a Board member can serve in this capacity, but the strong preference is for a representative who is not a Board member.) Except for serious philosophical differences with the Board or personality conflicts with Board members that impair working relationships, individuals proposed by family lines will be accepted by the Board. Representatives must be members of Brandywine Crucible, Inc., be committed to its purposes, and be willing to devote the necessary time.

Term: Three (3) years. In the event of dysfunctional relationships as discussed above, the Board could at any time request family-line members to select a replacement. If a family line (decision by a majority of members of the line involved in Brandywine Crucible, Inc.) concludes that, its liaison is not effectively or appropriately representing its interests to the Board, it can at any time remove that person from the Board and name a replacement. Liaisons may serve an unlimited number of terms if that is the will of family line members associated with Brandywine. If a representative should die or resign, the family line should select another representative within ninety (90) days or have an alternate in place to avoid a lapse in representation.


Convey ideas and concerns to the Board; make suggestions to the Research Committee for subjects, issues, and people to be researched; make suggestions to other committees; and assist the Board and its committees in any way needed (e.g., with member-ship recruiting within family lines, identifying subjects for DNA testing, etc.). Submit a brief written report annually on activities and events occurring within the family line to the Newsletter Editor. Make a brief report on family line activities at the annual Brandywine Meeting/Cox Family Reunion. Perform other duties requested by Board as time and resources permit.






5 OCTOBER 2004

Children of Solomon &

Naomi Hussey Cox Liaisons

Thomas Isaac Joyce Cox Robertson

1861 N. St. Augustine Dallas, TX 75217


J-CoxRobge[email protected] [email protected] (new)

Martha Anne Cox Brizendine 130 Shady Bend #108

Lufkin, TX 75901-5121



[email protected]

Christopher Mary Wallace Hensley

10219 Tablerock

Houston, TX 77064-4246


[email protected]


Many families lose important family records, official and unofficial, when older members die without descendants who are committed to preserving these records. Brandywine's Board of Directors has been concerned about this circumstance and has voted to accept and preserve family papers for those families coming under the Brandywine umbrella. We are interested in family narratives, journals, letters, pictures, birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, military discharges, etc. If you have such records and are concerned about their disposition upon your death, contact a Brandywine representative. We will soon name a person to

Solomon, Jr. Lawrence Cox, Sr.

7003 East Rancier

Killeen, TX 76543-8819

Home: 254-289-8225

Cell: 254-634-2914

Stephen Claude Cox 6711 E. 904

Williamsburg, KY 40769-9046

606 549-5658

[email protected]

Naomi "Amy"

Absolom Bonnie Lorene Cook White

6217 Apex Drive

Louisville, KY 40219-4105


[email protected]

Mary Need Volunteer

Ann Need Volunteer

Ruth Need Volunteer


manage this program and will list his or her name and address. In the meantime, contact a director or your family line liaison, listed elsewhere in this newsletter and on the website.

NOTE: If you have a family member who will accept and preserve your records, Brandywine would be interested in acquiring duplicate copies of papers and documents especially important to our family history.

The web site will be the repository for electronic documents and other records. If you have materials you wish to put on the web site, contact Webmaster Mark Werner.


Cox Family Reunion Notices


Genealogy Exchange Workshop

Saturday, August 13, 2005

9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission Free Everyone Welcome!

Williamsburg, KY Tourism & Convention Center

Exit 11 off I-75 across from Cumberland Inn

Tables Available for anyone wanting to sell or display genealogical material. For additional information contact: Mary Lou Hudson

More information in the next newsletter.


2005 Cox Reunion Lampasas, TX (10 Anniversary) Descendants of Solomon and Naomi Hussey Cox, related families, and friends. You will enjoy fellowship, fun, and serious family history. Those on our mailing list will receive a mail out. May 20-22, 2005; Hostess House, Hancock Park, Lampasas, TX; Contact Linda Atkins,

405-677-8029, [email protected], Joe Cox, 512-

392-2097, [email protected], or Les Sutton, 713-455- 3920, [email protected]. For hotel reservations: Country Inn Lampasas – (512) 556-6201

Holiday Inn Lampasas – (512) 556-9292

2005 Cox Arkansas Reunion

May 7, Ione Community Bldg, on Hwy. 23, Ten miles from Boonville, AR. Descendants of Nathan & Dorcas King Cox. All family lines welcome. Contact Poly Wilson, 803-783-7086, Ken Vochoska at 254-826-5173, [email protected], or Joyce Dowell, 210-684-2649, [email protected]

2005 Cox Reunion, Gustine, TX.

May 7 & 8, Gustine Community Ctr., descendants of Christopher Cox & "Nealy" Cox. All family lines welcome. Contact Missy Jones, 325-356--3547, [email protected], or Winnie Hatley, 915-743- 2665

2005 Cox Cousin Come Together, Gatesville, TX. Date to be determined. Descendants of Sowell Cox, (Stephen) early settler of Gatesville, TX. All family lines welcome. Contact: Frieda Cox, 325-748-5221, or Marvin Cox, 806-628-1631.

2005 Cox Reunion, Harker Heights, TX

June 25 – 26, VFW Hall Post 3892, 201 VFW Dr. Harker Heights, TX (By Ft. Hood). Descendants of Samuel

2005 Whitley Co., Ky., Cox Reunion

Hampton and Nicia Jane Cox (J l

5, the 150th annivers

oseph and Samuel). Al

July 16-17, 2005, Sandhill RV Camp, Whitley City, Ky.

42653.Contact: Elvin & Flora Cox, 606-376-2055,

family lines welcome. On June 2

of Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Nolanville


will be celebrated

[email protected] or Melvin & Shelbie Cox, 606-376- 5195.

2006 Cox Reunion, San Antonio, TX. Contact John Cox, 210-497-7501 [email protected]

Descendants of Wm. Madison Tucker Cox & Fannie Lindsey Cox. All family lines welcome.

with appropriate ceremonies. Contact Lawrence Cox – 254-289-8225

2005 Cox Reunion, Abilene, TX

July 9th, Descendants of Emerson Cox (descendant of Joseph and Solomon, Jr.). All family lines welcome. Contact Walter W. “Spec” Cox, 806-839-2253. [email protected]


Sharing of Research

& Information

& DNA Project and Information Update

Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Research Project


We have established a wonderful set of DNA base numbers for anyone wanting to test to see if they connect to this Cox family. We have eight donors that have tested and confirmed our genealogical paperwork research - all share a common ancestor. It is amazing to think that these men, some 6th, 7th and 8th cousins, all carry the same DNA.

Our DNA donors come from the families listed below. The donor kit number is listed with the ancestor.

Anyone interested in DNA testing contact Mary Lou Hudson ([email protected]). The donor must be a non- adopted male carrying the Cox surname.

SAMUEL COX was born 1754 in PA, and died July 29, 1832 in Whitley Co. KY. He married MARTHA COX, daughter of SOLOMON COX and NAOMI HUSSEY.

Children of SAMUEL COX and MARTHA COX are:

  1. ANNA COX, b. April 09, 1779; d. 1788.

  2. SARAH COX, b. August 20, 1781, VA.

  3. ZACHARIAH COX, b. January 28, 1784, VA; d. Bef. 1798.

  4. MARY COX, b. March 07, 1786, VA; d. April 07, 1823.

  5. ANNA COX, b. March 12, 1788, VA.

  6. SAMUEL COX, b. October 25, 1790, VA; d. September 05, 1847, Harrison Co. MO; m. JANE MCCLURE, 1809; b. May 12, 1790, VA. (Kit#9681, #20640)

  7. NANCY COX, b. Abt. 1791, VA; d. Aft. 1880, Orange Co. IN; m. JOSEPH SANDERS

  8. NATHAN COX, b. April 07, 1793, VA; d. August 11, 1854, Livingston Co. MO; m. LUCY PERKINS

  9. RUTH COX, b. November 25, 1795, VA.

  10. ZECHARIAH COX, b. January 28, 1798; d. October 14, 1843; m. POLLY.

  11. LEVI COX, b. September 30, 1800; m. CINTHIA; b. August 01, 1810.

  12. JOHN WILLIAM COX, b. May 29, 1803.

SOLOMON COX was born Abt. 1745 in PA, and died 1820 in Hocking Co. OH. He married NAOMI "AMY" HUSSEY, daughter of CHRISTOPHER HUSSEY and ANNE GARRETSON.

Children of SOLOMON COX and NAOMI HUSSEY are:

  1. MARTHA COX, b. January 29, 1761, NC; d. March 19, 1845, Livingston Co. MO.

  2. SOLOMON COX, b. January 29, 1761, NC; d. Bet. 1844 - 1850, Livingston Co. MO.

  3. MARY COX, b. 1769, NC.

  4. ANN COX, b. 1771, m. PERKINS.

  5. CHRISTOPHER COX, b. 1773, NC; d. Aft. 1840, Washington Township, Brown Co. IN. (Kit#6395)

  6. THOMAS ISAAC COX, b. December 05, 1775, VA; d. 1845, Monroe Co. IN. (Kit#6394, #9680)

  7. ABSOLOM COX, b. 1777, NC (census VA); d. August 23, 1846, Whitley Co. KY. (Kit#9679, 8802)

  8. STEPHEN COX, b. 1779, VA per Census record; d. Abt. 1850, Whitley Co., KY.

  9. NAOMI "AMY" COX, b. 1779, NC; d. 1857, Dallas Co. AR.

  10. RUTH COX, b. June 1781, NC; m. JOSEPH JOHNSON; b. Abt. 1780.

WILLIAM COX was born December 11, 1692 in DE, and died January 20, 1767 NC. KINKEY/KANKEY, daughter of HERMAN KINKEY and MARGERY.


He married CATHERINE

i. REBECCA COX, b. 1717, Hockessen, Newcastle Co. DE; d. 1787, Fayette Co. PA; m. JOHN DIXON.

  1. MARY COX, b. 1719, New Castle Co. DE; m. JAMES LINDLEY, May 05, 1753.


  3. HARMON COX, b. 1723, New Castle Co. DE; d. 1812, Randolph Co. NC; m. JANE JOHN.

  4. MARGERY COX, b. 1724, New Castle Co. DE; d. 1815; m. ISAAC NICHOLS, March 26, 1742.

  5. WILLIAM COX, b. 1726; d. 1801, Knox Co. KY; m. JULIATHA CARR.

  6. JOHN COX, b. April 25, 1728, New Castle Co. DE; d. 1803, NC; m. MARY SCARLETT.

  7. SOLOMON COX, b. Abt. 1730, Hockessen, Newcastle Co. DE; d. 1819, Ross Co. OH; m. RUTH COX.

  8. CATHERINE COX, b. 1733, New Castle Co. DE; d. February 24, 1785, Guilford Co. NC; m. ELEAZER HUNT.

  9. THOMAS COX, b. 1736, Mill Creek, New Castle Co. DE; d. July 1809, Clinton Co. OH; m. SARAH DAVIS, January 24, 1760, Cane Creek, Orange Co. NC; b. 1739, Chester Co. PA; d. February 02, 1813, Clinton Co. OH. (Kit # 21499)

Mary Lou Hudson

Claypool, IN


Source: The Whitley Republican, Williamsburg, KY, Thursday, Nov. 4, 1976 Elmer Mahan, prominent attorney, dies

Thomas Elmer Mahan, 85, prominent Williamsburg attorney and businessman for more than 50 years, died Monday night at the Southeastern Kentucky Baptist Hospital in Corbin. The son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Melt Mahan, Mahan was born in Whitley County but moved to Garrard County with his family when he was young. He returned in the early 1900's to attend the old Williamsburg Institute. He became a permanent resident of Williamsburg after he graduated from the University of Kentucky Law School in 1913.

He married the former Una Moss Gatliff, daughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. A. Gatliff, in 1917. A member of the First Baptist Church since 1912, Mahan served on the church's board of directors and was superintendent of the Sunday School classes for 50 years. He was a trustee for Cumberland College for 20 years and served as chairman of the Board of Trustees for four years. He was also the attorney for the college for more than 30 years without ever charging the school for his services.

Throughout his career, Mahan served as charter member of the Southeastern Kentucky Baptist Hospital, founder of the Williamsburg Realty Co., director of the Bank of Williamsburg, vice president of High Splint Coal Co. and vice president of Gatliff Coal Co. He was also a charter member of the Williamsburg Rotary Club and served as its president.

Mahan served in both World Wars advancing to the rank of major.

Retaining a life-long interest in farming, Mahan took great pride in his 'town farm' with its white fences and red barn. The farm was located near Finley Legion Field.

Mrs. Mahan donated the clock and chimes above the Whitley County Courthouse to the county last year in honor of her husband. He is survived by his wife. Other survivors include three nephews, Fred Mahan of Atlanta, Ga., Tom Mahan of Spartanburg, S.C., and Lloyd Mahan of Florida; and a niece, Miss Mary Lou Mahan of Lexington.

Funeral services were held at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday at the First Baptist Church with Dr. J.M. Boswell, Dr. Robert L. Palmer and the Rev. David Perkins officiating. Pallbearers were Hays Brown; Whitley County Clerk Everett Rains; Harry Jeffries; Arthur Jeffries, Jr.; Phillips Perkins; Bill Freeman and Everett McFarland. Honorary pallbearers: Whitley County Attorney Bill Cox; Manuel Entrekin; Ray Austin; Wyatt Wood; Edgar Croley; Isadore Levin; Edward Sheils; J.R. Gardner; Dr. R. D. Sanders; deacons, officers and Sunday School teachers of the First Baptist Church; Ray Gant; Wade Perkins; Harold West; members of the Whitley County Bar Association; former Circuit Judge J.B. Johnson, Sr.; Circuit Judge J.B. Johnson, Jr.; Whitley County Judge Jerry Taylor; Judge Eugene Siler, Jr.; Clarence Siler; Bank of Williamsburg personnel; Farmers Nation Bank personnel; members of the board of directors of the Southeastern Kentucky Baptist Hospital; Cumberland College Board Trustees, and members of the Cumberland College faculty. Burial was in Highland Cemetery, by Ellison Funeral Home.

Thomas Elmer Mahan line of descent: Solomon Cox/Naomi Hussey

...Amy Cox/Thomas Mahan

.....Pleasant Wade Mahan/Rachel Jones

.......Alford J. Mahan/Sarah Siler

.........Wm. Milton Mahan/Louisa Archer

.............Thomas Elmer Mahan/Una Moss Gatliff


Source: The Whitley Republican, Williamsburg, KY, Thursday, December 24, 1942 Mr. and Mrs. Mahan Celebrate Silver Wedding Anniversary

In celebration of their silver wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Mahan received some two hundred guests at their home on Sunday afternoon from four until six o'clock. With the exception of Mrs. J.T. Vallandingham, who is making her home in Charleston, S.C. where Capt. Vallandingham is stationed, all members of the wedding party were present, including Dr. and Mrs. Chas. Mayhall of Harlan, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Perkins of Fort Thomas, Ky., Misses Mabel Ellison and Flora Adkins. In the receiving line with the wedding party was Miss Norma Jeanne Perkins, niece of the hostess, wearing the bridal dress of ivory satin fashioned with a long train and trimmed in pearls.

For this festive occasion, the entire lower floor of the Mahan home -- the same home in which they were married on December 17, 1917 -- was beautifully decorated with silvered hemlock. In the hall, a silver archway of the hemlock and ornaments opened upon the stairway intertwined with sprays of the silvered hemlock and interspersed with silver ornaments.

In the library where guests were received, the silver decorations were supplemented with a large standard of red roses. Assisting in the entertainment of guests were Mrs. E.B. Stonesifer, Mrs. A.T. Siler, Miss Nell Moore and Mrs. J.B. Gatliff, Jr.

Pink roses were used with the silver in the music room where Miss Jeanne Butcher, soprano, Mr. Gorman Siler, baritone, Mrs. R.B. Gillespie, violinist, accompanied by Mrs. Dorothy Butcher, provided music throughout the afternoon. Among the songs sung were "At Dawning" and "The Sunshine of Your Smile", which were sung at the wedding.

In the living room decorations emphasizing the Christmas season, included a large silvered Christmas wreath, ornaments and hemlock. Contrasting the silver hue, lavender chrysanthemums arranged in tall baskets were placed in the doorway to the solarium.

In the dining room, the sisters of the hostess, Mrs. N.A. Archer, Mrs. N.B. Perkins, Mrs. J.B. Gatliff, Sr., and Mrs.

E.M. Gatliff alternately presided at the antique silver services placed at each end of the venetian lace covered table. White roses in a sliver bowl, encircled by clusters of silver grapes and eucalyptus leaves, on a mirrored base made the centerpiece. Silver ribbon streamers extended from the centerpiece and culminated in bows in each corner.

Guests were served refreshments consisting of wedding ices in slipper, bell and heart design, individual wedding cakes, mints, nuts, coffee and tea.

Assisting in the dining room were Mrs. Will Mahan and Mrs. A.W. Whitehead. For the occasion Mrs. Mahan chose to wear a floor length white chiffon dress with a lavender orchid. Others in the wedding party and friends assisting entertaining wore floor length dresses with corsages of gardenias. At noon before the reception, Mr. and Mrs.

Mahan were hosts at a luncheon at the Gentry Hotel, with members of the wedding party as guests. Each was presented a gift by the hosts.