Cox DNA Project

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As of June 2015, the Cox DNA Project has 497 members representing over 100 distinct family branches. The linked presentation provides information regarding the progress of the project. Slides with notes.

Our DNA website can be accessed at:

Because it contains so much data, this site is a little cumbersome to navigate, first click on "Cox DNA Study", then click on "Y Results".

Les Sutton maintains much more detail on the branch on the Cox family that originally settled in the Brandywine Valley. You can contact him at: [email protected]. We also suggest that you contact Les before you order a kit. He can help you decide which test is most appropriate and give you some idea of what to expect from your results.

We are actively seeking individuals who could help us with DNA to document the following family lines:

  • A couple more descendants of Thomas that do not descend from John Sr

  • Another descendant of Solomon and Naomi’s son Stephen

  • A descendant of Christopher that does not descend from George Henry or Jack

  • A descendant of Solomon Jr. that does not descend from Joseph.

  • A descendant of Absalom that does not descend from Daniel.

  • A descendant of Fleming Trigg that does not descend from Samuel Hampton

Thank you for your interest in the Cox DNA Project