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a county adjacent to the City of London in England

Some Frequently Asked Genealogical Questions (FAQs)

The answers to the questions generally consist of a link to a web page

Note: this is an evolving document that seeks to provide answers to questions often met on the Middlesex Genealogical Mailing List.  I would be very happy to take suggestions for further questions (and answers) - Brian Fisk 

Q1 Where can I find information about the Middlesex Mailing List including how to subscribe/unsubscribe and how to access the archives?
RootsWeb Middlesex Mailing ListBritish Genealogy Middlesex Mailing List
Q2 Where can I find information about the Middlesex Query Board?
Middlesex Query Board
Q3 Where can I publish or find information about who is researching which surnames from Middlesex?
Middlesex Surname Index
Q4 Where can I find information about what parishes are in Middlesex?
Middlesex GENUKI or North London Parishes or Brian Fisk's list of Middlesex Parishes
Q5 Where can I find more information about the county of Middlesex?
Middlesex GENUKI
Q6 Where can I find some maps of the county of Middlesex?
Environs of London 1829Greenwood's 1827 map of LondonJohn Snow's 1859 map of London, London Maps, Booths Poverty map of 1889, Free Historic Maps, Alan Godfrey Maps
Q7 Where can I find the parish registers for Middlesex?
London Metropolitan Archives (LMA)
Q8 Where can I find the parish registers for Westminster?
Westminster City Archives
Q9 Where can I find the census information for Middlesex?
Family Records Centre
Q10 Where can I find the information about the Chelsea Deanery and its parishes?
Chelsea Deanery
Q11 What are the adjacent counties to Middlesex?
Surrey, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire
Q12 I'm confused about the term London and how it relates to Middlesex.  Where can I get some clarification?
Q13 Where can I find more links to information about Middlesex on the InterNet?
On Brian Fisk's Middlesex website 
Q14 Middlesex has several Family History Societies. Which one should I join?
I have created two pages - FHSs sorted by society or sorted by place - please also consult the GENUKI FFHS page or the FFHS
Q15 Where can I find more information about genealogy in general?
On Rootsweb's Helpdesk or the Genealogy Home Page or Genealogy Resources on the Internet or Cyndi's List or UK Genealogical links or GENUKI FAQ or PRO Guide
Q16 As a beginner where would you suggest I start?
You could try RootsWeb's Getting Started Guide or RootsWeb Guide or GENUKI Getting Started
Q17 Where can I find out more about the London Livery Companies?
Livery companies (including a list)
Q18 Where can I find a list of the genealogical mailing lists on the InterNet?
Q19 Where can I find a list of occupations on the InterNet?
A List of Occupations or GENDOCS Trades page or Old Occupations Page or GENUKI
Q20 Where can I find information about dates and calendars on the InterNet?
Old Style and New Style Dates or a Perpetual Calendar or another Perpetual Calendar
Q21 Where can I find a list of common genealogical acronyms used on the InterNet?
genealogical abbreviations or GENDOCS abbreviations and acronyms or Genealogy Abbreviations or Abbreviations found in genealogy or UK Genealogy Common Acronyms & Jargon or Acronyms and Shorthand
Q22 Where can I find information about churches in Middlesex?
Victorian London Churches or County of Middlesex Parish Churches (Diocese of London) or current churches(findachurch) or John Henley's Dockland Churches
Q23 Where can I find comprehensive listing of British Army/Regimental websites
Regiments and Corps of the British Army
Q24 Where can I  find a list of Lord Mayor's of London?
Lord Mayor's of London
Q25 Where can I find out more about lost London streets?
Victorian London A-Z Street Index or THE LOST LONDON STREET INDEX
Q26 Where can I find out more about current  London streets?
Streetmap.co.uk or  Multimap.com
Q27 I live in North America - is there a local Family History Society I can join that covers the UK?
Yes, the British Isles Family History Society - USA 
Q28 Where can I find out more about newspapers in the UK?
The Newspaper Society or The British Library Newspaper Library
Q29 My ancestor ran a Public House (or an Inn) - where can I find further information ?
The Pubs, Inns and Taverns Index for England, 1801-1900
Q30 I understand that many genealogical records have been assembled by the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City, USA. Is it possible to access this facility via the InterNet?
Yes, very much so. This is often referred to as the IGI but in fact there is much more there than just the IGI. To access go to the the Church of Latterday Saints. If you need access to their batch numbers try the following site IGI Batch Numbers.
Q31 Where can I find a list of marriages in Middlesex?
Middlesex Marriages (incomplete but very useful)
Q32 Where can I find a list of archaic terms for diseases?
Archaic medical terms, Genealogy Library, Genealogy Quest, Medical Dictionary, Cyndi's List, Yahoo
Q33 Where can I get advice on accessing wills proved in England?
The PRO Guide has lots of useful advice including some on wills
Q34 Where can I find more about freemasonry in London?
Freemasonry in London
Q35 Where can I find on-line telephone directories for the UK?
Telephone Directories on the Web
Q36 Is there some where that I can look up births, deaths, and marriages on-line?
Try the FreeBMD web page
Q37 Where can I buy publications from UK Family History Societies?
Try GenFair - many UK Family History Societies use this web site to sell there publications. There is also a host of other material there.
Q38 Where can I obtain publications such as county directories published last century?
"The Archive CD Books project" seeks to obtain and copy old books related to family history onto CDs. Although the books often cost of the order of 100 UK pounds and can be extremely difficult to find you will find the CDs are priced cheaply at less than 10 UKP. This is an extremely useful resource and comes highly recommended.
Q39 Where can I post queries about Middlesex without joining a mailing list?
"Ancestry Query Boards" have a board specifically for Middlesex
Q40 Where can I find people prepared to do lookups for me?
The Middlesex Lookup Exchange is a web page full of such details

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