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Summary of DNA Tested Beatty Lineages

New in Archives:
Issues with lineages 1 and 3 (.PDF file.)
Crossl�'s genealogical abstracts collection
Irish Records
Beattys and Garretts in County Down Ireland
Revolutionary War Pension Application Papers
War of 1812 Pension Card Abstracts
Index to the applications submitted for the Eastern Cherokee Roll of 1909 (Guion Miller Index) from Laurel Baty
Origins of "Adam" - Progenitor of Group 1
Pennsylvania Records from James E. Beaty

New in Biographies:
Alida Beattie - (L19)
Amos L. Beaty - (L405)
Photo of Beatty family - who are they? - Lineage - 39
William T. Beatty Civil War Journal
Significant Scots - James Beattie - October 25, 1735 - August 18, 1803 - poet and moral philosopher.
 I Never Knew.., By Patricia Patterson Allen, (L30)
 The William Beaty House - Frederick Co., MD. 1738 -  1803 (Lineage 1)
Great-Aunt Olive, Our Own Beatty Border Reiver By Lois (Griffes) Kortering (L-39)
Jenny Beatty the pilot...

The BP2000 lineage summaries...

We Need UPDATES to the Cemetery Archive:
Contact point for Cemeteries: Jack Beaty

Watch these pages as we gradually fill our Beatty notebook with facts and notes gathered in our genealogical travels.

Our goal here, is to keep a reference book of primary sources that document the names, dates, and places of the many Beatty lineages from around the world, not a small undertaking. This includes census indexes and complete census data, marriage listings, state by state, cemetery listings, military archives, and more.

In addition, you'll find useful information that is not as well documented. For example, short biographies, and family histories and anecdotes about our Beatty ancestors, and photographs of Beattys and Beatty places from around the world.

This project is the work of many - the members of The Beatty Project 2000 all are welcome to contribute their sources, data, photos, stores, and ideas to make our Beatty notebook fat and useful.

Last update: June 26, 2011