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From Rob Beatty L256.

Geneal Soc. Wilm. DE. 1983, (South Coastal Library, Bethany Beach, DE)

page 54.  Christiana Hundred: BATY, John 2 males over 19, 1 male under 18, 1 female over 18, 1 female under 18.

Delaware Geneal Soc. Journal, Vol 2, MOUNT LEBANAN CEMETERY, New Castle Co., Delaware.

pg. 3 BEATTY, Robert age 33 yrs. Died 13 July 1838. Plot 12E


Page 490. Biography, genealogy, family history: "Getting to know.....Anne Aiken Beatty". The Family Tree. (116) 7-9 

page 259 BALTIMORE COUNTY, MD BIRTH RECORDS, 1865-1883  Jan 15, 1867; Balto Co.; Martha S. BEATTY, F.; James and Susan, Recorded May 15, 1867

page 198, Reamy, Martha: (The following data have been abstracted from newspaper clippings found at the Maryland Historical Society and in the vertical files of the Maryland Room of the Enoch Pratt Library.) FREDERICK CEMETERIES IN THE NEWS: Col. Thomas BEATTY was one of the twelve justices who repudiated the Stamp Act. This article mentions that while his headstone is in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, MD, no one has been able to ascertain the exact location of his grave. (Sun 29 Sept. 1952) 

Title: The Princeton review./ vol. 6, iss. 21
Publication Date: Jan 1877
City: New York, Publisher: G. & C. Carvill. Pages: 768
Contemporary Literature.
It has 4 chapters of Beatty lineage information.

Page 177:

History of Neshawing Presbyterian Church of Warwick, Hartsville, Bucks Co., Pa., 1726-1876, by REV. D. K. TURNER. Philadelphia: Culbertson & Bache. --

"...The historian has not only given an account of its ministers and elders, but also of their relatives and descendants, so that the book is a valuable biographical repertory.

Chapters eight to eleven are upon Rev. Chas. Beatty and his descendants, one of the staunchest patriotic Presbyterian families of the land, still represented in its best qualities in our Presbyterian ministry. Extracts from Mr. Beatty's journal, which was published in London, relating to the Indian wars and missions, are given in the ninth chapter.

.....It is embellished, moreover, with portraits of ......Dr. Beatty, well as lithographs of numerous buildings, past and present, connected with the various institutions. "

Western Presbyterianism: pp 169-195
in: Title: The Princeton review./ vol. 39, iss. 2
Publication Date: Apr 1867
City: New York, Publisher: G. & C. Carvill. Pages: 684

APRIL, 1867.
No. ii

ART. I.- The Spirit of the Fathers of Western Presbytarianism

ON Tuesday, February 12th, of the present year, a centenary convention was held at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, composed of representatives of the twenty Presbyteries contained in the four Synods of Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Wheeling, and Ohio, which was designed to commemorate the visit to that region of the Rev. Charles Beatty and the Rev. George Duffield, by the appointment of the old "Synod of New York and Philadelphia" While the interest in the religious history of that region, so important in itself and in its influence upon the Presbyterian Church, is fresb, it is a favourable time to consider some points in the character and labours of its pioneer ministers.

It may be premised that this is a late hour to hold a "centenary" convention. The visit of Messrs. Beatty and Duflield was made in the summer of 1766; and the commemoration of that event is a year too late. But we cannot grant that to have been the kindling of the light of Presbyterianism in that territory. In the early part of the last century large numbers of the people from the North of Ireland were driven by the....

... A good many such colonies [organized congregations] , we doubt not, existed long before Beatty and Duffleld's visit.......

.. And it should be particularly noted that the mission of 1736 by Messrs. Beatty and Duffleld seems to have been largely intended for the preaching of the gospel to the Indians. The following is the entire minute of Synod in regard to it in 1737: "Messrs. Beatty's and Duffield's mission to the Indians and frontiers came under consideration. And they report that they performed their mission to the frontiers and among the Indians. That they found on the frontiers numbers of people earnestly desirous of forming themselves into congregations, and declaring their willingness to exert their utmost in order to have the gospel among them, but in circumstances exceedingly distressing and necessitous, from the late calamities of the war in these parts. And also that they visited the Indians at the chief town of the Delaware nation, on the Muskingum, about one hundred and thirty miles beyond Fort Pitt, and were received much more cheerfully than they could have expected. That a considerable number of them waited on the preaching of the gospel with peculiar attention, many of them appearing solemnly concerned about the great matters of religion; that they expressed an earnest desire of having further opportunities of hearing those things; that they informed them that several other tribes of Indians around them were ready to join with them in receiving the gospel, and earnestly desiring an oppor tunity. Upon the whole, that there does appear a very agreeable prospect of a door opening for the gospel being spread among these poor benighted savage tribes." ......... (Minutes of Synod of New York and Philadelphia, for 1737. 

Presbyterianism on the Frontiers
by , Tuttle, Rev. Joseph F.: pp445-469
in: Title: The Princeton review./ vol. 6, iss. 23
Publication Date: July 1877
City: New York, Publisher: G. & C. Carvill. Pages: 768

( Western Pennsylvania.) The religious history of this region has been very remarkable. There is no part of the history of Presbyterianism on the frontier more so. In November, 1758, the Rev. Charles Beatty preached the first Protestant sermon west of the Alleghenies within the walls of Fort Pitt. The mission of Beatty and Brainard in 1763 to the "distressed frontier inhabitants" in that region, had been prevented by the renewal of savage hostilities on such a scale that west of Shippensburg every building was burned, many people were murdered, and many perished in the flight. Dr. Wing speaks of the panic among the people as "one of extraordinary extent and intensity." The people "fled almost in a body over the mountains toward Laincaster." (Wing's Discourse on Presbyteries of Donegal and Carlisle 16, Cen. Mem., West Penn., 209.) 

Title: The Princeton review./ vol. 30, iss. 2
Publication Date: Apr 1858
City: New York, Publisher: G. & C. Carvill. Pages: 742
Sketches of Western Pennsylvania: pp 280-306

P 280:
In 1763, the Synod of New York and Philadelphia, the highest judicature of the Presbyterian Church at that time in this country, appointed the Rev. Messrs. Beatty and Brainerd to visit the frontier settlements in Pennsylvania to preach the gospel, and to report the spiritual condition of the people. At that time the frontier was the eastern foot of the mountains; so that Chambersburg, Shippensburg, and Carlisle were within the reach of savage foes. This mission was not fulfilled, because at the time they were to have commenced their mission, a most violent and destructive Indian war broke out. Families residing in the valleys between Chambersburg and Bedford were murdered, their cabins burnt, their cattle and grain destroyed and every thing laid waste. The Indians having been chastised and become more quiet, the Synod of New York and Philadelphia appointed the Rev. Charles Beatty and the Rev. George Duffield on a mission of three months. They visited the military station at Fort Pitt, preached to the small settlements on the way, and extended their journey as far as Muskingum, and preached to the Delaware Indians collected there.... 

1. Reference to late 1700's Col. Beatty at Steubenville, Ohio
2. Ref. to 1862 Father Beatty serving with Union General

Author: Barber, John Warner,
Title: The loyal West in the times of the rebellion; also, before and since: being an encyclopedia and panorama of the western states, Pacific states and territories of the Union. Historical, geographical, and pictorial. Illustrated by more than two hundred engravings ... taken ... by the authors. By John W. Barber ... and Henry Howe ...
Publication Date: 1865
City: Cincinnati, Publisher: F. A. Howe, Pages: 778

P173:  Steubenville (Ohio) was laid out in 1798, by Bezabel Wells and James Ross. It derives its name from Fort Steuben, which was erected in 1789, on High-street, near the site of the Female Seminary. It was built of block-houses connected by palisade fences, and was dismantled at the time of Wayne's victory, previous to which it had been garrisoned by the United States infantry, under the command of Colonel Beatty.

P 228: A father Beatty served as wagonmaster in Ohio in 1862 In a lull of his paroxysms of anguish, he [ Brigadier-Gen. ROBERT L. MCCOOK -summer 1862] said to young Captain Burt, "Andy, the problem of life will soon be solved for me. My good friend, may your life be longer and to a better purpose than mine." In reply to Father Beatty, the brigade wagon-master, if he had any message for his brother, Alex., he answered: "Tell him and the rest, I have tried to live as a man, and die attempting to do my duty."

Author: Carr, Ezra Slocum,
Title: The Patrons of husbandry on the Pacific coast.
Publication Date: 1875
City: San Francisco, Publisher: A. L. Bancroft and company,
Page 268:



Organized May 29, 1874, by W. S. Manlove, Deputy
....Louisa Greetman, W. H. Beatty,
N. H. Kaschner, Mary Kaschner,
Emily A. Beatty ........

1866 Ref. to John T. Beatty, Secretary, Chicago Board of

Commerce of the World: pp 79
in: Title: Debow's review, Agricultural, commercial, industrial
progress and resources./ vol. 3, iss. 1
Publication Date: Jan 1867
City: New Orleans [etc.] Publisher: J. D. B. DeBow. Pages: 620

Page 79:

FROM the Report of the Board of Trade of this city for 1866,
received through the courtesy of John T. Beatty, Secretary, we
learn that ..."

1840 vote record of U.S. Rep. Beatty
Author: Cluskey, Michael W.,
Title: The political text-book, or Encyclopedia. Containing
everything necessary for the reference of the politicians and
statesmen of the United States. Ed. by M. W. Cluskey.
Publication Date: 1860
City: Philadelphia, Publisher: J. B. Smith & co., Pages: 794


".....On the 23d of January, 1840, the Indepen dent Treasury
Bill, introduced by Mr. Wright, of NJ. Y., passed the Senate by yeas and nays as follows: .............It passed the House on the 30th of June, 1840, by yeas and nays, as follows: -
YEAs. ..... Beatty of Pa., ......."

1851 Trowbridge & Beatty info
Author: Cist, Charles,
Title: Sketches and statistics of Cincinnati in 1851; by Charles
Publication Date: 1851
City: Cincinnati, Publisher: W. H. Moore & co., Pages: 402

Page 231:
"....Trowbridge & Beatty, ..."

1864 Dem. Nat'l. Con. delegate from Pa.

Author: Democratic National Convention
Title: Official proceedings of the Democratic national
convention, held in 1864 at Chicago.
Publication Date: 1864
City: Chicago, Publisher: Times steam book and job printing

Page 15:
"The list of Pennsylvania Delegates at Large includes:

Seventh District,.....John H. Brinton,
John C. Beatty "

1851 Maryland bank cashier Elie Beatty
Author: De Bow, J. D. B.
Title: The industrial resourses, etc., of the southern and
western... returns of the census of 1850,on population,
agriculture and general industry, etc., with an appendex...
By J.D.B. De bow... Volume 2
Publication Date: 1852
City: New Orleans [etc] Publisher: The office of De Bow's
Pages: 564


Location Name of Bank. President  Cashier. Capital
Hagerstown...Hagerstown Bank.....Alexander Neil.... Elie

1853 tourbook directions to John A. Beatty's office

Author: Hunter, Alfred,
Title: The Washington and Georgetown directory, strangers'
guide-book for Washington, and congressional and clerks'
register. Comp and pub. by Alfred Hunter.
Publication Date: 1853
City: Washington, Publisher: Printed by Kirkwood & McGill

Page 7:
All points start from the Capitol.
s south, n north, e east, w west, btw between,
cor corner, av avenue, h house, (col) colored.

...Beatty, John A., clerk Treasury Department,
s side L n, btw 6 and 7 w.

[no other explanations on how to interpret these directions.RB]

1885 ref. to A. J. Beatty's great glassworks

Author: Historical publishing company.
Title: New York's great industries. Exchange and commercial
review, embracing also historical and descriptive sketch of the
city, its leading merchants and manufacturers ... Edwards &
Critten, editors and proprietors.
Publication Date: 1885
City: New York Publisher: Chicago, Historical publishing company.

Page 164:


....The New York agent of this company is Mr. John H. Dobbs, whose office and warerooms are at No. 60 Barclay Street. He is also agent for A. J. Beatty & Sons, of Steubenville, Ohio, who are manufacturers of pressed and blown tumblers, and one of the oldest and largest houses in the trade......

c1860, David S. Beatty, president of Indianapolis Gas Light
and Coke Company

Author: Holloway, William Robeson,
Title: Indianapolis. A historical and statistical sketch of the
railroad city, a chronicle of its social, municipal, commercial
and manufacturing progress, with full statistical tables. By W.R.
Publication Date: 1870
City: Indianapolis, Publisher: Indianapolis journal print,

Page 94:

... In 1868 a handsome three-story brick was built for the office
of [the Indianapolis Gas Light and Coke Company, organized 26th of March1851] on the south corner of the old Branch Bank lot on Maryland and Pennsylvania streets, and during the past summer another large addition was made to the Works, Its capital has grown from $20,000 to $500,000, but it has expended its dividends mainly on its works. It consumes 800 bushels of coal per day, and produces about 200,000 feet of gas. Its Presidents have been David V. Culley, David S. Beatty, Edwin J. Peck, and Stoughton A. Fletcher.....

1873 James Beatty Bakery [Baltimore]ad
5. Reference to [Baltimore] Navy Agent James Beatty

Author: Howard, George W.(George Washington),
Title: The monumental city, its past history and present
Publication Date: 1873
City: Baltimore, Publisher: J.D. Ehlers, Pages: 496
Subjects: Baltimore (Md.)

Page 124: [I can send a scanned image of this ad to anyone who

James Beatty. George R. Skillman.
Cracker, Cake and Ship Biscuit

B A K E R S,

Nos. 92, 94 and 96 Dugan's Wharf,

Near Pratt Street, Baltimore.

Page 470:

His [William Wilson] public spirit was evinced in 1814, when no funds could be obtained from Washington to meet the obligations of the Government; he tendered the Navy Agent, James Beatty, a loan of $50,000, and thus sustained the honor of the Government and then refused to accept any interest, saying that "he did not wish to profit by the necessities of his country." His sons James and Thomas were men of like character and well maintained the credit of the house and reputation of his name.

1860-1861 various Ohio Beatty businesses

Author: Hawes, George W
Title: Ohio state gazetteer and business directory for 1860-61.
Publication Date: 1860
City: Indianapolis, Publisher: Pages: 958

Page 64:
Stark County Officers:
Treasurer, J. S. Riider.
Auditor, Thlomas M. Call.
Judge Comnmon Pleas. J. Church.
Sherif, Samuel Beatty.

Page 67:
BEATTY HOUSE Carrollton Carroll (See card, p. 67 )
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc. [for Carrollton]

Beatty John, distillery.

Page 93:  [ Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc. for CINCINNATI. OHIO. ]
Beattie John, produce and commission merchant, 51 West Front. 
Beattie John & Co., malt house, Front, east of Water Works.
Beatty James & Co., pork packers, commission merchants, and curers of extra sugar cured hams, south-west cor. Race and Canal. 
Beatus H. & Co., importers and wholesale dealers in jewelry, watches and clocks, 72 Main.

Page 297: [Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc. for Dayton, Ohio]
Batty Edward, manufacturer of willow ware of every style, Ozierholt, 1 mile east of Lunatic Asylum.
Beatty J. S., manufacturer and dealer in pure ground spices, mustard, roast and ground coffee, cor. Third and St. Clair.

Page 356: [Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc. for GREENFILD,Ohio]
A prominent and flourishing post town of Highland county,

Davis & Beatty, woolen manufacturers

Page 429: Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc. for Massillion, Stark Co, Ohio

Beatty G. S., dentist, south side Erie.

Page 525: Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc. for Ravenna, Portage Co, Ohio

Beatty J. C., general store, north side Main.

Page 565: STEUBENVILLE, A flourishing post city and the capital of Jefferson county, Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc. for STEUBENVILLE

Beatty A. J., manufacturer flint glass, South Third.

Page 710: [a cross reference]

Beatty James & Co., Cincinnati, Hamilton

Page 776: [Postmasters]
Beatty G. S., Massillon, Stark

Page 777:
Beatty W H., Carrollton, Carroll

Page 802: [postmasters]
Beatty J. C., Ravenna, Portage

1864 anti-slavery church protest letter

Author: Hopkins, John Henry,
Title: A scriptural, ecclesiastical, and historical view of slavery, from the days of the patriarch Abraham, to the nineteenth century. Addressed to the Right Rev. Alonzo Potter ...
By John Henry Hopkins.
Publication Date: 1864
City: New York, Publisher: W. I. Pooley & co. Pages: 384

Page 42:

"The subscribers deeply regret that the fact of the extensive circulation through this Diocese of a letter by John Henry Hopkins, Bishop of the Diocese of Vermont, in defense of Southern Slavery, compels them to make this public protest. It is not their province to mix in any political canvas. But as ministers of Christ, in the Protestant Episcopal Church, it becomes them to deny any complicity or sympathy with such a defense."

"This attempt not only to apologize for slavery in the abstract, but to advocate it as it exists in the cotton States, and in States which sell men and women in the open market as their staple product, is, in their judgment, unworthy of any servant of Jesus Christ. As an effort to sustain, on Bible principles, the States in rebellion against the government, in the wicked attempt to establish by force of arms a tyranny lhder the name of a Republic, whose' corner-stone' shall be the perpetual bondage of the African, it challenges their indignant reprobation."

PHILADELPHIA, September, 1863.

[~150 signatories, including]

Page 43:

.... Archibald Beatty....

Author: Hawes, George W
Title: Ohio state gazetteer and business directory for 1860-61.
Publication Date: 1860
City: Indianapolis

Page 637:

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades  (in Youngsville, Adams Co., Ohio);

Baty S., liquor dealer. in 1860-1861

Page 909 again shows S. Baty in the same capacity

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