William Denton And Nancy (Beaty) Young

William Denton And Nancy (Beaty) Young

William Denton And Nancy (Beaty) YoungWilliam Denton and Nancy (Beaty) Young in old age.

William Denton Young was born January 31, 1828 and died November 23, 1905. He moved with his parents from Greene County, Tennessee to the "Buck's Place" near the Banner area when he was one year old. His parents were John Young and Lavicia (Buck) Young. W.D. married Nancy Beaty born February 8, 1829 and died April 17, 1902. They were married April 7, 1853.

W.D. and Nancy lived in the community of Barger and reared their family there; perhaps near the ford in the Clear Fork River known as the "Old Bill Young Ford." His father John Young lived near Anderson Tinch and they must have been good friends.

Many people of that age grew great corn crops and the strong drink made from the corn was a legal industry and the product was used for snake bites, animal injuries and as medicine for all ills. Some histories of circuit riding preachers indicate that the medicine was carried in their saddlebags for use in case of snake bites. It was especially good for colds.

W.D. Young was engaged in the hauling of tar and turpentine in a wagon from Barger to Nashville or to Kentucky in exchange for salt, sugar and other items needed in Fentress County. He also worked in a blacksmith shop.

W.D. was of French, English and German descent and Nancy was of Scotch-Irish descent. Nancy was a relative of the Union spy and guerrilla warrior, "Tinker Dave Beaty" during the Civil War.

Nancy Atkinson (Mrs. Luke) a granddaughter of W.D. and Nancy Young gave the following information: Grandpa Young made a good living as judged by the rural standards after the Civil War. He had orchards of apple, peaches and other fruits suitable for the climate. He had hogs, chickens, cattle and sheep. Grandma Young had a saddle mere and could be seen riding through the community on her side saddle. She had a mounting block in her front yard for easy mounting. The horse was trained to move to the block when Grandma was ready to mount. Grandma was generous to her neighbors and was available for helping with the sick. Since doctors were difficult to find, neighbors were quick to help each other. Many times she was called upon to help "lay-out the dead" in the homes, as was the custom of the age.

In all their activities and farm life, W.D. and Nancy reared a large family of nine children:

1. Their first born was George W. born March 18, 1854, died in January 1884. George married Nina Davidson. By serving his county on jury duty, the long horseback ride through the woods from Barger to Jamestown was too much. He was the victim of pneumonia which resulted from the long ride through the sleet and snow. His son, known as "Little George" was born three months after his father's death. Little George reared his family in Crossville, Tennessee where several descendants reside in 1986.

2. The second member was Martelia, born February 23, 1856 and died October 29, 1932. She married Elijah Alexander and their one daughter was Annie.

3. Termelia Jane was born May 12, 1858 and died May 6, 1935. She married James Pierce and they lived and reared their family in Armathwaite where some of the descendents live in 1986.

4. The fourth member was Alvin Young born August 12, 1860 and died January 2, 1945. He married Loretta Pierce, a sister of James (above). Alvin farmed, operated a store and reared the family in Roslin, Tennessee where the remainder of the immediate family reside.

5. Anderson Young, the fifth member was born April 25, 1863 and died in 1948 in Sullivan, Illinois. He was a retired railroad conductor of the Cincinnati Southern Railroad. He was never married. The sons of his brother, John, were in charge of his funeral.

6. The sixth member was Armilda Young born January 30, 1865 and died January 21, 1941. Her one daughter, Addie, a school teacher, married a Mr. Guffey who survived her only a few months.

7. The seventh member was Nancy Young, born January 27, 1868 and died September, 1891. She married George Smith and had two sons; one was a very young baby when she died.

8. John Robert Young was born March 21, 1870 and died October 27, 1927 in Mattoon, Illinois. John R. chose to leave Fentress County about 1890, going to Illinois to seek his fortune. He worked as a farm hand until he became established in the mercantile business in Etna, Illinois. There he married Nellie Graham. They reared two sons, William Robert and Frederick Lee. The last record of the two sons was that Robert was a retired officer of the U.S. Air Force in Falls Church, Virginia and Frederick Lee was deceased; also their mother, Nellie was deceased in the 1970's.

9. The ninth and last offspring of the W.D. and Nancy Young family was James Lee, born May 16, 1873. He married Nancy Albertson, the second daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth (Moat) Albertson given elsewhere in this history. They married in 1893. James and Nancy reared eight children, seven of whom are deceased. The surviving members of this family in Fentress County are Hazel Wheeler and Marine Norman.

by Hazel Wheeler
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