Samuel and Freela York

Samuel and Freela York

Sam & Freela YorkSam & Freela York

John Samuel "Sam" York, the fourth son of William York (5/15/1863-11/17/1911) and Mary Elizabeth Brooks York (8/8/1866-5/21/1943), was born March 29, 1891 at Pall Mall, TN. His ten brothers and sisters were: Henry Singleton; Joseph Marion; Alvin Cullum; Albert; Hattie M. Wright; George Alexander; James Preston; Lillie Mae Stewart; Robert Daniel and Lucy Erma Rains. All but Robert and Lucy are deceased.

Sam married Freela Ann Wright, born June 7, 1893, daughter of William Wright and Elizabeth Upchurch Wright. His brothers and sisters were: Emery; Walter "Tint"; Lola Hatfield; Laura Goodman, Hatfield; and Frona Swafford.

Sam and Freela were married January 4, 1914 and had seven children: Osby, Elva, Eve, Willie, John Loval, Printis and Elsie.

Osby was born October 20, 1914 and died January 30, 1915.

Elva, born November 28, 1915, married Dillard Clouse on November 28, 1935 and has two girls and two boys: Shirley, Butch, Carl and Linda.

Eva, born July 15, 1918, married Ampy Huff (2/15/1919) on May 6, 1939 and has two sons: Jerry Dale, born November 30, 1940, married Nell Whited (5/18/1946) on August 24, 1963 and has three children; Anthony (4/11/1964), Roderick (2/13/1969), and Latitia (8/23/1970). Their second son, Jimmy Lee, born September 18, 1942, married Betty Russell (6/15/1945), on January 26, 1968 and has two sons: Christopher Lee (2/3/1970) and Samuel Thomas (2/21/1973).

Willie, born November 5, 1920, died October 20, 1925.

John Loval (4/6/1924-4/9/1986) married Ivory Eulene Perry (7/22/1928-10/21/1978) on May 11, 1946 in Rossville, Ga. They made their home in Pall Mall, TN. Their first child, Clinton Tommie was born in Albany, Ky., the nearest hospital, on May 3, 1947. John and Ivory moved to Dayton, Ohio for the availability of work. Their daughter Darlene was born in Dayton on July 6, 1949. They did well in Dayton. John worked as a mechanic for B & K Service Station. Ivory worked for a local market (Liberal Market) as a cashier. Although they did well in Ohio, they missed Tennessee. They returned to Pall Mall in September 1962, after the death of John Samuel in August. Their third child, Robin Michelle, was born on August 20, 1963 in Jamestown, TN. Tommie York married Mildred Louise Beaty (8/25/1949) on July 5, 1969 in Jamestown, Tennessee. They have two children: Johnny Richard, born March 31, 1971 in Jamestown; Lori Ann, born October 26, 1974 in Crossville, TN: Darlene married Oary Malcoln Holt (1/12/1950) on July 14, 1969 in Crossville. They have two children: Stacey Michael, born August 19, 1970 in Crossville and Angela Michelle, born September 9, 1972 in Germany, while Oary was in the Army; Robin Michelle married Allen Renee Deyo (2/15/1963) on June 16, 1984 in Jamestown. They have no children at present.

Printis York, born August 31, 1927, married Imogene Davis and has no children.

Elsie, born November 27, 1930, married Clarence Castle and lives in Dayton, Ohio. They were married September 4, 1948 and have four children: Sondra Sue (6/10/1949) married Landel G. Ogden on June 19, 1965 and has two daughters; Angela Ann (July 17, 1968) and Melissa Kaye (June 14, 1969): Sharyl Rae Castle (July 13, 1950) married Thomas Hochwalt on February 14, 1976 and has no children: Sheila Ann Castle (9/12/1953) married David E. Taylor on May 5, 1979 and has three children; Darcy Lynn (12/26/1979), Shannon Michael (2/15/1981) and Bryce Laine (6/24/1985): Richard Gene Castle (9/13/1955) married Kimberly Walker on July 3, 1976 and has two children; Levi Shawn (2/25/1979) and Cody Michael (8/9/1982).

Samuel York died August 30, 1962 and Freela followed two years later on October 5, 1964. They are buried in Wolf River Cemetery, Pall Mall, Tennessee as are all their deceased children.

Information provided by Eva Huff, Elsie Castle and Clinton Tommie York on their families.

by Jewelene Rains Hinds
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