Jacob Wright, Sr. (2)

Jacob Wright, Sr.

Jacob Wright, Sr., was born November 17, 1822, and died July 15, 1913. His father was Matthew Wright who was born in Maryland and his mother was Margaret (Ritchie)

Wright who was born in Virginia. Jacob inherited land from his father thought to have been obtained by grant from King George of England and Queen Marie Antoinette of France. He later acquired some property on Indian Creek in Boatland, Fentress County, Tennessee. Jacob worked a large farm, growing cotton, corn, sweet potatoes, and fruit trees. All goods to be sold were rafted down Obed River to the Cumberland to Nashville. (River rafting was a common mode of transportation for goods and its availability was one reason people settled in the Boatland area.) At some point, Jacob purchased one-half of Skinner Mountain from John and Sally Skinner. Sally was given life-time rights to live on the mountain, and when she died she was buried by her husband on the Indian Creek side of the mountain. This farm continued to pass to Jacob's heirs for two generations.

About 1848, Jacob married America Hinds. They had fourteen children. The exact dates and names are difficult to trace, but after much searching and talking with family members these have been determined:

James (b. 1849 -d. ?) married Englantine Beaty; Nina Jane (b. 1850 - d. ?) married first a Bowden and then Balaam Beaty; William M. Wright (b. 1851- d. 1920) married Mary E. Beaty; Simeon (b. 1852- d. ?) married Cynthia -- ; Polley (b.1854 d.1856); Joseph (b. 1855 - d. 1922) married Matilda --; Margaret (b. 1857 - d. ?) married G.N. Allred (7); Emmeline (b. 1858- d. 1955) married Dave "Nose" Beaty; David "Dick" Wright (b. 1861- d. 1953) married first, Nancy York, and second, Ellen Turner; Perry Robert "Bob" (b. 1863 - d. 1941) married Margaret Cobb; Jacob, Jr. "Jake" (b. 1866- d. 1916) married Catherine Hood; Catherine (b. 1867 - d. ?); Sarah Elizabeth (b. 1870 - d. 1873); Ludley Sample (b. 1873 - d. 1948) married Millie Cooper.

by Mary Shorter

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