Jacob Wright, Sr.

Jacob Wright, Sr.

Jacob Wright, Sr. was born November 11, 1822, in northeast Tennessee, (Green County, perhaps ?), and died July 15, 1913, in Fentress County, Tennessee. His father, Matthew W. Wright, was born April 14, 1789, in Maryland, and died November 7, 1865, in Fentress County, Tennessee. His mother, Margaret Ann (Ritchie) Wright, was born July 5, 1790, in Virginia, and died March 11, 1882, in Fentress County, Tennessee. His sisters and brothers were as follows: Mary Wright, born May 15, 1814, in Virginia; Mathias Austin Wright, born 1815-18, in Virginia, and died August 3, 1899, in Fentress County, Tennessee; Margaret Ann Wright, born in 1824, in northeast Tennessee; Riley Matthew Wright, born February 23, 1826, in northeast Tennessee, and died November 19, 1904, in McCreary County, Kentucky; and William Wright, born in 1829, in northeast Tennessee, and died during the 1860s, in Fentress County, Tennessee.

Jacob Wright, Sr. was married about 1848, to America Hinds ? Or, was she an Owens ? My cousin Thomas Edward Mackey in Wilmington, Delaware, listed her maiden name as America Owens. But my cousin Rebecca Hyder, in Jamestown, Tennessee, thinks that she was America Hinds. I am inclined to agree with Rebecca. Because 3 of her children -- Nina Jane, Simeon and Perry -- had Hinds names. I think that she may have been an older sister to Simeon, Perry and Nina Jane Hinds. My cousin Welter Webb, at Celina, Tennessee, also listed her maiden name as America Hinds. She was born May 28, 1829, and died April 23, 1896. She and Jacob both are buried in Wright Cemetery (under the shelter house) with their two youngest daughters, Catherine and Sarah Elizabeth. Jacob's parents are also buried in Wright Cemetery.

The children of Jacob and America (Hinds) Wright were as follows: James Wright, born in 1849; Nina Jane Wright, born in 1850; William M. Wright, Dec. 6, 1851-May 21, 1920; Simeon Wright, born Oct. 20, 1952; Joseph Wright, May 11, 1855-Aug 13, 1922; Margaret Wright, born in 1857; Emeline Wright, Jan. 29, 1858-July 15, 1955; David "Dick" Wright, Jan 11, 1861-Dec. 6, 1953; Perry Wright, born in 1863; Jacob Wright, Jr., born in 1866; Catherine Wright, born in 1867; Sarah Elizabeth Wright, May 13, 1870 - Mar. 15, 1873; and Ludley Sample Wright, born in 1873.

The marriages of Jacob and America (Hinds) Wright's sons and daughters were as follows: James Wright married Englantine somebody; Nina Jane's 1st husband was a Bowden. Her 2nd husband Balaam Beaty, a son of Fleming Beaty and Sarah (Cobb) Beaty; William M. Wright married Mary E. Beaty, a daughter of Fleming Beaty and Sarah (Cobb) Beaty; Simeon Wright married Cynthia somebody; Joseph Wright married Matilda somebody; Emeline Wright married Dave "Nose" Beaty, a son of Fleming Beaty and Sarah (Cobb) Beaty; David "Dick" Wright's 1st wife was Nancy York. His second wife was Ellen Turner; Sarah Elizabeth Wright died before her third birthday; I don't know who any of the others married.

Some of Jacob and America (Hinds) Wright's grandchildren were as follows: Children of James and Englantine Wright: Sarah Clementine Wright, Mar. 19, 1881-0ct. 29, 1933; Marion Wright; LeeAnn Wright, Sept. 14, 1886-July 3, 1952; ViAnn Wright; and Grover Wright; Children of William M. and Mary E. (Beaty) Wright were: David Wright, born Feb. 17, 1879; Matilda Wright; and Fannie Wright, Apr. 17, 1886-Apr. 2, 1972. Children of Simeon and Cynthia Wright: James Wright, born in 1879; and W. Nelson Wright, Mar. 25, 1883-Aug. 12, 1926. Children of David Dick Wright and Nancy (York) Wright: Sarah Wright; Helen Wright; and Tilford Chism "Pete" Wright, Mar. 3, 1889-Apr. 4, 1984. And Mitchell Wright, a son of Ludley Sample Wright.

The marriages of some of Jacob Wright, Sr.'s grandsons and granddaughters were as follows: Sarah Clementine Wright married William Robert King, s/o Peter Priam King and Susan (Beaty) King. LeeAnn Wright married Jasper Marion King, s/o Peter Priam King and Susan (Beaty) King. Fannie Wright married John McAllen King, s/o Peter Priam King and Susan (Beaty) King. W. Nelson Wright married Ida Beaty, d/o James Ecker Beaty and Catherine (Hogue) Beaty. Sarah Wright's 1st husband was Bill Hayes. Her 2nd husband was Granville Cooper. Tilford Chism "Pete" Wright married Atlie Linder. And Mitchell Wright married Susie King, d/o James and Catherine (Hinds) King, and a granddaughter of Thomas and Ellen King.

Also, there was a James Wright, Apr. 16 1884-June 14, 1966, and his brother Perry Wright, born about 1890, who married daughters of Peter Priam King's sister, Sarah Jane (King) Cooper, who I think may have been grandsons of Jacob Wright, Sr. Their parents are listed as Jack Wright and Tilda (King) Wright. James and his wife, Cora (Cooper) Wright, are buried in Bethsaida Cemetery at Monroe, Overton County, Tennessee. And, in April 1984, Perry Wright was still living, near Byrdstown. His brother Joe Wright was living near Jamestown, and their sister, Ratchie Wright, was living in the Beatytown area of Fentress County. Perry Wright's wife, Ollie (Cooper) Wright, is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, in Pickett County.

I have met a few of these Wrights. I met Tilford Chism "Pete" Wright once, at his home in the Manson Community, about 1980. I have visited 2 of his sons, Arnold Wright and Brady Wright, about 3 or 4 times at their stores. I have visited Mitchell Wright's widow, Susie Wright, twice at her home along Indian Creek, at Manson. I talked once with her son, Jack Wright, for a minute or two at Manson. (At the fork of the creek above Susie's home). And I talked with a Wright woman once, at the home of Ova (Cooper) Beaty, near Cooper Cemetery, in 1980 or 1981, who could have been Ratchie Wright.

I am a 3rd cousin to Arnold, Gasper and Brady Wright. My great-grandfather Mathias Austin Wright -- was a brother to their great-grandfather, Jacob Wright, Sr. I am also a 3rd cousin to Jack Wright. Arnold, Gasper, Brady, Jack and I all have a mutual set of great-great-grandparents -- Matthew W. Wright and Margaret Ann (Ritchie) Wright -- who are buried in Wright Cemetery. Descendents of theirs buried in Wright Cemetery, include: Jacob Wright, Sr., 4 of his sons: William M. Wright, Simeon Wright, Joseph Wright and David "Dick" Wright. Two of his daughters: Catherine and Sarah Elizabeth; Two grandsons: William M.'s son, David Wright; David "Dick" Wright's son, Tilford Chism "Pete" Wright, and several others. Matthew W. Wright's brother, David Wright, Sr., also has several descendents buried there.

Jacob Wright, Sr. donated land for the first schoolhouse in the area where he lived, (In the Wright Cemetery area), and allowed the school to use all the water that they needed, from his spring. And, later on, his granddaughter Sarah -- David "Dick" Wright's daughter -- donated the land for Wright Cemetery, and had Wright Chapel Baptist Church built there.

by Roscoe Hollis Wright
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