Jacob R. And Jane Smith Wright

Jacob R. And Jane Smith Wright

Jacob R. Wright was born in 1851 in the Little Crab area. He was the son of Mathias and Elizabeth J. (Wright) Wright. (1818-1899 and 1820-1898). He married Jane Smith (1847/53-1885), daughter of Russell M. Smith (1832-?) and Lucinda Poore (1834/40?). They had five children. Joseph Harrison (1875-1945), married Sarah Reagan and had eight children. Permelia Elizabeth (1877-1962), married Jacob Winningham and had 12 children: James Russell (1879-?), Nancy Jane (1881-1965), married John A. Beaty, had five children. John "Rabbit" married first Bell Nation and second, Frone Conatser.

Jane Smith Wright died in 1885 and is believed to be buried in a cemetery in the Moodyville area. After her death, Jacob married his housekeeper, Sarah Jones and they raised four children. Edward "Little Edd", married Martha Beaty. Harrison (1875-1945?) married Emaline South. Lady Ann (1888-1929) married Dillard Beaty. Adeline married ? Moles. Dave Smith was the child of "Jake" and Lyn Smith.

By occupation, "Jake" was a school teacher and taught at the Little Crab School and others in the area. In his 1880 Teacher's Register, he wrote "This closes the first month of school. I have had many bright eyed boys and girls attending my school -- I got along very well with my students this month although they are so full of the mischief that I have had to whip about fifteen of them this month yet we enjoy peace and happiness. J.R. Wright, Teacher"

In addition to teaching, "Jake" must have enjoyed performing. The following story was relayed by Mrs. Wilma Reagan Pinckley through her mother, Mrs. Effie Chism Reagan, resident of the Little Crab area for many years. Jake held a "dialogue" at the Little Crab School on occasion. At this event, he would get up front and perform by playing an old 3 string banjo. He would squat down and jump up like a rabbit. As a result, he came to be known by the nickname "Rabbit". The nickname was passed on to his children, as was the custom in those days. His son, John was called "John Rabbit", as was John's daughter Lena.

"Jake" lived to be 73 years old and is buried in the Wm. Reagan Cemetery at Little Crab beside his sister, Margaret Wright.

by Judy Moulton
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