Joshua Foster Wright, Jr.

Joshua Foster Wright, Jr.

Joshua Foster Wright, Jr. was born May 16, 1836 and died February 28, 1900. He was a Mason. Joshua was the son of Wilson L. Wright and Hannah Boswell Wright. His grandparents were Joshua F. Wright, Sr. who came with his family from Virginia and settled at Clarkrange. He was probably the first settler in that region. Joshua F., Sr. was the father of Wilson L. and Mitchell (Mitch) Wright. Wilson was an office holder in Fentress County for forty-two years in succession. He rode to Jamestown on a side saddle to attend the sessions of the county court of which he was a member when very old and unable to ride otherwise. He was serving as County Judge when the second courthouse was built. Wilson married Hannah Boswell Wright and they had the following children: Major John C. Wright, Sr., Joshua Foster, Jr., Boswell F. Wright, Jane Wright who married Wash Peavyhouse and they were the parents of Abe, John, Sam and Virgil Peavyhouse; Elizabeth Wright who married John Conatser; Victoria Wright who married Erasmus Pile; Permelia who married a Benjamin Brannon. Elizabeth Wright married John Conatser and they had one son, Pierce, and one daughter, Margaret. Pierce married Loucinda Delk and their children were Pearl, Ellen and Victoria. Pearl married Dr. Lockhart and Ellen married Sam Smith whose children were Sam, Jr., Edith Eleaner, Ella Grace and William Luther. After John Conatser died, Elizabeth married Thannie Mullinix and their children were Vina, Marion, Abagail who married Hiram Pogue, Hattie who married Charlie Anderson, and Celestia who married a Bradley of Sparta.

Victoria Wright who married Erasmus Pile had two daughters, Ella and Delta. Ella married S.E. Frogge and their children were Wright, Maxine and Justine. Delta married W.E. Mullinix and their children were Lucille, Glenn and Eston. Victoria died and Erasmus married Cindy Young. They had two daughters: Carrie and Victoria. Carrie married Clay Conatser and Victoria married Arvil Key.

John C. Wright, the eldest son of Wilson, became a Major in the Ninth Tenn. Volunteer Cavalry of USA where he served throughout the Civil War. He married Mary Williams and their children were Ida, Minnie, Jim, Cos, Webster, and Noble. Noble married Fley Baxter and their children were John B., Harlan, Mary Elizabeth, Ellen and Bonnie. Noble served as County Judge in 1926.

Joshua Foster Wright, Jr. married Zibbie Angeline Price who was born June 21, 1842 and died August 30, 1905. They were the parents of Edmond Jasper, Louis McPherson (Mack) and John Marion. Edmond Jasper was born May 20, 1864 and married Alice Ann Mace. Their children were Jasper Dewey, Oakley Edmond, Ophie Ethel, Rebecca Victoria, Ruby Esther, Ray Fred and Roy Porter, Sr. Mack taught school, served as county court clerk and as deputy sheriff, and was a Mason. He married Virginia Alice Millsaps who was born March 23, 1873. They had one son, John Elmo born September 19, 1894, and one daughter, Maude Gertrude born January 11, 1898. John Elmo married Bertha Crockett and they had one daughter, Maudine who married Marvin Shanks. Maude Gertrude married Joe Rowland and no children. Mack died August 19, 1899 and is buried in the Franklin Cemetery in Popular Cove. After Mack died, John Marion married Mack's widow, Virginia Alice Wright. They had one daughter, Rosemary Wright Burch born October 1, 1905, and one son, Jasper Marion born November 15, 1911.

Zibbie Angeline Price, the wife of Joshua F. Wright, Jr., was the daughter of John H. Price born in 1912 who married Sarah Wright Price born in 1815. Zibbie's brothers and sisters were Jenina, Edmonson, Marion, Nancy, Benjamin, and William.

by Ruby E. Wright
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