Jacob Wright, Jr.

Jacob Wright, Jr.

Jacob Wright, Jr., was born in 1866, the son of Jacob Wright, Sr., and America Hinds Wright. He married Catherine Hood and settled down to become a Fentress County farmer. Jacob and Catherine had eight children: Emma, Ogle, John Lincoln, Minnie Bell, Sampson, Margaret, Zeff and Gordon. Of these children only Zeff survives. Gordon, who died as a young man, left no heirs.

Emma, date of birth and death unknown, married Dave Goney and they had four children: Willie, Liddy, Frona and Jack. She was a housewife.

John Lincoln (b. 1887(?)- d. 1975) married Sarah Ema Hayes (b. 1898 d. 1978). Their children are: Orangie, Opal, Wilma, Edna, and Pauline. Often John Lincoln could be seen driving his mules and wagon to his favorite work -- plowing gardens.

Sampson (b. 1889 d. 1987) married Edith Hoover (b. 1902 - d. 1985). Their children are: Coy, Audie, Ollie, Willie, Dolly, Lilly, Alfred, Jessie Nell, Janie, Buddy, and Dean. Sampson was a farmer and logger. His lifetime hobby was coon hunting. He also raised and trained coon dogs.

Ogle Oscar (b. 1891(?)- d. 1972) married Inness Hoover (b. 1904 - d. 1934). They had five children: Velma, Jean, Everett, Odell, and Delmer Dee. After the death of Inness, Ogle married Elsie Conatser (b. 1907 - d. 1950) and they had six children: J.L., Kirby, Bennett, Sue, Judy, and Jakie Ray. Ogle loved dancing and could be seen every 4th of July "on the square" in Jamestown.

Minnie was born December 13, 1893, and died October 10, 1972. She married James Alfred Wright on March 15, 19ll. They had ten children: Eugene, Raymond, Edna, and Virgie died while young; Grady, Lena, Oma, Ruby, Idell, and Junell survived their parents. Minnie liked music, gardening, and cooking. Her door was always open and her table always set.

Margaret Rachel (b. 1899(?) d. 1971) married Floyd A. Cooper and they had four children: Ave, Totsie Elmo, Lloyd, and Ruth. Margaret liked to keep the family informed and amused with family history and anecdotes.

Zeff Wright was born in 1902 and presently lives in Fentress County. He had one child by his first marriage. This child, Cane, died in 1986. His second wife, Velva Goney had one daughter, Lens Bell. Velva and Zeff have three children: Juanita, Willie Nell, and John Carson. Zeffs work was farming.

by Mary Shorter
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