James Alfred Wright

James Alfred Wright

James Alfred WrightJames A. and Minnie Bell Wright

James Alfred Wright (December 22, 1889 October 4, 1969) was the son of Margaret Cobb and adopted son of Robert Perry Wright. On March 15, 1911, he married Minnie Bell Wright (December 13, 1893 October 10, 1972), daughter of Jacob Wright, Jr., and Catherine Hood Wright.

James A. and Minnie lived on Skinner Mountain and worked a farm he inherited from his father. It was here they reared their family. James had several trades, among them timber cutter and tie maker. During the Depression, his family traveled with him as he worked on WPA projects. Minnie kept boarders in "shacks" constructed at the work sites.

James A. and Minnie were devoted to each other, to their family, and to God. He was an "old fashioned" preacher who loved reading and studying the Bible. He also played the fiddle. Minnie loved singing, especially in church and at family gatherings. She could also play the organ, guitar, and banjo. To this marriage were born ten children. Four of the children died at an early age: Eugene, Raymond, Virgie, and Edna. Six children survived their parents and reared families of their own: Roy Grady (10-15-1913 - 11-12-1974) married Margaret Owens. Their children are: Mary Nell, Leroy, Eva Grace, James Alfred, Harvey Ray, Phyllis Jean, Mildred, and Billy Joe. His second wife was Marine Roark.

Lena (b. 3-10-1916 ) and her husband Willie Tipton have four surviving children: Juanita June, Aleeta Jean, Judy Key and Steven Dewayne. Two other children, Louise and Phyllis Carol, died in infancy.

Ruby (b. 8-29-1918 -) married Charlie Cravens and they had one son, James Danny. She and her husband Oscar Rhum have three children: Lula, Sue, and Gary. Another child, Basil, born to Oscar and Ruby died in infancy.

Oma Marie (10-22-1922 - 6-24-1984) married Preston Cooper. Their children are: Faye, Jerry Allen, Minnie Rose, and Phillip Bruce. Both Preston and Oma are buried in Fentress County Memory Gardens.

Idell (b. 5-4-1927 -) married Roland Warner. Their children are: Shirley June, Vickie Lynn, and Ronnie.

Junell (b. 7-5-1930 -) married, Howard McDaniel (b. 1920 d. 1975), Claude Brown,

and Paul J. Criswell. She has five children: Yvonne and Howard Thomas McDaniel, Robert Edward and Houston O'Neil Brown, and Patricia Gall (Pete) Criswell.

by Mary Shorter
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