Jacob Wright

Jacob Wright

Jacob Wright (November 17, 1822 - July 15, 1913) married America Hinds (April 22, 18- May 28, 1920). They had twelve children.

(1) Jim Wright married Tine Beaty 1st June Hood 2nd
(2) Nine Wright married Landon Bowden, John Skinner, Ballam Beaty
(3) Will Wright married Mary Beaty
(4) Sam Wright married Cynthia Beaty
(5) Jack Wright married Tilda King
(6) Margaret Wright married George Allred
(7) Dick Wright married Nancy York, Ellen Turner
(8) Bob Wright married Rose York, Margeret Cobb
(9) Catharine Wright married Jim King
(10) Jacob Wright married Kate Hood
(11) Luddly Wright married Minnie Cooper
(12) Emma Wright married David Beaty

Jacob's descendants live on farms from Indian Creek, Manson, and Beatytown to the Glenoby Community.

Jacob Wright and his wife America Hinds Wright are buried in the Wright Cemetery on Highway 52 West of Jamestown.

by Marjorie Wright
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