Truman And Jewelene Hinds

Truman And Jewelene Hinds

Onie Truman Hinds was born at the family home near Jamestown, TN. on September 12, 1933. He is the fifth son of Porter Thomas Hinds, born July 17, 1902 at Little Crab, TN. and Elva Avo Beaty Hinds, born March 22, 1903 at Riverton, TN. They were married at Jamestown on August 31, 1924 and were the parents of seven sons; Lyman married Bernice Huff then Shirley Doers, Tyson married Pauline Mullinix, Truman married Jewelene Rains, Zenith married Bulah Cooper, and three who died in infancy -- Clyde, Donal, and Delmo. Truman's grandparents were: Eli Millard Hinds, born July 6, 1865 at Little Crab, TN. and died March 7, 1952 at Little Crab, and Mary Reynolds, born February 26, 1869 in Virginia and died November 26, 1954 at Little Crab; Andrew Johnson Beaty, born January 4, 1863 at Little Crab, TN. died February 3, 1909 and Malissa Emaline Choate, born October 2, 1874 in Pickett County, TN. and died August 14, 1948 at Helena, TN.

Truman married Martha Jewelene Rains, born December 3, 1934 at the family home in Pall Mall, TN. She is the fifth of twelve children born to James Gordon Rains, born July 19, 1906 at Byrdstown, in Pickett County, TN. and died at Jamestown, TN. on January 21, 1977. He is buried in Wolf River Cemetery at Pall Mall, TN. -- and Lucy Erma York Rains, born March 1, 1910 at Pall Mall, TN, the youngest sister of Sgt. Alvin C. York of World War I fame, who were married August 10, 1925 at Jamestown, TN. Jewelene's brothers and sisters are: Marine, who is not married; Christine, married to Henry Williams; John Jackson "Jack", married to Joan Whitlow; Arlene, married to H.L. Kelly III; Colene, married to Gene Holt; Lorene, married Wayne Cargile; William, married from Faye Wright; Perry, married to Betty Flowers; and three who died in infancy Jerry, Danny and an unnamed infant. Her grandparents were John Marion Rains, born November 2, 1864 in Pickett County and died June 23, 1946 at Pall Mall, TN. and Martha Adeline Crouch Rains, born March 2, 1873 in Fentress County and died April 20, 1933 at Pall Mall, TN. Both are buried in Davidson Cemetery, Forbus, Tn.; William York, born at Jamestown, TN. on May 15, 1863 and died at Pall Mall, Tn. on November 17, 1911, and Mary Elizabeth Brooks York, born August 8, 1866 in Pall Mall and died May 21, 1943 at the home of her son Sgt. Alvin York in Pall Mall, TN. Both are buried in the Wolf River Cemetery, Pall Mall, TN.

Jewelene attended school in a two room schoolhouse in Pall Mall through the fifth grade before the family moved to Jamestown, TN. Truman and Jewelene both attended York Elementary school and Alvin C. York Institute, where Jewelene graduated on May 27, 1953.

Truman and Jewelene were married December 26, 1952 at 7:00 P.M. in a private ceremony at the United Methodist Church in Jamestown, TN, by Rev. Robert Lewis. They moved to Dayton, Ohio in 1954 where Truman worked for General Motors Corp. They have one daughter Melissa Dawn, born September 1, 1971 at Good Samaritan Hospital, Dayton, Ohio. Melissa attended school at Milton-Union Village School in West Milton, Ohio and York Elementary School in Jamestown, TN. She is now entering her second year of high school at Alvin C. York Institute at Jamestown, TN.

Truman served with the U.S. Army from December 1954 until December 1956, first at Fort Knox, KY. in the Armored Division as a tank driver and commander then as ambulance driver and dispatcher in the Medical Corp at Fort Lewis, Washington. They lived in nearby Olympia, Washington during his military service at Fort Lewis where Truman worked part time for the Olympia Cab Co. as dispatcher and driver. After his discharge from service, Truman returned to his job at Delco Moraine Div. of General Motors Corp. in Dayton, Ohio where he remained until he retired on September 30, 1983, at age 50, with 30 years service. The last seven of these years they Lived in a small farming community north of Dayton known as West Milton, Ohio. After retirement they returned to Jamestown, TN. to live.

Truman's hobbies are woodworking, hunting and fishing. Jewelene is a member of the Fentress County Historical Society and her hobbies include oil painting, needlework and crafts, and genealogy.

by Jewelene Rains Hinds
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