John G. and Margaret Scroggins

John G. and Margaret Scroggins

Margared ScrogginsMargaret Pults Scroggins

John G. Scroggins, son of Smnuel Mills and Pheriba Guinn Scroggins, was born in TN - 1827. John married Margaret Pults, daughter of John Frederick and Anna Mullinix Pults at the home of her father on October 24, 1846. The marriage was performed by James Wright, J.P. and witnessed by Andrew and Mary Conatser, neighbors who had known John since he was about 12 years old, and who were still neighbors to Margaret as late as 1891.

John was a farmer in the Broaddoor-Little Crab area (Post Office - Moodyville, TN). Their children were:

(A) Andrew Jackson born 1848 mar. Linda Tinch. Their children were Anderson, George, Robert, Balam, Mary and Sarah. Anderson mar. Ester ?; Mary mar. Elmer Stinson (they had one daughter who died young); Sarah mar. William Schofield Scott and are the ancestors of the Scott's in the Double Top Community; Balam had a son Robert that lived in Muncie, IN. Some descendants of Andrew and linda moved to Detroit, MI.

(B) Amanda J. born May 12, 1850 mar. John Chapman. Their children were: Nancy mar. John Buck, whose children were: Mae - mar. Chester Dickens, Ella - mar. Marson Reynolds, and Stella - mar. Jim Ledbetter and Joe.

Sarah mar. John Chapman. Their children were: Nancy - mar. John Buck; Sarah - mar. Peter Green.

Dillard mar. Laura Crabtree (no children). Mary mar. Gale Buck -- a dau. Mabel.

(C) Nina J. mar. George W. Choate. They had 9 sons: 1) John mar. Sarah Beaty; 2) Jacob- mar. Mary ?; 3) William; 4) Christopher - mar. Ellen Adkins; 5) Andrew Jackson - mar. Judy Gunter - 1st, and 2nd - Cindy Beaty; 6) Marion - mar. Ellie Cook; 7) Bates Moody never married, he joined the B. Bailey Circus and died of pneumonia near Independence, MO.; 8) James Milton mar. Alice Choate - 1 daughter, Peggy Choate Brown; 9) Rubin - mar. Ellen Adkina - 1st, Susie Belie Smith - 2nd.

(D) Pheriba mar. twice: Ned Adkins and Frank Duncan. She and Frank were parents of Margaret Duncan, Kansas Duncan Crabtree, and Jasper Duncan who married Minnie Belie Sewed.

(E) Malinda was born 1857.

(F) Mary Ann was born 1-17-1859. She married Edward Pyburn Stephens (see their story elsewhere in this book).

(G) Sarah was born 7-16-1863. She married Lemmy Wright and they lived at Soddy Daisy, TN. Some of their children were: Bune, Tilford, Charles, Gertie and Johnny.

(H) John G., Jr., was born Aug. 6, 1866 (or 68), died March 17, 1947. They had no children. Both are buried in the Scroggins Cemetery at Double Top.

John, Sr., was a Veteran of the Civil War. He died at his home in the Grimsley area on Feb. 13, 1872 and is buried on the home place there.

Margaret never re-married, but moved from the new home which she and John had shared for a very short time back to the Broaddoor Community near her people where she reared her children. In the 1800's mountian land was too poor to farm very successfully and so she moved where she could survive from the land. She taught her children how to live off the land, and to spin and weave, and many other crafts to make their lives better.

by Novella Spurlin Cravens
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