James Thomas And Susan Reynolds

James Thomas And Susan Reynolds

James Thomas "Tom" Reynolds was born April 20, 1841 in Overton County, Tennessee. He was the son of Matthew Reynolds (6/29/1802-4/8/1880) and his first wife Dicie Smith, born about 1802 and died before 1850. Matthew's second wife was Orilla Reynolds. The brothers and sisters of Tom are; Marv C., John S., Nancy, Elizabeth, Dicy Ann, Sally, Susan, Louisa, William G., George, Jefferson, Emaline, Eliza, Sherrod K. and an infant son buried in the Huff-Hill Cemetery. Matthew Reynolds was a carpenter and traveled throughout Fentress, Overton and Morgen Counties as his work required, therefore his children were born in different places in these counties.

While serving in Virginia during the Civil War, Thomas met Susan Johnson, a local girl, born August 8, 1851. When the war ended, he returned to Virginia and they were married. According to the 1880 census records for Fentress Co., and family members, Tom and Susan remained in Virginia until after their 5th child was born in 1876. They then returned to Fentress County and the Little Crab Community close to their family. Their children were; Andrew Jackson, Mary, Emily, Matthew A., Charlie, Emmett, Martha E., Belle, Lillie, James, Roena, and Alvis.

Andrew Jackson was born April 6, 1867 in Virginia, and died October 17, 1897. He is buried in the Matt Reynolds Cemetery on the old homeplace in Little Crab, TN.

Mary was born February 26, 1869 in Virginia. She married Eli Hinds and raised eight of their 15 children to be adults. They are; Dock, Susie E., Ida P., William C., James E., Porter T., Pansy M., and Alta D. Eli died March 7, 1952 and Mary followed on November 26, 1954. They are buried in the Eli Hinds Family Cemetery, across from the home where they lived most of their lives.

Emily was born in 1872 and married Jay Conatser. Their known children are: Mary Jane, Thurman, Dillard, Martha, Hattie and Porter. Emily and Jay, along with some of their children, are buried in the Conatser Cemetery in Littlecrab, Tn.

Matthew A. was born May 6, 1874 in Virginia. He married Lodice Elizabeth "Bets" Beaty, born February 4, 1874. Their children are; Ina, Marson, Cordell, Zina, Walter, Lando, Merthie, and Golda. Matthew died March 14, 1946, and Bets died February 25, 1964. They are buried in the Matt Reynolds Cemetery, Little Crab, Tn.

Charlie was born in May 1876. He married Daisy Smith on February 5, 1894. They were the parents of four daughters; Gladys, Maude, Pearl and Lillie. After Daisy's death, Charlie married again and moved to St.Louis, Missouri where he lived until his death. The four daughters went to live with their grandmother Sarah Smith.

Emmett was born about 1878 according to the 1880 Fentress Co. census. He apparently died as an infant, as none of the family can remember a son by that name.

Martha Ellen was born October 6, 1884 and married Elias Wright. Their known children were; June, Woodrow, Clara, Alvis and Herkle. Elias (6/25/1883-9/1/1950) and Martha Ellen, who died May 29, 1964 are buried in the Eli Hinds Cemetery, Little Crab, Tennessee.

Isobelle "Belle" was born January 1, 1886. She was married to David Carter Beaty (1876-1955). Their known children include; Martha, Zora, Pansy, Lilly, and Ora Delphia. Belle died in 1974 and, along with her husband Dave, is buried in the Eli Hinds Cemetery, Little Crab, Tn.

Lillie, birth and death unknown, married James Paris on July 4, 1905.

James E. "Jim" was born in 1880. He married Florence Johnson and their children are; Lanzon, Ransom, Charlie, Wheeler, Nina, Oshia, William, and Glynnis. James. Florence and many of their children are buried in the Conatser Cemetery.

Roena was born in 1891. She married Dillard Wright on February 14, 1906. They were the parents of Emmett, Dock, Gertie, Mertie, Cartha, Marson, and Carol. Roena died in February, 1983 at the age of 92.

Alvis, the youngest child of Tom and Susan, was born about 1893. He moved to Missouri and remained there until his death.

Thomas Reynolds died October 12, 1900 and Susan died December 23, 1943. Both are buried in the Matt Reynolds Cemetery, Little Crab, Tn. His father Matthew Reynolds and several of his other relatives are also buried in this family cemetery.

Some af the information in this history was obtained through the special efforts of Mr. Jewel Reynolds, great-grandson of Thomas and Susan Reynolds.

by Jewelene Hinds
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