Matthew And Elizabeth Beaty Reynolds

Matthew And Elizabeth Beaty Reynolds

Matthew A. Reynolds was born May 6, 1874 in Virginia. He was the son of James Thomas Reynolds (4/20/1841-10/12/1900) and Susan Johnson Reynolds (8/8/1851 - 12/23/1943). The family moved from Virginia to the Little Crab section of Fentress County, Tennessee between 1876 and 1878. Matt's brothers and sisters were; Andrew Jackson, Mary, Emily, Charlie, Emmett (who died young), Martha, Isabelle, Lillie, James, Roena, and Alvis.

Matt married Elizabeth "Bets" Beaty, born February 4, 1874. She was the daughter of Hiram Cyrus Beaty (4/5/1849-11/9/1915) and Catherine Beaty Beaty (3/8/1845-8/13/1916). Elizabeth's brothers and sisters were; Mary Jane, Matilda Clementine, William Thomas, David Carter, Nancy Ann, Martha Ellen, John Andrew (Crippled John), Hiram Cyrus Jr., Benton McMillan, and Emaline, who died as an infant.

Matt and Elizabeth were the parents of eight children; Ina, Marson, Cordell, Zina, Walter, Lando, Merthie, and Golda.

Ina was born April 12, 1895. She married Jim Lee and they were the parents of three children; Harold, Pauline and Georgia. Ina died December 5, 1984 and is buried in Fentress Memory Gardens. Jim resides in the Fentress County Nursing Home.

Marson, born in October, 1896, married Ella Mae Buck. They are the parents of Wayne, Guy, Goy, Charlene, Nancy and Jonell. Marson and Ella both reside in the Fentress County Nursing Home.

Cordell was born March 8, 1898. He married Ruie Holden and they are the parents of Shelly, Truman Roosevelt, Jewel, Lois, Grace, and Mary. Cordell died May 3, 1975.

Zina, born October 28, 1902, married Haskell Ledbetter. Their children are Bessie and Charles. Zina died November 8, 1974.

Walter was born April 12, 1907 and died November 13, 1959. He did not marry.

Lando was born August 2, 1908 and married Ova Pearl Stephens. They are the parents of Harold, Ella Mae, Jim, and Ella's twin sister, Betty Ray, who died as an infant.

Merthie was born June 8, 1912. She married Manson King and they have no children.

Golda was born June 4, 1915. She married Dr. Claude Bertram and they were the parents of two sons, Luke and George Edward. Golda later married Harlan Kettle and had one daughter Lindley. Golda died September 14, 1971.

Matthew died March 14, 1946. Elizabeth died February 25, 1964. They are buried in the Reynolds Cemetery, Little Crab, Tn.

Information for this history was obtained with the help of Ella Mae Reynolds Ledbetter

by Jewelene Hinds
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