Arnold Priam and Sarah Jane (Smith) Beaty

Arnold Priam and Sarah Jane (Smith) Beaty

Arnold Priam Beaty was born June 9, 1896 in Pickett Co., TN, near the head of Dry Creek. His parents were George Wolford Beaty and Mary Catherine (Owens). His father was born May 11, 1861 at Little Crab, TN and his mother was born November 8, 1862 near Boatland, TN. Priam's brothers and sisters were: Dennis, b. February 3, 1883; Porter Allen, B. November 7, 1884; Virgil Greene, b. September 6, 1887; Minnie Myrtle, b. June 30, 1890; and Freela Pearl, b. September l8, 1899.

Priam married Sarah Jane (Smith), who was born September 23, 1897. Her parents were James Franklin Smith and Lucinda Angeline (Matthews). James and Lucinda were married at the home of Thomas Matthews, her father, on September 3, 1882 by Alvis Sewell. Lucinda's brothers and sisters were: Mary A., b. September 3, 1883; George T., b. June 19, 1885; Johnie G., b. April 1, 1888; Lucinda C., b. November 9, 1890; Alfred B., b. February 21, 1894; and Etter, b. June7, 1899.

Priam and Jane were married May 2, 1915 by Dave Janes. They were the parents of three daughters: Ora Anna, b. April 14, 1916; A. Freda, b. March 8, 1920; and Reba Hester, b. November 25, 1921.

Ora married Walton Rich, a Pickett Co. farmer. They lived on Clark Mountain, near Guntertown, TN. They were the parents of five children. Ora died February 29, 1980 and is buried in the Amonett Cemetery.

Freda married 1. Shirley Winningham and 2. Keen Gunter. She and Shirley had one child, a daughter. They lived near Albany, KY and in the Robbinstown, TN area. She and Keen make their home at Moodyville, TN, where he is employed by the Mullins Lumber Co. and is engaged in farming.

Reba married Hubert Chandler Beaty. They are the parents of five children and now reside six miles north of Jamestown, TN, having returned to the area after living in Muncie, IN for thirty years. He is retired from General Cable Corp. and she is retired from Ball State University.

Priam and Jane both died at the age of 27. He lost his life in a drowning accident on December 14, 1922 while trying to cross the flooded Obey River on horseback. Jane died on October 3, 1924 of typhoid fever. They are both buried in the Garrett Cemetery at Guntertown, TN.

Following Priam's death, Jane went with her three girls to Live in the home of her inlaws, George Wolford and Mary Catherine Beaty. The girls lived there until their grandmother died on October 22, 1930. At that time they were separated and placed in different home. Ora went first to live with John and Freela Scroggins, then with Porter and Sally Beaty. Freda made her home with Dennis and Mary Beaty and Reba lived with Alfred and Pearl Smith.

Although Reba can hardly recall her father, she remembers her mother as being a happy person who laughed and sang a lot. Her favorite hymn was "Rock of Ages".

by Gerald DeHaven
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